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  1. 1) Do people like the venue? - Yes, but I stayed at the much cheaper hotel down the street with a free hot breakfast :) If I wanted cheaper drinks I just went across the street and got beer named after scary dragons. (If you didn't have a Shimmer Gloom you missed out) 2) Is the multi game system tournament event a good thing or does it detract from the Infinity Event? - I like seeing all the other games and having stuff to watch between games. 3) Do you like narrative event or ITS events? - I think its all the same to me. 4) Is the painting requirement a barrier? - No, it makes
  2. Got my tickets! Now lets see if I can survive three days of non stop gaming!
  3. Sounds like a party! I'll be headed back from Astoria that day but unless there's crazy traffic I should make it. I'll probably need lunch and beer before hand if anyone is around and wants to munch with me. 503-910-4412.
  4. Are you still going to do this? Because I could make some time for that. :)
  5. I wish but I'm working! I will DEFINATELY see you next week though!
  6. See you tonight to make up for me dying yesterday
  7. Andy just showed me how to register online and I feel so damn official now!
  8. Unfortunately I’m on vacation in Seattle this weekend, otherwise this event is just what I need! 😢 sorry fellas.
  9. I better come play again before I forget how. :) See you there!
  10. Amen! Thank you so much for an amazing day of fun, food and friends! I can’t thank everyone enough for helping me along the way to learn this killer game! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
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