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  1. If I'm parsing the "salesman speak" right, it sounds like the GHB v2.0 will be completely standalone but some of the content (i.e., specific missions) in the GHB v1.0 will not be reproduced. This is actually kinda smart, since people who already own GHB v1.0 won't feel that they've been forced to buy the same book twice. Which you just know people were going to complain about.
  2. Look for the "Attack on Valdus," or however it's spelt kits, it's just the contents of the Black Reach starter set repackaged as individual units. Cheap too. Guardian Games has a few in stock.
  3. The only Primaris Marines in the indices are the Captain in Gravis Armor, Primaris Lieutenant, Primaris Ancient; the Incessor, Inceptor, and Helblaster Squads. GW has previously previewed a hover-tank and a dreadnought. They're not in the indices. Now they're announcing a Captain in Mark X armor, a Librarian, and this new Reiver squad... Also not in the indices. Rules will be in the box, sure, and quite probably even available as free PDFs... But we're going to get a codex sooner or later.
  4. I will be shocked if we don't see a WH40k version of the AoS app by year's end. All the units in that game have their stats available, free, on the app. Some optional things are behind a paywall, but the stats and core rules are free.
  5. Models embarked in vehicles that allow their passengers to shoot only allow them to shoot in the Shooting Phase. He's interpreting this to mean no Overwatch. I disagree with that, but I understand his argument.
  6. I think most (all?) the objective missions require you to have the most models the closest to the objective and within X... So, in theory, a big enough line of grunts could do it. But that's going to be really tricky to pull off.
  7. I think we've entered that stage of internet discourse where we are vehemently agreeing with each other. ?
  8. I wasn't "excusing" anything, just saying that I don't mind. The starter sets have always come with simplified models and more complex kits have always followed. GW has already said that this was the plan for the current release... Just be patient.
  9. Wasn't a "once a month" casual league being considered at Guardian?
  10. I dunno. I "came up" in the pewter era, where you got three to four poses per unit tops... So this doesn't really bug me that much. I mean, there's only so many possible ways to hold a rifle and uniforms are meant to be, well, uniform. How many poses do you really need?
  11. We know that Mortarion is coming sooner or later. I imagine we'll see a (putrid) splash of models released alongside him. Quite likely with a set of dual AoS/40k kits as part of it... The current Great Unclean One model is rather long in the tooth and daemon models work for both settings. Poxwalkers could get the Tzaangor treatment without too much effort by the sculptor(s), and so forth.
  12. Honestly, I like your's more. But I'm a Dark Angels player, so I've got a soft-spot for hoods.
  13. Well, I guess this is also confirmation that a Codex: Space Marines is coming fairly soon as the Space Marine indices do not have datasheets for any of these new models.
  14. In an atmosphere, the sound of the weapon's beam is going to depend on the power, which we obviously don't know for certain since these are fictional weapons... But, 40k being 40k we can probably assume the power will range from "really high power" to "ZOMG! ridonkulously high powered." So the power of an lasrifle or lascannon should high enough to ionise the air it passes through, the cessation of the beam will result in the low-pressure ionised path it carved in the atmosphere collapsing with a crack or a bang, the loudness increasing and the pitch decreasing with the diameter of the ionised path. This means they'll make a distinctive crack or bang with each pulse, not entirely unlike thunder, really...
  15. You can split fire, true, but it's still usually a good idea to have focused roles for your units... and the Fire Raptor's other guns are much happier munching on Infantry, Dedicated Transports, and the like. The missiles seem more suited for that role. Plus they're "close enough" that you won't feel like you're using pea-shooters when you do need to take on a Leman Russ or a Tyranofex.
  16. Lascannons are Strength 9, which could be important against T8+ units if you intend to rely on it for hunting heavy armor... But, frankly, given the rest of the Fire Raptor's loadout, that's not the most efficient task for it. I'd opt for magnetic hardpoints for the missiles, swapping out as needs be to make points.
  17. Rough Riders have long been a favorite of mine... and have for too long been one of the weakest options for the Imperial Guard. I am overjoyed that they're finally viable.
  18. I've always built my collection unit by unit. Then assembled my army lists out of the units I own. I have a Leman Russ Vaquisher and a Lascannon Heavy Weapon Squad. I need an anti-tank unit, I'll pick one. I have a Deathwing Terminator Squad and a Deathwing Knights squad. I need a dedicated mêlée unit that's sting on defense because I know I'm fighting Tyranids... DW Knights it is. By having all my units in my collection already sorted out into roles and with a rough idea what points they will cost, army list building just means grabbing my faves, doing some quick math, and maybe adding or dropping a few little things. ("No dozer blades on the Chimeras today, boys! The colonel says to blame budget cuts.")
  19. I literally have no way of even conceptualizing how that would work. It sounds as alien to me as if you were trying to tell me what the color blue tastes like. Doesn't building a list necessarily have to involve figuring out what units you want to have?
  20. Let me know when he starts with AoS. My eleven year old daughter has been grinding me into the mud with her Sylvaneth and could use a stronger opponent. ?
  21. Plenty of people here and on the other corners of the Internets have been making similar complaints. So, obviously, this is a real issue for many people... But, well, I just don't get it. Maybe it's because I "came up" back in the olden days having to make AD&D1e/2e and Shadowrun characters or WHFB army lists by hand, using pen and paper like a goddamn caveman, but creating army lists for Eighth Edition isn't that challenging. Let's say I'm making a unit of Deathwing Terminators. I jot down what everyone in the squad will be: • Sergeant w/ Powersword and Storm Bolter. • Terminator w/ Powerfist and Assault Cannon. • Terminator w/ Chainfist and Storm Bolter. • (2x) Terminator w/ Powerfist and Storm Bolter. Then I flip to the chart with the points for each unit, jot that number (T) down next to their name. Then flip to the mêlée weapon chart and jot down that number (M). Then look at the chart with the guns and jot it down (G). So my notepad now has everyone looking like this (but with real numbers in the parenthesis): • Sergeant (T) w/ Powersword (M) and Storm Bolter (G). (Subtotal) Add up all the subtotals. Boom. I have a squad built and pointed. Takes maybe 5 minutes and will no doubt be even faster once I have the numbers for the most commonly used 'gear committed to memory.
  22. Well played, good sir. Well played indeed.
  23. I think that WH40k needs equal parts Blanche and Smith. They're like a creative yin and yang.
  24. I think anyone whose reaction to such a suggestion is "No! Muh roolz!!!" is probably already too deep into That Guy territory that the very idea of anything other than strict points system in full compliance with the latest tourney comp package is anathema to him to begin with. Which is cool, 'cuz I don't want to play him anyway. ✌️
  25. Well, that's actually kinda interesting, as "cannon" is one of those rare words that can be pluralized correctly as "cannons" and has a collective noun as "cannon." The HMS Victory has one-hundred four cannon aboard. The lieutenant commanded a battery of twelve cannon. We ran out of cannon balls for the twelve-pounder cannons. The cannons on the hill were knocked out by counter-battery fire. However, if you'd like, I have a stirring little speech prepared on the proper pronunciation of "lasrifle" and "nobz."
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