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  1. “Faux Pho” serving only vegan pho.
  2. The trick to enjoying Enterprise is to watch the pilot episode (“Broken Bow, Pt. I” and “Broken Bow, Pt. II”) and then skip immediately to the third episode of Season 4 (“Home”) and watch the remainder of the series... You don’t miss out on all that much good stuff, but you skip a lot of bad stuff. Or just save a lot of time and hassle and just watch Deep Space 9 on a continuous loop.
  3. Well, start painting more Saga: Age of Crusades stuff so I can nerd out over swords.
  4. Even better if you can also find a compatible handgun, so you only have to haul around one type of ammo. A scoped Winchester Model 1894C carbine chambered for .357 Magnum, a Colt Python on the hip, and a tiny J-Frame snubbie in an ankle holster might just be my ideal post-apocalypse "walking around" kit. A .375 will punch through a car door or other hard (but not hardened) cover, it's got a nice flat trajectory out to middle-to-longish ranges, it's not ideal for deer (but it'll do it) but works great on rabbits or hogs, and it'll certainly do well against humans/zombies. Plus, the revolver and lever-action designs are robust as hell... and you can scrounge `em up at nearly any sporting goods store.
  5. Bah! Who needs ventilation and proper safety standards!? Prime eternal! Shiny and chrome! (or matte... maybe a nice satin?)
  6. Said it before and I’ll say it again: A scoped, bolt-action rifle with a detachable box magazine is just about as close to perfect as you can ask for in a post-apocalyptic rifle, if you ask me. I really like that most of these TNT miniatures manage to keep a strong sense of Bad Ass but also have realistic weapons, clothing, and equipment.
  7. As many fond memories as I have for Mordheim, all things considered I think that Frostgrave does the medieval-fantasy skirmish campaign game a lot better. Plus, the rules are still in print and still being supported.
  8. Those acursed scriveners from the Workshop of Games in perfidious Albion ne’er did make fair Bretonnia into an “official” warband for Mordheim. Leaving us stuck in the limbo of Town Crier magazine...
  9. As of October 2019, according to Variety, the Marvel Studios films have a worldwide box office revenue of over $22.55 Billion-with-a-B USD. That’s before you consider the tv shows, streaming shows, comics, and other tie-ins.
  10. Villain! Cur! Rapscallion! I demand satisfaction for thy impertinence! What ho!
  11. Can you narrow that down, Lord Andrew of Geddon? In my Questing Knight days, I hath born witness to a lot of Celestial Wizards throwing a lot of Comets of Cassandora at a lot of different cities...
  12. Marienburg is a fine enough city, by the standards of the north, but everyone knows that it is L'Anguille is the truly greatest of ports! It is said that, in all the Old World and beyond, ‘tis L’Anguille that has the fairest wood, finest farmlands, and most bountiful of seas. Why, except for the court of our great King Louen, there is surely no city as fine as great fortress port-city of Castle L'Anguille!
  13. If you’re planning on running a Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay campaign, I’m willing to assassinate a target of your choosing in order to be a part of it. Unless it’s third edition. Because... Eww.
  14. Ish

    D+D Maps

    Looks a lot like Thunder Rift...
  15. Ritter is one of the rare female character actors in Hollywood that is both attractive (unconventional, perhaps, but still very good looking) and allowed to play roles where she totally transforms into the character. It’s hard to believe that Jessica Jones was also The B— in Apartment 23, but she was... and she was Gia Goodman. I know Gia was fictional, but man, I still feel deep hatred for her on a basal ganglia sort of way. Anyhow... Detective Pikachu, the “live” action Pokémon movie. Not a great film, but far better than I expected a live action Pokémon movie ever would be. It’s a children’s film with a plot that is predictable even by children’s film standards, but doesn’t really suffer for it. The CGI animation of the titular Pikachu is fantastic and is really good for the few other Pokémon that ever get close to the camera... Background monsters and other elements not in close up are a bit sketchier. Worth watching if you need a “family movie night” to entertain some young’uns and can’t stomach the thought of watching Frozen for the 24,601st time.
