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  1. From the Book I’d Face:

    What’s in a bottle? Well, for 13-years we’ve filled these bottles with our high-quality Warpaints and we are privileged to play such an important role in your hobby. For the first time ever, these bottles will be put to use for a different reason. The world has changed a lot in these last few weeks. While the Covid-19 pandemic has required us to rethink the ways we operate, it has also called us to act. Very soon, we will be stripping the lines of our paint production machines in preparation for their next mission. When clean hands can literally save lives, there is an international hand sanitizer shortage. 

    The Army Painter has secured approval and the materials to begin the production of hand sanitizer. We will begin filling our 18ml and 100ml bottles with sanitizer which meets the World Health Organizations standards to fight and kill 99.9% of harmful germs and bacteria. 

    Our first order of business is to deliver hand sanitizer, at no cost, to local schools so that when the world returns to its new normal, our children have the rites and access to a clean and healthy learning environment. Our next challenge will be to supply the international distribution chains with these bottles in an affordable, and accessible manner. 

    This evolving new reality will affect our business greatly however this is not a matter of choice for The Army Painter, our owner Bo, or our team. This is our obligation. We have the means to help - therefore we must. 

    Stay tuned for more developments. Until then, happy hobbying!

    #TheArmyPainter #Coronavirus #COVID19



  2. North Star Figures has announced that they are releasing Oathmark: Battles of the Lost Age ahead of schedule. They are worried that if the U.K. government might force them into a total shut them, due to the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak. So rather than sit on their hands for months, they've decided to get the product out early before. Oathmark is a fantasy, massed battle, "rank-n-flank" game in the vein of Warhammer Fantasy BattlesThe Ninth Age, or Saga: Age of Magic. But I think it offers a simplicity that WHFB and T9A are lacking.

    I've been watching this games development with eager anticipation for a while now. Joseph A. McCullough is the guy that created Frostgrave and he's been wiring a design blog over at Osprey Publishing where he's talked about his design goals, the very clever combat system, and the really innovative kingdom creation system

    Oathmark Released Early by North Star Military Figures

  3. 58 minutes ago, WestRider said:

    There have now been several nights where I had nightmares about being attacked by Plague Marines or other followers of Nurgle. I think this Pandemic thing is weighing on my brain more than I'm consciously aware.

    Those aren’t nightmares. They’re a Calling!

    Grandfather Nurgle wants you to join the family.

  4. Finished off today, but started last week: Ultron

    Started today, hope to finish this week: Captain Marvel and Crossbones

    Running Tally

    Assembled: All 10 Marvel Crisis Protocol starter minis;

    Started: Captain Marvel, Crossbones;

    Completed: Black Widow, Iron Man, Red Skull, Spider-Man, and Ultron; Papercraft MCP Terrain

    Planned: The Hulk, More MCP Terrain, Necromunda Enforcers 



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