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  1. Da Orkz kan loot any’fing dat ain’t nailed down. An’ da Big Mek haz a crowbar, so we’z gonna nick da nails too!
  2. Warhammer Community has a preview for the Crusade rules from the upcoming Codex: Poster Boys. I think it looks really great, the previewed requisitions and battle honors all seem nice and fluffy, they’re unique enough from the generic ones in the core rules to be worthwhile but not significantly more powerful than them.
  3. Well, we don’t know what any of the Stratagems will be yet, so...
  4. “@&$% you. &@#% you. #%&$ you. You’re cool. %?€¥ you. I’m out. This concludes our annual performance review. See you next year.”
  5. Just chill, the codex will be in hand soon and you know there’s going to be all sorts of things in there that will modify the reanimation rules: re-rolls, bonuses, out-of-sequence activations, et cetera.
  6. Back in the days of WHFB 5th Edition, GW released a series of Campaign Packs. Small boxed sets that had special rules for a linked series of battles that combined to tell a story, with some card stock terrain, and other gubbins. My favorite was Perilous Quest, pictures above, which featured the Bretonnians against the Wood Elves (and included a neat little mini game for running a jousting tournament). There was also the Idol of Gork (Empire v. Orcs), Tears of Isha (High Elves v. Dark Elves), Circle of Blood (Bretonnia v. Undead), and Grudge of Drong (Dwarfs v. High Elves). I wish GW
  7. Because whenever GW does anything at least 1/3 of their fanbase will react negatively.
  8. Frankly, if it were up to me, I’d leave the whole reanimating thing as a bit of background “fluff” and just make the basic Necron Warrior tougher... But still have them die like every other model. There’s too many steps in the game’s combat sequence already. Roll to hit, maybe a re-roll to hit, roll to wound, maybe a re-roll to wound, roll to save, maybe a re-roll to save, maybe a feel no pain roll, maybe a reanimation roll, maybe a morale roll... Ugh.
  9. It’s really obnoxious that you keep doing well with your “Imperial Soup” army that uses a bunch of basic transports, a pair of squishy psyker, and single-wound infantry. Didn’t you pay any attention to the experts on the Internet who told you those things were all worthless now?
  10. Faeit212 is saying $50 USD for both of the new codices. He’s never been wrong, as far as I know, about pricing when it’s this close to a release. He clearly is getting his info from some sort of official source, like a distributor or a retailer mailing list.
  11. This technology, as shown, would probably be really useful for people making YouTube tutorials or battle reports (assuming there is some means of exporting the feed).
  12. I think that augmented reality has a lot of potential for hobby games, but I don’t think it’s quite there yet. The biggest limitation, currently, is the interface... Looking at the table via a smartphone or a tablet is just awkward. I’m waiting for the day when I can play D&D with tokens on a battle mat, but players can look at it via their smart-glasses and see a three-dimensional animated Red Dragon hovering above their heroes.
  13. Welp. The guys over at Goonhammer got an early copy of the new Chapter Approved: Tactical Deployment Mission Pack and have posted a review. For the most part, it sounds pretty damn good... except for the glaring problem that it doesn’t have any datasheets for any terrain in it and it looks like GW will only be releasing datasheets for new terrain kits that are built in specific configurations to match the instructions. Ugh.
  14. Ish

    D+D Maps

    This is the church, here is the steeple. Here is the evil bishop, going up the stairs, And now he’s saying unspeakable prayers! His black magic curses all the people. Open the doors, the party finds a way. Close the portal, and save the day!
  15. Dark necromancers have laid claim to forsaken kingdoms and summoned forth the souls of those who defiled their oathmarks. The dead, once again, march to war. As armies of wraiths and skeletal warriors bring destruction to their lands, the small kingdoms of the Marches also turn to the spirits of the dead. Gathering the most ancient and powerful of oathmarks, they recall the spectral forms of those that died in loyal battle to once again come forth in defence of their kingdoms. With these ethereal warriors joining their ranks, the kings of the Marches may yet stand. Just announced as
  16. Perfect for Frostgrave. Really adds to that immersive feeling.
  17. I’d be up for some Necromunda, believe it or not I’ve never actually played a game using the zone mortalis system.
  18. $100 seems like a reasonable for a ‘dungeon in a box’ game these days. Descent: Journeys in the Dark, Warhammer Quest, Blackstone Fortress, and so forth all sell for between $99–$199. They’ve already reached $1.4 million on their pledge drive, so obviously there’s demand there.
  19. Work in progress on my next Warcry warband. Pour le Roi; Pour la Dame; Pour le Graal!
  20. Orcs ain’t never beat! If we win, we win; if we die, we die fighting so it don't count; If we runs for it, we ain’t beat ‘effer, ‘cuz we can come back for annuver go, see!
  21. Because, despite the attempts of a vocal minority of the player-base to paint them as a sinister cabal of nefarious, mustache-twirling villains... GW just ain’t that smart. It would make far more sense to release this special terrain system when the edition was a year or two old, as a way of injecting a bit of energy into it (and to move some boxes of plastic after everyone was winding down their army purchases). But, well, someone in the design team probably came up with the idea six months ago, got the go ahead to type up a rough draft five months ago, and got everyone else on board, so
  22. I don’t think I’m wording it right. My beef isn’t with tourney players, so much as with a certain type of tournament player.
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