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  1. Hey, I am a relatively new CA player with the Ohio guys, and I am beginning to try some fireteams in the morat sectorial. One fireteam I have been using is the Daturazi fireteam core, which is composed of extremely impetuous models. My question is, can I use the impetuous order that is produced by each of them to activate the fireteam? Looking at the rules on fireteams, it says they are activated by a regular order, but the models in the fireteam have to spend the impetueous order since they are extremely impetuous. Using impetuous orders isn't listed as ways a fireteam can break. Does an
  2. Hey there. My name is Walker, and for the past year and a half I have been playing Warhammer with the guys in Ohio led by Sean, or Xaiver on here. But more recently, since many 40k factions don't have codecies, we've been doing infinity escalation leagues. After going through a couple, I feel I have began to understand the basis of the tactics for the game (though with a game like this I can always improve there), but I am pretty unsure about list construction for my faction, Combined Army. I can't decide whether to run the Onyx Sectorial and go without smoke, or to run base CA and go wi
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