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  1. Hello everyone, I got in a very fun game against an Ork player at Meeples Games in West Seattle. This was my first time at Meeples and I loved the place. Great players and a great atmosphere. I brought 2000 points of my Night Lords and they got trounced. But the opponent was very nice and his Ork army was gorgeous. Here are some pics: Orks vs Night Lords before the game begins Orks vs Night Lords, bottom of Turn 1 Night Lord from the Prone Predators CSM Squad cowering before his squad is wiped out by a Boyz assault A gorgeous and deadly Ork plasma jet of doooooom (that's probably not the model's official name, but it should be) Rhinos Dragonne and Night Masque along with Daemon Prince Azrath The Bats Out of Hell, a squad of 4 Chaos Bikers with 2 plasmas and a power axe Ork Warboss on a bike with his boyz about to charge the Ork lines The surviving Night Lords: Azrath, remnants of 2 CSM squads, Raptor Lord Duvalier, and 3 Bezerkers after they have wiped out a Boyz Squad on Turn 2 Biker Sorceress Chamorro Raptor Lord Duvalier, I love the Claws of the Black Hunt It's the only good Night Lords thing: when I take their warlord trait I always forget it, morale debuffs rarely hurt anyone, and I never care enough about my infantry to spend 1 CP to give them a better cover save 🙂 In addition, I'm down to about 57 or so unpainted models. I hope to finish painting all my 40K models by the end of the year (knocks on head). Here are some pics of my remaining unpainted models. Enjoy the pics!
  2. This is a good discussion. In my games where I set aside points for daemon summoning I also often find I'd rather keep my CSM characters moving during the movement phase. However, in many of my games this year I've been taking Renegades and Heretics alongside my Chaos Marines. Aside from Russes, Sentinels, and Marauders the R&H underperform, but that's another thread. But I've been rhinking about using the R&H Renegade Commanders as a base for some Turn 2 summoning. On Turn 1, run 1 up each flank. Enemy snipers always ignores them and shoot my CSM characters, Deffy, or my Zerkers' Rhino on Turn 1 anyway. Then on Turn 2 they start summoning! This would leave my CSM characters free to keep keep moving during their movement phase. It would also make Renegade Commanders Dnegrah and Vicious Pete (currently a useless tax) quite useful!
  3. Bobo is awesome! He's gorgeous and easily identifiable as a Bullgryn.
  4. Yes, it was a fun game! I posted a longer write up as well as a link to our 2017 game on my Bolter and Chainsword Chaos blog. If you're interested, here's the link: http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/topic/321042-tallarn-commanders-chaos-ofcc-comments-and-pictures/?p=5370796
  5. Hello everyone, I had a great time at Ordo this year. My chaos army (Night Lords teamed up with Renegades and Heretics) lost 4 games and tied 1. All my opponents were very nice and all my games were very enjoyable. Here are a baker's dozen photos from the event. Shot of the Night Lords with their Nostroman 9th mercenaries Blood Angels fliers target the Chaos line Traitor Leman Russ Khorne's Ire lays down a base of fire Awe-inspiring black and red Death Company liquidates Chaos Militia Trooper Chillgibber and his squad fight impressive blue and purple Genestealer hybrids BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer and 7th Squad assault the Genestealer Cult line 5th Squad charges Wraithblades 888 the Blood Slaughterer kills a breathtaking Wraithseer while 5th Squad mops up some Dire Avengers Deffy the Defiler and BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer face off against AdMech Dragoons 1st Militia Squad in melee with Vanguard 888 slices up a gorgeous Admech underground vehicle thingie Stormtroopers slay Cultists in the trenches. This battle felt like a Gaunt's Ghosts novel. 7th Squad's Mutant Rabble battles some beautiful Mordians As always, OFCC was great fun! Thanks to all my opponents and all my team-mates on Team Infil-Traitors! Night Lords, "The quick and the dead." Nostroman 9th, "Hell's horde."
  6. And I recently finished up 5 more R&H infantry and 2 traitor Leman Russes. Here are some pics: All 5 troopers Skara Bale Wirewolf Duqud Oracle 2 Leman Russes, Reaver and Khorne's Ire Now I only have to paint names on the bases of 24 troopers and then I'm ready for OFCC. Nostroman 9th, "Hell's horde."
