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  1. Cool, please sign me up!
  2. Do you have to have played in the league to play in this?
  3. Hi All, I am looking to get rid of a few armies I don't play anymore and I have a large cygnar lot that I would like to sell. Total at current prices this army is over 1400 MSRP, now I didn't pay retail for it and don't expect others to as well. The entire army is painted, except for two models that are unassembled and a group of devil dogs are partially painted. There are several multi part jack kits that are magnetized (2 ironclad kits, 1 avenger kit) and the whole thing comes in a battlefoam warmachine case. Also there is a hard pistol case with foam that house the stormstrider and
  4. I'm reading through it right now, seem pretty straight forward, but i'm excited to use some of my standard dnd minis.
  5. Anyone out there playing Rangers of Shadow Deep? It's from the same guy who made Frostgrave, I'd love to find someone to try the game out with, I've pick up the rulebook already and it seems pretty straight forward.
  6. @Inquisitor66 @Dark Trainer. You guys mind if I observe your game? I haven't played 8th yet and would like to check out a game.
  7. Crap I'm playing tau, so I should have said my bonding knife, but it doesn't sound as cool.
  8. First time it has ever happened to me, I even had shoved the bag under my passenger seat, oh well!
  9. 5th edition, also a small grey mini case. I looked around a bit, hoping they tossed everything out, but I didn't see anything.
  10. Not sure if anyone saw anything, but while throwing dice tonight someone broke into my car on 8th and salmon and snagged my dnd backpack. If you are leaving and see a bunch of dnd books or folders scattered around please let me know.
  11. I should be there around 445-5 for some KT.
  12. I'll be showing up for KT, but I'd also be interested in watching a 40K game since I haven't played since 4th edition. Either way bringing the KT!
  13. Ok looks like I won't be there for kt tonight
  14. I have a new Tau KT I'd love to break out.
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