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  1. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Most of the dedicated scalpers will be able to worm their way around any ordering limit. Either by using multiple accounts (me, my husband, my two kids... that’s twelve) or if they’re really dedicated, by signing up with GW as a retailer and placing a wholesale order (yes, this violates all sorts of contracts, but it’s hard to track or enforce).
  2. I’m very strongly considering painting them in the colors of Disney’s seven dwarves. Other than dark british racing green and the occasional purple, I don’t think I ever really use jewel tones when painting... So that would be fun. On the other hand, I might just say to hell with the fancy and just go with basic grey, brown, black, and sepia wash everything. Because that’s easy and quick. I’m leaning towards Chronomancer or Summoner for my wizard’s school of choice, actually. Although that plan is subject to change once the updated rulebook is in hand.
  3. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    $199 for the boxed set, $65 for the standard rulebook, and $40 for the mission pack/points booklet all seem quite reasonable to me.
  4. Work in Progress shot of Brunhilde, with Thor and a Space Marine for scale. The points where her arms join is smaller than the barrel of the boltgun. Her head is smaller than his helmet and was made up of three pieces. SMH.
  5. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    These two tanks can legally shoot at each other, despite the only way they can “see” each other is by drawing a 90° angle from the muzzle of their gun: This Chaos Rhino can use the tips of its radio aerials to see (and thus, shoot) at the Marine on the other side of the barrier: I don’t care what the rules say, this is dumb.
  6. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    I shouldn’t have to ever invoke π when playing with toy soldiers.
  7. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Excuse the crude sketch, but here we can see a turret with a 2.5” distance between pivot and muzzle. If the turret rotates 90°, the straight line distance between A and B is a mere 3.5”, but the distance traveled along the circumference of the circle is 3.9”. It gets worse the farther it rotates. If it rotated 180°, the straight-line distance between A and B would be 5”, but the path travelled would be 7.9”! And this is for a very short barrel, like a the twin-lascannon Predator Annihilator. With a battle cannon or a vanquisher cannon on a Leman Russ the problem literally becomes exponentially worse.
  8. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    That’s how it should work, unfortunately the rules say it isn’t how it does work... But the rules say, explicitly, to measure along the path that it travels. If the rotating barrel moves 12”, then the model moved 12”...
  9. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Much simpler solution: don’t treat turrets, sponsons, gun barrels, and radio aerials as part of the hull.
  10. I have been considering using Stormcast Sequitors as the basis for Sisters of Silence conversions, so I looked at this kit. Unfortunately, the head you want isn’t a separate piece, it’s full connected to the rear torso, upper arms, and legs of the body (upper left of the sprue): Aurel’s Wargame Shop on Shapeways has an excellent selection of female heads, several of which have a very similar long-hair and shaved undercut hairstyle.
  11. I’ve got a tray full of GW’s LotR Dwarves sitting next to my painting table, waiting the release of Frostgrave 2.0 so I can get the proper coin costs to know how I’m going to assemble them into a warband.
  12. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Not a according to the portion of the rules I highlighted above. You have to measure along the path actually traveled.
  13. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Yeah, but if the turret is rotated... it’s the point sticking out (the muzzle) that’s going to move the furthest.
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