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  1. @WestRider when is good for you?
  2. Can we start div 2? I play the Amazon team and can play this weekend .
  3. Yes, either one. Friday after 5:30 PST or Saturday.
  4. @Zorcon What say you? When is a good time for blood bowl?
  5. That's our best bet. Lets shoot for that. Thanks.
  6. Shoot, sorry. I can probably do Sunday morning or early afternoon though. I think we're on opposite schedules. I leave my house at 5:30 and don't get back until 5 PM M-F.
  7. Crap, something came up for Sunday. Any way we can do it tonight?
  8. Hey, sorry I missed this. Any way you can do this weekend?
  9. Won't many coaches just pick random skills for their linemen and then fire them if they don't get something decent? If I get block, wrestle, dirty player or (maybe) kick I get a good cheap skill, otherwise I fire. Keeps TV down if you get something stupid but gives you an early boost otherwise.
  10. Cool, I'll be there with bells on.
  11. So, is this going to be a thing where we play for playoff spots between both divisions or is it a relegation thing? Sorry if I missed the info in the thread.
  12. OK, that should work but can it be later? Is 8:30 MST too late for you to play?
  13. @Burk, Made a team "Nightmares to assemble" Sorry I was late.
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