  16. She’s 5’9” and obviously in good shape, but she’s also only 125 lbs. and rather lanky. That’s kind of the point of her casting in Jessica Jones, she doesn’t look like she should be as strong as one athletic man, let alone super-humanly strong. Jessica Jones of Earth-616 (main Marvel Comics continuity until recently) was officially classed at Strength Class 4, meaning she can lift up to two tons. This put her in the same strength level as Spider-Man, Black Panther, and Luke Cage. Jessica Jones of Earth-199999 (the MCU) doesn’t have officially codified strength, so far as I know, but seems to be equal to her comic book counterpart. (And she’ll always be evil arch-bitch Gia Goodman from Veronica Mars to me.)
  17. If Krysten Ritter is your example of some less fragile-looking... Wow. Did they cast an actual porcelain doll? I’ve been considering watching Doom: Annihilation our of sheer morbid curiosity. Now I’m even more intrigued.
  18. There is an iOS app of the game, plays exactly like the card game. I enjoyed it a lot, but not quite enough to spring for the micro transactions to get the expansions. It wasn’t a terribly complicated game, but it was deep enough to reward replay and variable enough that replays didn’t get stale. Perfect for that niche of game you play when only two of your regular six-player D&D group can make it or you want to kill a half hour or so waiting for Bob to make the pizza run. (As a matter of fact, I think I’m going to reinstall the app...)
  19. You can be a professional and be bad at your job. Just look at cable news.
  20. Hinterland is a very niche sort of show. It’s a police procedural / film noir murder mystery series set in and around Aberystwyth (a small coastal town) and the surrounding rural county of Ceredigion (grey hills, grey rivers, grey sheep, and grey bogs) in northern Wales. It’s grey, it’s raining constantly, it’s grey, everyone’s got an impossible to pronounce name, it’s grey, and half the cast have an accent so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it. My god, I love it so much. A few reviewers have compared it to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I kind of agree with. The plot is nothing at all similar and the characters are quite different, but in terms of tone it most definitely is. It’s film noir, but not... It’s a police procedural, but not... If you like moody, gloomy, noir murder mysteries and gorgeous sweeping cinematography of grey, dreary, and decaying rural farmhouses, you’ll love this show. Another interesting thing about the series is that it was filmed, simultaneously, as two separate shows: Hinterland, the version currently on Netflix, is filmed in English; Y Gwyll, which isn’t available in the U.S. near as I can figure, was filmed entirely in Welsh... With the same cast, same actors, same script, etc. British DVD box... Actual show not this colorful.
  21. Generally speaking, I’ve always understood the distinction as “home brew” referring to amateur works and not work done by professionals. It’s a bit of a fuzzy distinction in publishing this day and age, with desktop publishing, print-on-demand, and a thriving “indie” scene. As a wargame T9A is a collaborative effort by people who aren’t industry professionals it gets even fuzzier. Since this is an industry that has always traditionally relied heavily on freelancers, spec work, and “two blokes in a shed who had a good idea.” But, I was mostly just making a joke.
  22. Six Underground (2019) straight to Netflix release. Rolling Stone gave it one and a half stars, saying: I agree with them 100%, except I give the movie four stars. Roger Ebert used to say (paraphrasing) ‘It's not what the movie is about, it’s how it is about it.’ Meaning that a movie should be judged based on what that movie is trying to say, not against all of cinema as a whole. This is a Michael Bay movie, it’s trying to be a Michael Bay movie, and it’s very good at being a Michael Bay movie. Pops your popcorn, crack open a cold beer, and turn up the bass on your surround sound.
  23. I had the name wrong, I was referring to Kanan Jarrus and not Ezra... In my defense, I’ve seen two episodes of Rebels.
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