  7. Hello everyone, I'm looking forward to this weekend's OFCC. I'll be bringing a Night Lords battalion and a Renegades and Heretics battalion as part of Team Infil-traitors. To test out my list I recently got in a test game. I lost horribly (my list is rather casual) but I had a blast. I killed 3 Eldar units and my opponent killed 17 Chaos units. 🙂 Here are some pics: The forces of Chaos arrayed before the battle The tricksy elves before the battle The Death Bats Squad move their Reaper Autocannon into position, it would do 1 wound to a Wave Serpent before dying Vox Officer Enok and Trooper October (who is my favorite R&H infantry model) move up with 5th Militia Squad Master Sergeant Warptouch bellows at the rank and file BloodLady is shot to death by the Eldar air force, but explodes doing 11 wounds! 2nd Squad's Champion, Lobo, hangs out with 2 troopers and the WIP Leman Russ, Khorne's Iref Hound of Chaos takes lascannon potshots at Wave Serpents The Nostroman 9th's black market "fixer," Ghoulmoney, advances up the board with 5th Squad Khorne's Ire petulantly stares down the Eldar air force before being blown to bits Hound of Chaos scrums with Scorpions And then is targeted by Fire Dragons Warpsmith Hoth and Master of Possession Bolivar whittle down a Banshee Squad
  8. A tutorial would be great. Your painting is so impressive. Your paint chips and oil streaks are especially realistic! 🙂
  9. Hello everyone. Your army and list look great Nathaniel! I'm all paid up and here is my final list and some pictures of my 2019 OFCC list. I'm sad that I couldn't work in my Bezerkers and Marauders. 😞 But I'm happy that I get to use 100 Mutant Rabble and Militia along with 4 Daemon Engines! 🙂 • 2000 pts, Reid Gustafson• Renegades & Heretics Battalion• Night Lords Chaos Marine BattalionWarband Origins: Long ago there was a noble family, the house of Nightfall. They lived in an age of peace and stability established by their world's ruler. Their ruler was Konrad Curze, the fair and just lord of the garden planet Nostramo. And then one day, a corrupt and weak emperor sent an assassin to slay the Lord Curze. The vile assassin succeeded. The emperor then destroyed the paradise that was Nostramo. House Nightfall managed to escape. But since that day they have never forgotten. Vengeance upon the emperor will be theirs!RENEGADES & HERETICS BATTALION, THE NOSTROMAN 9TH, "HELL'S HORDE" [973]HQ [67]• Dneghra Nightfall, Renegade Commander , power sword=29• Buzzsaw, Renegade Commander, power fist, plasma pistol (5)=38Dnegrah Nightfall has lead the Nostroman 9th Mercenary Company for decades. She travels the verse, selling her mercenaries' skills to any non-Imperium clients with enough coin. Dnegrah's ancestors were Nostroman nobility, the noble House of Nightfall. They feared Curze but respected his ability to establish order. They seek to avenge Curze's death at the hands of the Emperor. Buzzsaw is Dnegrah's lover. He won her affection through his devotion to Chaos and strict personal code of honor.ELITES [102]• Nostramo, Enforcer , power sword=34• Garok, Enforcer, power sword=34• Cthulu, Enforcer, power sword=34The enforcers use fear to keep the troops in line. TROOPS [400]• Sevatar's 1st Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80• Lobo's 2nd Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80• Kira's 3rd Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80• Vicious Pete's 5th Squad, 20 Chaos Militia=80• Zeva's 7th Squad, 20 Mutant Rabble, shotguns=80The Chaos Militia and Mutant Rabble are a diverse lot. Some fight for coin, some for Chaos, some fight against the fascist Imperium, and some fight for the sake of fighting.FAST ATTACK [100]• Hound of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon=50• Star of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon=50Sentinels are the Nostroman 9th's mobile antitank firepower.HEAVY SUPPORT [304]• Reaver, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Battlecannon, heavy bolter=152• Khorne's Ire, Leman Russ Battle Tank, Battlecannon, heavy bolter=152The tank crew are traitor guard who now use their weapons against their former comrades.NIGHT LORDS CSM BATTALION [1,027]HQ [158]• Dark Techmagus Hoth, Chaos Warpsmith, Mark of Nurgle, power axe, meltagun, flamer=60• Bolivar, Master of Possession, Mark of Tzeench, force stave, bolt pistol=98Warpsmith Hoth teamed his Night Lords up with Dnegrah's Renegades & Heretics because