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  1. Thanks this is really helpful and I will use this for building my list
  2. Sorry i must have skimmed over the part that you don't have the tau codex
  3. Ya for the first answer and ok for the second one but I am having troule with what I should do for a 500 point army it also doesn't show the stimulal injector in the support systems list
  4. Ok thanks and I have the 8th edition codex right now
  5. I am looking for legal weapons and witch are the best. But no I don' have a normal opponent yet. My friend is getting necrons in sometime October.
  6. And I am plannng on getting some bigger models like the stormsurge
  7. Thanks Lord Hanaur for that information but I am a little new to the game and I think that will be very helpful but I can you give me some tips for a new player
  8. I am having troble figgering out what weapons I can use on my VX6 crisis battlesuits can someone help me.
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