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  1. It should be uploaded now. player 4 has MB instead ok guard
  2. Thank you for your quick response. My teams are submitted. On my 7's roster, its going to look like I had a treasury of 690K, but I only used 600K. I had to fiddle with treasury amounts to make my roster make sense as my supply of painted models is limited =D
  3. A lot has changed. I still have my Astrogranite pitch somwhere!
  4. Elves are going to be scary. I thought about playing an elf team, but then found my man pants and put them back on =D
  5. Thank you! Also, I wan to reserve a copy or 2 of the 7's pitch and Von Squid if they are for sale. Will obtaining them be an issue? And I may need help with skill markers at the event, I have small and large and rectangle bases, im thinking about just applying some paint to the base next to the numbers, would that work? I'm so stoked for this weekend!!!
  6. Hey, probably a giant idiot here, but I cannot seem to figure out how to upload my lists for seven seas or the main tournament. any help would be appreciated!!
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