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  1. These look great! You have put a lot of work into them and it shows.
  2. Looks like a fun list! Flyrants are great. They are a bit toned down from 7th edition, but whenever my Chaos face them they still contribute nicely to my Nid opponent's army.
  3. Hello everyone, I got in a fun game with my Chaos recently against Admech with a knight. I used one of the possible OFCC lists I'm considering: Night Lords with Zerkers and Daemon Engines and Renegades and Heretics with oodles of Militia and Marauders. Here are some photos My opponent's line before the game My line (at right) on Turn 1 Night Masque CSM Squad and Lobo's 2nd Militia Squad hold an objective before the game begins Various and sundry R&H Militia, Marauders, Enforcers, and Renegade Commanders mill about on my left flank before the game begins His knight bashes Deffy upside the head BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer responds and slices 15 wounds off the knight Azrath hacks 3 wounds off the knight with his Daemonic Axe And Deffy gleefully finishes off the knight, which promptly blows up in his face Elsewhere my Marauders hold up his assault walkers for 2 or 2 turns, "In it for the Money" is a fluffy and effective rule My 3rd Militia involved in a slapfest with a Vanguard Squad Azrath reaches the enemy line and then gets gunned down And Squad BloodTongued reaches the enemy line to also get gunned down While my sentinel, Renegade Commander Buzzsaw, and the remnants of Lobo's 2nd Militia Squad get chopped up by 4++ save troopers And my sentinel "Star of Chaos" which is still WIP gets bashed by Admech assault walkers It was a fun game and I learned stuff. My army was slaughtered to a man. My 8th Edition Chaos record is now 6 wins and 21 losses. I'm really enjoying using Daemon Engines and hordes of R&H so you'll see me bringing some sort of rendition of that to this year's OFCC. Take care, Tallarn Commander PS I'm working on some test color swatches for painting Deffy. He'll be green of some sort. I used oil paints for the first time on these swatches. Here is an image of my possible greens that I'm considering. And some closeups of the top 3 Panel 4 Panel 5 Panel 7 And the blue panel I will use on my R&H sentinels and Leman Russes Enjoy the photos!
  4. Oh, and here are some images from my team's (the Infil-traitors) dispay at last year's OFCC Team Tzeench Team Slaanesh Team Nurgle Team Khorne My army, Team Khorne, got slaughtered in all but 1 game, but I had a great time! Dave the Dreadnought learns that 2 Helbrute Fists are better than 1 The Thin Red Line faces the Thin Black Line Gaazkul smashes Azrath to the ground Rhino engines revving up before the game begins 888 the Blood Slaughterer eating some robots And my personal favorite image from the tournament, Azrath vs a sea of angry Black Templars Enjoy the photos!
  5. Hello all, My Chaos thread has been dormant for 9 months. I'm now ramping up for this August's OFCC. I'll be bringing Chaos Renegades and Heretics backed by Chaos Marine Daemon Engines (and possibly Bezerkers). In preparation, I've been slowly adding to my R&H horde. I finished up a batch of 9 Renegades this week, bringing my total collection to 141 troopers and 3 artillery. Here are some images of the 9 R&H troopers and a Plaguebearer (because R&H characters can summon!) that I just painted up: Some closeups... Chillgibber, from front Chillgibber, from rear The Cursemaster October Crank Witchmelt Yish Kenat Enjoy the pics!
