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  1. Wahapedia isn’t always up to date, but it doesn’t usually much more than a month or so behind... and oftentimes faster. Obviously, the old “caveat emptor” applies when using unofficial sources. But, for most common purposes, it’s fine.
  2. Looks fantastic. I don’t personally have need for sci-fi terrain at the moment, but I wish you great success... ...and I want to know the very nanosecond you launch a medieval fantasy line.
  3. Kinda sad that this is the thirty-third week of the “Week 12 and Beyond” thread in our covid lockdown series... and the very first of them was posted in late March, when many of us had already been shuttered for a month or more.
  4. A common mistake I see from a lot of people (myself included) in Necromunda is letting their gangers run around solo. This almost always ends badly. Pair your gangers up, at a minimum. Better still if you can bunch them up in groups of three or four (the scenarios don’t always let you have enough bodies on the table to do this). Supporting fire, covering multiple angles, morale checks, and having a friend in mêlée are huge in Necromunda. Necromunda doesn’t have the ARO system of Infinity, but you still gotta pay attention to sight lines, choke-points, and kill boxes.
  5. Major spoilers for the finale of The Mandalorian season two... But so worth it.
  6. Total long shot, but I’m always on the hunt for issues of Batman Family (Vol. 1). Batman Family was an anthology series that ran for twenty issues from 1975 to 1978. They’re not an especially valuable title on the collectors market, most are in the $20-30 range in mint condition. But I’ve got a massive nostalgic love for the series, they were the first comic books I ever read. If you happen to have any you’re looking to part with, let me know.
  7. Okay... So I pride myself on knowing all there is to know about useless wargaming trivia, useless historical trivia, and useless British television production trivia. Imagine my delight when I discovered something new that was all three simultaneously! Apparently, back in 1978, the Tyne Tees Television franchise (the local ITV broadcaster in northeast England) created six-part series called Battleground. Each half-hour length episode gave an overview of a historical battle, talked briefly about the terrain and the tactics, and other such documentary details. Then a pair of gamers would re
  8. Can the satellite tower be assembled* without the dish (and can the dish be used without the tower)? The tower would make for a cool elevated landing platform, a la Return of the Jedi, and that could make for fun scenarios like valiant last stands while waiting to GET TO DA CHOPPA! Likewise, if the dish can be positioned at ground level or set on the rooftop of another building, it just opens up more play modes. *Without having to cut, glue, or otherwise “convert” the kit. Obviously, with enough glue and a stout sharp knife, all of this stuff can be modified.
  9. Actually, it can be up to three members of the warband who gain experience: your Wizard, his Apprentice, and the Captain (from the Sellsword supplement). I actually like that you don’t need to micromanage the redshirts in the gang, but I understand why it’s something other people miss.
  10. For what it’s worth, Joseph McCullough (the designer behind Frostgrave and Oathmark) is due to release a new sci-fi skirmisher called Stargrave sometime this spring. Previews in various magazines and designer commentary on his blog promise that it won’t just be Frostgrave with the word “crossbows” scratched out and “laser rifle” penciled in... But it should still focus on the same sort of no fuss gameplay his other games have. Frostgrave is very much a spiritual successor to Mordheim, dealing with the same sort of gameplay niche but doing away with a lot of the “fiddly bits.” A leaner ga
  11. Goonhammer has a good article that explains some of the nuance that separates Necromunda’s ranged combat from other GW games. Action economy, activation sequencing, importance of cover, yadda yadda yadda. It should also be noted that, from a narrative standpoint, the gangers of the Underhive (and even the “elites” of the Palanite Enforcers or the Bounty Hunter guilds) are meant to be absolutely lousy compared to the Imperial Guard. Worse equipment, no training, nonexistent morale, and so forth. Your Orlock with a lasrifle might be a vicious, nasty, cold-blooded criminal... But his weapon
  12. I actually prefer the Aquilon Terminators, both for the models’ aesthetics and the units rules. I don’t have any strong desire (at the moment) to expand my Custodes collection beyond what I have now (and I’ve still got a couple boxes of things in the Pile O Shame). If I ever do add Allarus Terminators, I will just probably do an arm swap with Aquilon bodies.
  13. Oi, youse daft git. Dat ain’t a Boss, dat’s just an empty base. You fergot ta put da bloody model on it!
  14. Ish


    Timmy had a name? Well, pardon me while I genuflect and tip my hat.
  15. Yes, They actually have a separate Errata document just for them. So after a ridiculously long wait Valerian and Aleya finally have a proper Faction Keyword and a reasonable points cost (they used to cost 188 points per model, now they cost 200 for the unit). They’re still probably the worst choice for an HQ unit in the faction as they don’t offer much that a generic Shield-Captain and a small unit of generic Sisters of Silence doesn’t do just as well, but at least they are playable now.
  16. Ish


    I said I was expected to absorb nutrients from the soil, I didn’t say I was able to. The Man stole all our dirt, man. We just had sand!
  17. So... umm... Does anyone have twenty Allarus Terminators available for trade? [quote]Page 8 – While We Stand, We Fight Change to read: ‘If you select this objective, then before the battle you must identify which three units from your army (excluding models with the Fortifications Battlefield Role) have the highest points value, and make a note of them on your army roster (if two or more units are tied, you can choose between them). If your army has three or fewer units, then you instead identify all the units in your army. A unit’s points cost includes the points of all weapons and w
  18. There’s a thread dedicated to sharing information about Tempting Kickstarters, which would probably be the best place to post a link to your Kickstarter. The Artifcer’s Forge subforum is devoted to general discussion about model building, terrain building, and the other crafty aspects of the hobby. @stark1261 has a thread there documenting the development of his modular hill project, which he eventually took to Kickstarter. Quite successfully too. I’m not a forum mod or part of the club leadership, so I’m not sure if it’s against any rules or not... But, personally, I don’t think it
  19. Whole bunch of FAQs and Errata just dropped. New point costs, changes to both the turn order roll-off and Objective scoring (aiming to lessen the first turn advantage), and some tweaks to Secondary Objectives. Also, they have finally fixed the Faction Keyword and Point Value for Valerian and Aleya.
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