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  1. Hey all, bundleofholding.com currently has a bundle of DRM-free pdfs of some of the Infinity RPG books. $9.95 gets the Core Rulebook, Adventures In the Human Sphere (10 missions), and the GM Screen & Code Infinity: Classified (charts, tables, 2 short adventures). Paying more than the threshold (currently $18.62) gets you the above + the Gamemaster's Guide, Ariadna Sourcebook, Haqq Sourcebook, and the Quantronic Heat mini-campaign. https://bundleofholding.com/presents/Infinity It's worth noting that this is not a complete set of current releases by far. Notably abse
  2. My friend Jeremy is interested in the remaining Enforcers gang if it is still available. He doesn't have a forum account so I'm posting on his behalf. Let me know how you want payment and when a good time to make the exchange would be and I will relay the info to him. He will be picking up and should be able to swing by Ordo on a Sunday if that works. If you would rather not make a deal with someone through someone else we totally understand. We are both familiar with the Ordo Infinity guys though who would (hopefully? 🤨) be willing to vouch for him if you are at all concerned.
  3. Omx8

    The Infinity Run

    Hello! Appreciate the callout. It looks like your Aleph are coming along nicely! Despite our lack of regular contact Jeremy and I are still around and check in on club activity here regularly. As far as gaming, I'm still pretty overwhelmed with school and Jeremy with work. We've worked in a few games over the past few months and are excited for all the latest news. With the Beasts of War campaign coming up, we've decided to take a little break until then and have been playing some Deep Madness instead. Still, we are hoping to make it to Rose City Raid to check it out from the sidelines a
  4. Excited for the new book! Spec Ops looks fantastic but the style of the HI feels similar to the Taskmaster and Kriza Borac which both already remind me of CA a little too much. I don't need the army + book bundle but would be happy to throw a reasonable amount of $ at someone for Saito if anyone is going all in and wouldn't mind parting with him.
  5. Omx8

    Pax's Infinity

    I don't play CA so I can't give much advice but it's worth mentioning that the Shasvastii, a sectorial of the Combined Army and also available to the main faction, are getting a complete overhaul this year including rules and models. You might want to hold off on picking any of them up until they start previewing the new models. Of course this also means many, if not all, of the old sculpts will be discontinued. So if you do like the current Shasvastii sculpts or decide you like them better than the new ones after seeing them, you may want to look into hunting them down. And it's the Ikad
  6. Omx8

    Ariadna dice?

    You can find the faction dice from the Op sets on Ebay sometimes. There's currently 1 listing for 3 Ariadna dice for just over $10 shipped from Spain. Not ideal but it's an option if you can't fins someone local and you're willing to pay that much.
  7. Omx8

    Infinity RPG

    I bought into the Infinity rpg (physical core + all pdfs) and have been wanting to get back into rpging. Unfortunately I have almost no free time right now. But if someone manages to get something going I would definitely be interested depending on time and such.
  8. Hooray, the order is here! So the other week I decided to start college while working full time so I am super busy lately and not sure when I'll be able to pick my stuff up. If you could hold on to them for a bit that'd be great. Once I get adjusted to my newly packed schedule I will try to find some time to get them and shoot you a message to make arrangements. And again, if anyone that got the full bundle doesn't want or is willing to sell the Dart Aristeia! card or Coldfront Wardriver, I am interested.
  9. 1) Do people like the venue? I think the venue is fine. It's unfortunate that it is a drive for some people and is apparently spendy to stay but it's a nice middle ground between the Portland area and Seattle area Infinity groups. 2) Is the multi game system tournament event a good thing or does it detract from the Infinity Event? I think it's good for a once-a-year event for the club to showcase some of the different types of games people play there. While I haven't played Warhammer in a long time I do still love the game and love seeing other people playing and their armies. I
  10. My plan was to be able to participate this year but other things happened and I still have nothing painted. But Jeremy and I should be there on Saturday for a little while to observe, chat and cheer people on. Looking forward to seeing you all there!
  11. So, sorry to dig this up but funny you had thrown me an @ because I had actually just been thinking about looking into these now that Jeremy and I have been playing again. I'm too late for this one but am considering September (depending on whether I go to RCCC that weekend or not) and beyond. What are the standard requirements for these - Unpainted ok? Entry fee? Anything else worth mentioning?
  12. Hello! If you don't mind I would like a Dart and the Aristeia! Poster! I'd also be interested in the exclusive Dart card that only comes with the bundle if someone would be willing to part with it. I would be willing to pay someone a little for it if they would like. And this one's a long shot but if for some reason someone doesn't want the Wardriver from the Coldfront set I would be willing to buy that from them. I can Paypal you the money tonight if you want to send me your account info. Thank you!
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    Riotgrrl Painting posted a live recording to facebook of the entire seminar - https://www.facebook.com/riotgrrlpainting/videos/903298376519161/ Also tons of pics taken and posted by Spud Spudlington to the WGC Infinity facebook group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/WGCInfinity/search/?query=adepticon seminar spud Lots of exciting stuff!
  14. Friend and I are really interested in this but still mulling it over. We're both a little hesitant about collecting yet another miniature game army we may not have much play time for. The sculpts feel a little off and there's always the concern of things getting stale quickly when there are only 2 factions. But Star Wars ground battles! I'd be interested in seeing how the game plays but don't think I'll be able to make it to a demo this weekend. I'm going to at least try to check out the rules and/or a Let's Play video sometime soon anyway.
  15. I would really like to do this but not sure if I can commit. I will try to show up for a few weeks but probably won't make tomorrow.
  16. Omx8


