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  1. John and I are playing our game 6 next Tuesday.
  2. I will be there between 4:30 and 5 to play @Bosco
  3. I would love to play and will with the traditional schedule. I would have to bow out unfortunately with the aggressive schedule though.
  4. Are the street ball build and rules going to be posted up ahead of time?
  5. I am up for a Super League run. I am always up for 7's. I can't do the weekly Human League comment, but am always up for more Blood Bowl.
  6. Our match will be played next Tuesday.
  7. Damien and I are playing tomorrow night as well.
  8. Ziggens


    Looking for a friendly tomorrow night, Tuesday game night. I am also up for Wednesday or Thursday. Thank you, Mike
  9. Amazing is all I can say. I am blown away. I am very excited to field these vertically challenged players.
  10. Hey Bosco, I would love to have played, but Damien got hold of me first for Tuesday. My next match is out of town next week, so I would be up for a Friendly then if you are not busy. Mike
  11. I am hoping to set up a Friendly Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday this week. I don't have a regular game, but am in town and want to throw some dice. Let me know if you are interested. Mike
  12. I am looking to play a friendly either tomorrow. My schedule is pretty flexible so let me know if you are interested. I could also possibly play a game in the afternoon Tuesday. Thank you, Mike
  13. I am completely excited about my first team. Sorry for giving you such a bear of a team to deal with. I greatly appreciate it. I love the worn battle scared, just weathered outdoor idea you were talking about.
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