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  1. On that note, here’s the FAQ/Errata document for the game: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18vzREpST30kVexvO1_d_yT-zxwhryHlK/view?fbclid=IwAR250qky3YTKbtVpIQRz7FXYSH5CdC6wABAny-uDUCLifBq9QDFowePZz5M
  2. Your tiles are in the cabinet just opposite the main game room.
  3. The Great Eagles of Manwë were able to delivery Thorin Oakenshield and company from the perilous wargs to the safety of the river Anduin… We’ll have to see if the Eagle of Ewe-Ess Pee-Ess can deliver my dwarves from the dark land of Utah with similar swiftness. The painting company sent me a tracking number, for two-day priority mail, but the USPS website still shows it hasn’t been picked up yet. If they went in the mail Friday, they should be here by Tuesday…
  4. These guys: Used to be these guys: Although in a very rare example of GW adding value to a kit, back in the WHFB days it was ten Black Orcs in a box. Now it’s fifteen.
  5. We adopted a new puppers from the Humane Society today. I’m going to stay home and make sure he settles in… He seems to be doing great so far. Everybody say “Yo!” to Rocky (and his new older brother Sandy, on the right).
  6. In another bit of good news, my copy of Bane of Kings arrived today! Excellent book! Probably my favorite supplement to the game so far.
  7. If they bring Bretonnians back into production, I may have to bankrupt myself, fake my death, create a new identity, and bankrupt myself a second time.
  8. Actually, only three of those 157 models are official Oathmark miniatures. The rest are all from Conqueror Models.
  9. Dwarven army painting commission is finalized and should* be shipped out by the end of the week. I paid for a "tabletop standard" level of detail, with a little extra attention paid to the King and Wizard. So, looking over the photos, I'd say that they nailed it. I can spot a few small bits here and there were I think I'll spend some time with my own paintbrushes to finish them off, but nothing too major. I am overjoyed with how the shields came out. (*I'm pretty happy with the service, overall, but the owner does seem to be a bit scatterbrained. He's responsive to all my communication and has asked a lot of good questions for input or clarification from me. But he has a habit of things like "I'll get back to you on Monday" and not actually doing it until Tuesday or Wednesday. Shrug.)
  10. For what it’s worth, the plastic Black Orcs that debuted in ‘07 are still in production as Ironjawz ‘Ard Boyz.
  11. So… Yarbicus’ original question has been asked and answer. The peanut gallery has weighed in with discussion – only tangentially related to the original question – that covers the pro’s and con’s of rebasing. I’m thinking we’re done here and don’t need to discuss the luxurious lifestyles of the unemployed.
  12. 28 mm scale, fully detailed interior, customizable Type S Scout Ship from Traveller. https://www.myminifactory.com/crowdfunding/traveller-359
  13. First through Third Edition didn’t have a starter set; Fourth Edition was High Elves versus Goblins; Fifth Edition was Bretonnia (huzzah!) versus Lizardmen (boo!); Sixth Edition was Empire versus Orcs; Seventh Edition was Dwarves versus Goblins; Eighth was High Elves versus Skaven. Firth through Third Edition didn’t have Army Books, they had lists in the core rulebook and various supplements that added options. Army Books in the codex-like style we tend to think of them, we’re introduced during Fourth Edition. ‘Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness’ (1988) and ‘Realm of Chaos: The Lost and the Damned’ (1990) during WHFB’s third edition and WH40k’s first edition (along with ‘'Ere We Go: Orks in Warhammer 40,000’ [1991]) were sort of a caveman ancestor to the Army Book/Codex format that came later.
  14. I got my first WHFB rulebook in 1990, my parents having mistaken the then current third edition rulebook for a D&D supplement. I was utterly enthralled. But it wasn’t until the release of fourth edition in ‘92 that I was finally able to get a few friends to play. 4th, 6th, and 8th Editions are probably my favorite iterations of the game. I think fourth had the best army books and strongest emphasis on lore; Sixth was the pinnacle of miniature design and corrected the “herohammer” excess of fifth; Eighth probably had the best set of core rules and excellent balance between the various army books… Eighth needed an across the board increase on Wizard point values and an across the board slash to heavy cavalry point values. But, instead, we got Age of Sigmar. Sigh.
  15. I’m also thinking this thread derailment belongs in the Realm of Chaos.
  16. I cannot speak to specifics, but generally miniatures manufacturers will try keep molds for as long as possible (even after discontinuing a model or a line) since there’s a big upfront cost in designing the model, making the molds, et cetera… and storage space on a shelf someplace isn’t terribly expensive. However, molds do wear out over time with repeated use and it’s also possible for them to become damaged due to accidents or what have you. Molds designed for pewter or resin will not work for plastics and vice versa. Which is to say they might have rules for classic Bretonnians et. al., but don’t expect to see those old models on retail shelves again.
  17. I’m reasonably certain that as a pre-teen, I knew more about the geography of the Known World of WHFB/WHFRP, Krynn of AD&D, Tolkien’s Arda, and Howard’s Hyboria than I did about the geography of the city I lived in…
  18. The map is very different. Norsca has grown in size, the Border Princes have shrunk, Albion has grown, et cetera. They have said in a previous article that Louen Orc-Slayer is currently the King of Bretonnia. In the old timeline, he assumed the throne around the year 1223 (2201 Imperial Calendar). The Imperial Elector Count system began to break down in 1579 IC during the Age of Three Emperors; the decline got worse over the next century as various Elector-Counts went to war with each other; got even worse in 1940 IC when Drachenfels invited the Elected Emperor Carolus II and his court to a great feast at his castle, only to assassinate all of them; and then in 1979 -- Magritta of Marienburg was elected Empress by the remaining Elector Counts. The Grand Theogonist of Sigmar refused to acknowledge the appointment and the Empire is effectively cease to exist until Magnus the Pious of Nuln was elected Emperor in 2304 IC. Which means, if Louen Orc-Slayer is on the throne of Bretonnia then there shouldn’t be an Empire on the map. There should be ten individual counties and a half-dozen independent city-states.
  19. The Old World isn’t about rules for me. I started playing WHFB in 1990 and discovered Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay only a few years later. I used to read the army books and rpg modules as entertainment leisure reading, not just game books. Karl Franz, Louen Leoncoeur, Drachenfels, Genevieve Dieudonné... These names have as much resonance with my childhood as Boba Fett or Darth Vader have for other nerds. I’m following this project, but I’m very nervous about it.
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