  6. So here is what I'm thinking as a possible OFCC list: • Warband Origins One day long ago there was a lowly Adeptus Mechanicus enginseer on Mars by the name of Techpriest Hoth. While he was a loyal Imperial citizen, he did secretly object to some of the Imperium's more fascist tendencies. Then one day he came across a piece of paper written in unholy script. For some reason, Hoth could read it. He spoke the word "Azrath" aloud. Suddenly a horned daemon appeared and whispered promises of freedom and power. Hoth's journey upon the Dark Path had begun. NIGHT LORDS CSM BATTALION [889] HQ • Dark Techmagus Hoth, Chaos Warpsmith, power axe, meltagun, flamer • Valkia the Bloody, Chaos Sorcerer, Mark of Tzeench, jumppack, force sword Warpsmith Hoth teamed his Night Lords up with Dnegrah's Renegades & Heretics because he received a vision from the Dark Omnissiah. In the vision he joined with the Chaos Militia to consecrate dozens of Imperium-held worlds in blood. Sorceress Valkia aids Hoth because she is well paid in human sacrifices and tomes of power. TROOPS • Jarvak's Death Bats, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon • Batista's Sentry Killers Squad, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon • Hatred's Night Masques, 5 Chaos Marines, lascannon The Chaos Marines provide the warband with a tough, flexible core. FAST ATTACK • BloodLady, Blood Slaughterer, Mark of Khorne, pair of Slaughter Blades BloodLady scuttles towards the enemy eager to shed blood for the glory of Khorne. HEAVY SUPPORT • Deffy the Defiler with Defiler Claws and Battlecannon, Defiler Scourge, Reaper Autocannon • Mary the Maulerfiend, Maulerfiend fist, Mark of Nurgle, lasher tendrils Deffy and Mary are always in the vanguard of the assault competing to see who can get the most kills. CHAOS RENEGADES & HERETICS BATTALION, THE NOSTROMAN 9TH, "HELL'S HORDE" [1,108] HQ • Dneghra, Renegade Commander, powerfist • Buzzsaw, Renegade Commander, powerfist, plasma pistol Dnegrah has lead the Nostroman 9th Mercenary Company for decades. She travels the verse, selling her mercenaries' skills to any non-Imperium clients with enough coin. Dnegrah's ancestors were Nostroman nobility. They feared Curze but respected his ability to establish order. Buzzsaw is Dnegrah's lover. He won her affection through his devotion to Chaos and strict personal code of honor. ELITES • Nostramo, Enforcer, power sword • Garok, Enforcer, power sword • Greenklaw, Enforcer, powerfist • Rend's 3rd Squad, 5 Command Squad troopers, lascannon, command net vox • Madame Voodoo's 9th Squad, 8 Marauders, 2 plasma guns, power axe, plasma pistol • Charles' 10th Squad, 8 Marauders, 2 plasma guns, power axe, plasma pistol • Captain Zero's 11th Squad, 8 Marauders, 2 plasma guns, power axe, plasma pistol The enforcers use fear to keep the troops in line. The Command Squad troopers are veteran tank killers. The Marauders are wanton miscreants who excel at boarding operations. TROOPS • Sevatar's 1st Squad, 20 Cultists, icon, vox, 2 flamers • Lobo's 2nd Squad, 20 Cultists, icon, vox, 2 flamers • Kira's 3rd Squad, 20 Militia, 2 missile launchers, flamer • Emma's 7th Squad, 20 Mutant Rabble The Cultists, Militia, and Mutant Rabble are a diverse lot. Some fight for coin, some for Chaos, some fight against the fascist Imperium, and some fight for the sake of fighting. FAST ATTACK • Hound of Chaos, armored sentinel, lascannon Sentinels provide mobile antitank firepower to the Nostroman 9th. HEAVY SUPPORT • Blood Debt, Earthshaker carriage, 4 crew The artillery crew are traitor guard who now use their weapons against their former comrades. Total=1,997 points; 13 CP, 140 models (135 inf, 4 walkers, 1 artillery) My units fall into 1 of 4 categories: 1. The Buffers -Warpsmith and Sorceress: they are there for the buffs: handing out warptime, heals, and +2" movement thanks to the Soulforged Detachment. I might take a Master of Possession instead of a Sorceress and then burn a command point to swap one of my spells for Warptime. This would give me Cursed Earth, and a possible 4++ on my Daemon Engines seems hard to pass up. -3 Enforcers: these "Chaos Commissars" make R&H infantry units nearby effectively fearless. These are incredibly useful, at least until they get sniped off