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  1. dataentity

    N4 Is Live

    In case anyone was out of the loop, somehow. Hopefully we can all get together again soon. Also, you know, bring this subforum back to life a bit. https://downloads.corvusbelli.com/infinity/rules/infinity-rules-en.pdf https://assets.infinitythegame.net/downloads/annexn4/en/v1.0/annexn4.pdf https://infinitytheuniverse.com/army/infinity
  2. I'm so very very tempted to be making my way to the club to play but, man, I'm being cautious with the current... health issues going around. It's hard. Especially living with people who are more at risk as well as having a fairly high risk occupation, I don't feel right taking the risk spreading things or contracting something.
  3. No problem. And, I mean, again, you're free to proxy. As long as you're clear what loadout it has, no one really cares that the weapon isn't 100% accurate.
  4. @MexicanNinja 1) If you like the Nomads aesthetic, you can certainly still buy them. You are free to proxy things as much as you'd like so you can get your feet wet just calling your Nomad models Yu Jing or PanOceania, etc. so you can learn the rules. The fundamentals rules don't change from army to army. One thing that's super nice about Infinity is that proxy-ing is officially supported in the rules and you really can't model for advantage. 2) There's an official army builder. A webapp as well as mobile app for Android and Apple. The phone apps, when everything first launched last we
  5. Aawww, they got rid of the S5 on the Blue Wolf. That's unfortunate but makes the most sense. The two medium infantry characters are probably too expensive. The all-arounders they make that try to do everything almost always end up overcosted. Jing Qo might end up okay because she duos with the Shaolin monk which brings the price per order down to 22 points. Suddenly not too bad. For Mehmut, having the high CC + Monofilament is probably what brings his cost on the higher end. He might be worth it but it's tough when Tian Gou are wildcard and can bring a jammer to a link.
  6. At a certain @Raindog 's request, I'm giving my initial thoughts on White Banner. Disclaimer: I don't really know Yu Jing and my evaluations will be colored by playing lots of Tohaa, Spiral, and Shas. So feel free to yell at me as to how I'm wrong. 🙂 LI: Zhanshi - Standard line infantry. Core. Everyone knows them. Mech-Engineer - Standard Engineer. Why do they not have a name in Chinese like the... Zhanshi Yisheng - Standard Doctor. Tian-Gou - Elite LI. Pricey, but comes with tricks. 1st section - Linkable wild card,
  7. Show of Force, Biotech Vore, Highly Classified
  8. So Infinity is broken up in Portland. There is Infinity on Thursdays at Glimpses and, for Ordo, games on Sunday. There's a few other places but I don't personally know their times very well. Unless you're into fluff, like collecting them, or maybe if you learn better by having the physical book you can read them, you don't need to buy them. Rules are available 100% free online on their wiki. http://infinitythewiki.com/en/Main_Page Materials wise, if you got Wildfire it should have all the templates you need. Only other thing you'll need is a tape measure which, if you've played 40k, I'm
  9. Hey, since no one posted anything and I was told to pick a mission last week anyway. I was thinking Acquisition, 300 points, 12 point spec ops. Anyone have any other ideas? Or just go do your own thing. Up to you folks.
  10. It's a super hero landing with Red Hood. It would have worked fine with one gun so that the free hand can actually be on the ground. But instead it's two stick arms. And yes, they said some profiles are being squatted. The most likely are the ones that have been discontinued. Acon and Merovingia are, fluff wise, been stated as rebuilding. Tohaa were started as being 'endangered' in the video. The non-Spiral Tohaa are the most likely to be squatted out. They didn't sell well / generally imp unpopular. But, we'll see.
  11. Welp. I'm waiting for vanilla Tohaa to get squatted.
  12. Unfortunately, I won't be making it. We're having an early Christmas. Hope you folks have fun!
  13. Also interested in trying the RPG if a group gets going.
  14. We can do countermeasures. I just randomed Supremacy.
  15. I believe I got the day off so I should be good to go.
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