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  1. It was my birthday present from my wife for my 40th. But he can be if the price is right.
  2. So, the time has come to let my extra armies go. I am not quite looking for trades at this time unless it is in my favor and is a complete army. The whole army is based in a color shifting teal to purple. Priority will be given to N.O.S. boxed items for armies first. If complete army sells I will include a complete set of Battle Foam. a full 1520 bag full. I am located in oregon City. 1 web way portal 1 wraith knight with suncannon and shield 1 wraith knight with 2 guns 1 crimson hunter, primed black, no canapy and no pilot head. 1 war walker 3 wraithhlords 1 baharroth, primed black 5 swooping hawks, painted teal with pearl on wings 5 wraith guard with d cannons 5 wraith guard with swords 10 wraith guard with axes 5 warp spiders, primed black 5 warp spiders, primed black 20 guardians 1 warlock conclave 1 eldrad 1 exach with swooping hawk wings, primed black 3 vipers 3 faseers 9 windriders weapons are magnetized 1 windrider farseer weapons are magnetized 2 fire prisms 1 death spinner 2 falcon 1 warp hunter 1 bonesinger 1 eldar lynx with both weapons magnetized 1 avatar of khaine but the spear is broken, forgeworld one.
  3. Looking to buy a Fortress of Redemption, looking for unbuilt hopefully,
  4. Please let me know if you still have this.
  5. I have a Space Marine HQ Command Tank that i got from Warhammer in Nottingham. I am looking to either sell or trade for unpainted nos orks. I am in Oregon City.
  6. Hello, I am looking for some Primaris Inceptors. They can be from the DI box. Just prefer unpainted. Can be built. Located in Oregon city, but can meet in Portland. Thank you.
  7. Hello everyone, I am looking for the Primaries side of the Dark Imperium box. It will be for myself and my son to play. Also looking for space marines, hopefully not put together. I am new so saving money for me is key right now. I am in Oregon City but can meet also in se portland.
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