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  1. Looking to unload my Tau army. Can provide pictures on request. Shipping not included in prices. Happy to meet up locally for in person deals if you are in the Portland OR area. Tau: DRONES $6 for one drone with gun upgrades, $10 for two drones with gun upgrades. I have other drone upgrades that I have listed. Buy all 33 drones and I’ll throw in all the other pieces for free. All pieces are new and carefully removed from sprue. 33x drone bodies 37x gun drone upgrades $1.00 each 10x shield drone upgrades $1.00 each 6x guar
  2. If you're going to magnetize your Crisis suits I would suggest getting a pin vise when you order the drill bits/magnets. It's a low cost tool that will make life a whole lot easier as far as magnetizing miniatures are concerned.
  3. The work bench I made but the paint racks I found on amazon. Go on there and search for nail polish racks. Not intially designed for citadel/Vallejo paints but it works perfect for them.
  4. I saw this post on Bartertown and since I'm sure most of us peruse eBay and the trading sites pretty regularly I thought I would share it in case whoever stole it attempted to sell/trade it. Here's a link to the original post : https://www.bartertown.com/trading/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=307893
  5. I get it. Went to WOW for the first time yesterday so I'm still pretty new to everything going on here. It really seems like a fun list to run.
  6. @WestRider Sounds like that would be a really fun list to run! I was reading on the new assassin rules and could see where a handful of culexus assassins in the front line could make shooting anything off the table really difficult. How did the list work after the TO threw out the character rule?
  7. Finally getting around to setting up my new hobby work space. Still waiting on my third paint rack and currently building a second work bench to give me more space so it's still very much a WIP but here's a picture of it in its current state.
  8. That's pretty rad. Really unfluffy but I can see where it would be much more efficient. Seems odd that they are no longer a one per army unit. Recently listened to the audio drama 'Assassinorum:The Emperors Judgement' and its description of a eversor was just ridiculous. I'd recommend it if you dig audiobooks.
  9. Haha not a bad idea! The vindicare was one of my favorite models when I was younger and I remember using him a lot in casual games. Always really enjoyed the imperial assassins atheistic and their fluff. Do you ever run any of the assassins in 8th?
  10. I think I'm going to swing by the clubhouse tonight after work and make an appearance. I'll be the 6'5" guy with red hair and tattoos so I shouldn't be to hard to spot lol. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone! @paxmiles In that case whenever I start playing games I'll have to talk up that one random shield drone as the only model in my army that I like! I was pretty young back then but I actually remember the vindicare assassin being a model that people wanted off the board in 4th ed, only because I used to run one with my DA.
  11. Is this a really a common occurrence? @andozane Haha, right on! I'm glad I made a solid housing/location choice. @DisruptiveConduct Thanks for the invite! What would be a good time to show up?
  12. Thanks for the welcome everyone. It makes sense that their survivability would be circumstantial depending on what they're going up against. I have a Knight and recently acquired a storm surge. It would be a shame If such awesome models weren't viable options. Any tricks to help the large walkers stay alive against lascannon (or their equivalent) heavy armies? @andozane I've got a place in NE Portland. I'm approximately a 5-7 minute drive from GG and pretty much within walking distance of The Portland Game Store.
  13. Thanks for the recommendations, Pestilence. I'll be sure to give them a look. GG sounds rad. Back in FL beer hammer seemed exclusive to house games or after hours at the FLGS. Woah. I commend you sir. That's a pretty impressive list of grimdark goodness. How do the Knights fair in 8th edition for you? I keep seeing posts that seem to suggest that large walkers/monstrous creatures are having a hard time staying alive in this edition.
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