he received a vision from the Dark Omnissiah. In the vision he joined with the Chaos Militia to consecrate dozens of Imperium-held worlds in blood. Bolivar has long been Hoth's mentor.TROOPS [265]• Jarvak's Death Bats, 5 Chaos Marines, Reaper Chaincannon=85• Hatred's Sentry Killers, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon=90• Ninja Joe's Night Masques, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon=90The Chaos Marines and cultists provide the warband with a lethal, flexible core.FAST ATTACK [330]• BloodLady, Blood Slaughterer, Mark of Khorne, pair of Slaughter Blades=165• 888, Blood Slaughterer, Mark of Khorne, pair of Slaughter Blades=165BloodLady and 888 scuttle towards the enemy eager to shed blood for the glory of Khorne. HEAVY SUPPORT [274]• Deffy the Defiler with Defiler Claws and Battlecannon, Mark of Khorne, Defiler Scourge, Reaper Autocannon=142• Mary the Maulerfiend, Maulerfiend fist, Mark of Khorne, lasher tendrils=132Deffy and Mary are always in the vanguard of the assault competing to see who can get the most kills. Total points=2,000Number of Models=130 (122 infantry, 6 walkers, 2 tanks)Command Points=13 (3 base, 2 battalions) I still need to paint up the 2 traitor Russes and about 50 troopers still need names added to their bases. I had better get cracking! The Nostroman 9th, "Hell's Horde!" Night Lords, "The quick and the dead."
  10. And last week I also finished up a batch of 6 "greatcoat" troopers... They can also be used to fill various roles, Militia, Cultists, Marauders, Disciples, etc Trooper Anok Cthulu, he would also be great as a Renegade Commander, Enforcer, etc Master Sergeant Warptouch Trooper Bullets, he was told to put a Chaos Star on his coat. Something was lost in translation. 🙂 And my last image, Trooper Heldane You will see some, but not all, of these models at the OFCC. You will definitely see the sentinels and a decent number of the R&H infantry. Enjoy the pics!
  11. And another project completed... Last week I finished up another batch of 6 Disciples Comms Officer Enok, he keeps the Nostroman 9th's officers in contact with their rank and file Sergeant Zoica, she can be quite brutal with her adze Gaur, and his friend Gibbon the ork head Kurx and Svar, lascannon gunners Pater, he can also be used as a character, Marauder Chieftain, or line trooper More to follow...
  12. And another project, this one I finished up last month. 8 Plaguebearers (plus a Plaguebeared I finished in May) Plaguebearer Penar, I'm not sure what game system this chap/chapette comes from. I picked it up at a Lake City Seattle swap meet last December. Plaguebearer Nareen, old school model with a swordarm kitbash Plaguebearer Donat, another kitbash Plaguebearer Aife, because sometimes Slaanesh Daemons go over to the side of Grandfather Nurgle 🙂 All completed 25 Plaguebearers. I only need to buy and paint up 5 more and I can field a legal Nurgle Daemon batallion! And a fun picture of my recently painted Plaguebearers defending Gary, Daemon Prince of Nurgle More images to follow...
  13. And my next completed project... 2.) A batch of 6 Renegade and Heretics Disciples (although they can be used in many roles, eg Command Squads, Marauders, Militia, etc) Feygor, with the runes on his sword he could be a champion or even a character like a Renegade Commander or an Enforcer UL, Chaos trooper with autogun Lileth, a fierce warrior of Chaos. Her face has a look of sorrow. Gl and Kark, as you can see, Kark is cybernetically connect to the lascannon so as to assist with aiming Trooper Asthedor, a close combat specialist More to follow...
  14. Hello everyone, I've had some fun working on my Chaos hobbying recently. Here are some projects I completed in June and so far in July: -2 Renegades and Heretics armored sentinels -A batch of 6 Renegades and Heretics Disciples -8 Plaguebearers -Another batch of 6 Renegades and Heretics Disciples -A batch of 6 Renegades and Heretics "greatcoat" infantry, most will be used as Chaos Militia Here are some pictures. 1.) 2 R&H Armored Sentinels, Hound of Chaos and Star of Chaos In games these 2 suckers have proven useful. They are small and so often don't get targeted too early on. This allows them to dish out a decent amount of damage before being shot to death. As you can see, I've magnetized the tops so the atrophied pilots can be seen. More images to follow...
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