the board. Enforcer Garok fends off termagaunts 2. The Melee Damage Dealers -The Daemon Engines: they rush up the middle of the board and act as distraction carnifexes. They usually are dead by the bottom of Turn 2 or early in Turn 3 but they have usually brought down a knight or some other nasty units by then. BloodLady the Blood Slaughterer dines on robots 3. The Front Horde -86 little dudes and dudettes (24 Marauders, 2 Renegade Commanders, 40 Cultists, and 20 Mutant Rabble): they run up the flanks capping objectives, tarpitting, taking plasma potshots at things, and generally annoying the enemy. The Marauders usually do good work while everything else at least stops bullets. The cultist horde engulfs the foe 4. The Back Horde -The missile launcher Militia Squad with Enforcer, lascannon command squad, 3 small lascannon CSM squads, the Earthshaker, and the lascannon sentinel sit back on my objectives and send a decent amount of firepower downrange. Renegade Earthshaker Carriage crew member "Cuddles" takes a break This is a casual, fun sort of list that I enjoy using. I send the mass of insane cultists and sundry forward backed up by dino robots from hell and buffing characters. Meanwhile my firebase plinks away at the enemy. It doesn't win too much but it's always a blast to use and my opponents tell me it's fun to play against. What do ya'all think? PS I just noticed that my Renegades and Heretics battalion has 7 elites. Oops! But if I drop Valkia down to a Master of Possession that gives me enough points to add a 3rd Renegade Commander (Vicious pete). Then I can move some of those elites into a vanguard detachment.
  7. Looks like a nice list. I like how you managed to squeeze in a brigade. ☺️ I'm not a SM player so I don't know what I'm talking about but does your list have enough antitank?
  8. Nice list. If you drop 10 of your 20 Cultists you can give each of your objective-camping 3 CSM squads some autocannon or plasma gun oomph and you can give each of your 2 Zerker champs fists. I've found powerfists on Zerker champs, especially WE Zerker champs, to be solid gold. And the difference between 10 Cultists and 20 Cultists is minimal.
  9. Hello everyone, I'll definitely be bringing Chaos: 1. Some flavor of Chaos Marines with at one sorcerer for Warp Time and at least 3 Daemon Engines (Mary the Maulerfiend, Deffy the Defiler, and probably BloodLady the Bloodslaughterer). I've really been enjoying daemon engines lately. 2. Some flavor of Renegades and Heretics with at least 3 Marauder Squads (Madame Voodoo's 9th Squad, Charles 10th Squad, and The Abomination's 11th Squad). But it's too soon to say what else I'll bring. Here is a photo of my Marauders tearing apart Assault Terminators last month. 🙂
  10. Hi everyone, I just signed up! I'll be bringing about 1,050 points of Chaos Sorcerer Lord Hatred's Night Lords Detachment of Doooooom and about 950 points of Daemon Prince Azrath's Blood Path World Eaters warband. Let's see if I can break my Chaos Marines' 10-game losing streak! For your enjoyment, I've attached photos from last year of Hatred being eaten by Tyranid ripper swams and Azrath being hacked apart by Black Templars. 🙂
  11. What an incredibly creative way to use the Deathstrike missile bit! For many years now whenever I come across this item in my bitz box I think to myself, "I should probably use this somehow."
  12. Hello everyone, I've completed another step in my 2018 OFCC prep. I finished painting up Blood Lady and 888, my 2 Blood Slaughterers! Here are some pictures... Azrath, BloodLady, and 888 A Closeup of 888 A closeup of BloodLady And I got in my first test game with this list last month. It was my first time using a World Eaters force and, even though I lost, I had a blast. Here is a photo of an unpainted BloodLady facing of against some old-school screamer killer bugs. And in this photo Azrath and some Bezerkers glare at a Screamer Killer Carnifex before they rip it to shreds Here's a blurry photo of my entire army. You can find the list in our Infil-traitor team thread in the 40K section of the OFCC site Now I only have to paint up a World Eaters rhino, my display board, and 6 objective markers and then I'm ready for OFCC!
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