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  1. I’m as mobile as TriMet and/or Uber can make me, so pretty much anywhere in Portland is do-able.
  2. Technically speaking, it cannot be considered “mutilating a corpse” if they aren’t dead yet.
  3. Hmm... You may be right on that. Old English isn't exactly my strong suit.
  4. King Æthelflæd and his loyal bannerman, who I've dubbed Beorcwulf*, arrived in the mailbox today. * This is a really bad pun on the name Koyote; The taxionomic name for coyotes is Canis latrans, very roughly translated as "barking canine," so I went with an equally rough translation into Anglo-Saxon.
  5. I must not derp. Derp is the reputation-killer. Derp is the little-death that brings epic fail. I will face my derp. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the derp has gone there will be nothing. Only clue will remain.
  6. Dude. You can’t just post pictures of camel toe here. This is a family friendly forum.
  7. I think AoS is a fine game mechanically, with a few of the quibbles about this unit or that unit, a few ambiguities, and a couple of typos... But that’s typical of any complex game. Games Workshop makes fabulous miniatures, that’s simply not a question. Even the models that I don’t particularly like the looks of (e.g., Ossiarchs) are extremely well designed, highly detailed, et cetera. But, man, do I hate the AoS setting. Although there is definitely a part of me that has a lot of nostalgic affection for the old WHFB world (having spent decades of my life playing WHFB, WHFRP, etc) bu
  8. Harrumph! I say to you, sir. Everything you said is completely accurate and truthful, but nevertheless— Harrumph!
  9. If we manage to #SavePackman, I will totally be painting his helmet yellow and the helmets of these guys red, pink, cyan, and orange...
  10. AoS is the only miniatures game my daughter has ever shown any interest in, she’s got a small army of Sylvaneth... Probably around 1,000-1,500 Points. I have a similarly sized collection of Ironjawz. If we can get a regular AoS night going, then we’d definitely jump in.
  11. I’m in at the $40 level, plus another $22 in potential add-ons... #SavePackman
  12. Some cool “retro” sci-fi figures, should be great for Stargrave, Traveller, and whatever else where you need sci-fi spacemen but don’t want them too grimdark or cyberpunk.
  13. I skipped on getting the official mat, because I opted to get one as an add-on to my Monster Scenery: Metropolis bundle... Unfortunately, Covid-19 hit hard and production delays have pushed the shipping date all the way back to September... But, I’ve got the core box, all the other figures from Waves 1-3, and a good selection of cardstock buildings, and other terrain. Two extra dice sets too! MCP is a really fun game, I really want to make a regular thing out of it.
  14. I really want to play Team Yankee; I love the idea of a modern(ish) combined arms game, but there doesn’t seem to be much of a community for it here in Portland.
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