    From the video posted by Beasts of War today - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PVE2xVxYBs The Uprising book will contain Druze, JSA, and 2 new Non-Aligned Armies: Ikari Company and Starco, Free Company of the Star. JSA, Starco, and Ikari troop types, AVA and Fireteam options can be seen in this image here - https://imgur.com/a/SMow0 posted to Reddit Troop types with SPECIAL listed under Fireteams in the image are allowed to have mixed Fireteams with other troop types specific to each. This is nothing new but is apparently going to be a pretty big thing with these new Non-Aligne
  17. Omx8


    Oh wow, a new book! As much as I'm excited for JSA I'm even more excited for that. Maybe now Joel has something to be excited about too. Those JSA models are nice and look like they'll fit in well with the current models. I was a little worried they might not. I like the Brawler as well though not what I was picturing. Looks like it's going to be an expensive month for me!
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    Welp, it's official:
  19. Omx8


    Of course that could be all wrong and this is just a Yu Jing JSA Sectorial box release with fancy new models and a few new troop types to round out the current JSA Sectorial. But I'm hoping for, and from what I've read the propaganda is hinting at, a split of some kind. After reading over the official forum thread I realized I completely missed the weapon the cat helmet rider is holding in the pic. That makes the Durarara!! inspiration even more obvious: And I can't believe I didn't catch it but, also mentioned on the official forum thread - the Ryuken Unit-9 in the lower left c
  20. Omx8


    Cat helmet biker possibly (probably) inspired by Durarara!! manga/anime character: So I believe it's rumored with this release that JSA is breaking off from Yu Jing and will be their own faction, with popular opinion placing them under the new Non-Aligned Armies banner. Assuming Vanilla Yu Jing will keep most, if not all, JSA units or CB would have to deal with Vanilla Yu Jing players stuck with models they could no longer use. The NA2 JSA faction will probably also have all or most of the old JSA units, possibly (hopefully) with new options like some of the pre-existing
  21. Omx8


    I am also excited about it. Assuming you are talking about what I think you're talking about. And even if you weren't, I would probably still be excited about it. But I am definitely excited about what I'm talking about. Isn't this officially being announced next week?
  22. There are 3 size classes of ships: * Small (X-Wings, TIE Fighters, etc.) - basically the stuff that comes in blisters with a few exceptions * Large (YT-1300, Firespray, Lambda Shuttle, etc.) - boxes * Huge (Corellian Corvette, Rebel Transport, etc.) - big boxes The Small ships (of course) and the Large ships fit into 100 point games and are completely legal in any type of play. The Huge ships are only used as centerpieces in a mission-based scenario specific to each ship that is included with the ship or in Epic Play which is basically a scaled up version of the game that s
  23. The Most Wanted Expansion Pack is basically the Scum starter set. It was the introduction of the Scum faction into the game and provides a few Scum-themed ships as well as Scum ship cards for two other ships that already existed in the game at the time so that you can play those ships as Scum faction ships. I've also seen the Guns for Hire Expansion Pack recommended as another good Scum starting point. Neither of these include the basics that you will need to play though like dice, movement templates, a damage deck, etc. Some of that can be purchased individually like dice and movem
  24. So I really hate to do this but I am not going to make it. I woke up early this morning sick with a nasty bug. I apologize for the lack of notice. I was hoping to shake it in time which is why I've waited 'til the last minute but I'm still not feeling well enough to come out. I'm pretty bummed because I was really looking forward to participating in this. I do hope everyone else has a good time though, and good luck!
  25. I had a lot of fun as well! I think I might take a bit of a break after Rampage though. I should probably get some painting done at some point. Nice! I'm definitely interested in trying this out if we could arrange a game sometime.
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