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  1. I think I will try invincible army just for kicks.
  2. I would be down with Blackstone Fortress.
  3. I should be there, and blister exchange seems fun
  4. I can do some 40k, how many pts you had in mind?
  5. Anyone up for a game of 40k or Kill Team?
  6. Deadly Prey: Cheesy 80's direct to video action. Outstanding, heartily recommend seeing it with friends. Extra enjoyment to be had if beers are involved.
  7. What does: 3 points for killing for army points. mean?
  8. I can play on thursday or friday if you want.
  9. I'm not free Tuesday, but I could play tomorrow at GG or someplace else.
  10. Sry I'm bad with names, who was offering to sell the Yu-Jin models? What was the model list etc...?
  11. I will be there, though I might be there at 3:30ish
  12. I'm heading out now. I also need the last 2 weeks of Kill team.
  13. Forward Observers and Medics count as Specialists yes?
  14. meh, just move the front and back line and push the mob up in the middle.
  15. I'm the guy who was there to watch last week. I should be able to play this week if you don't mind showing me the ropes...and getting a free win out of the deal.
  16. I will actually be able to make it today, I'll bring some kill team stuff and maybe some models to put together
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