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  1. I think I'll stick with battlescribe till the app improves.
  2. Can you give a run down on how campaigns work in Warcry? I'll probably be down to participate with my unmade.
  3. Guardian games has all the Infinity stuff other than the big boxes on sale for 50% of if you are looking for somthing.
  4. If you want to use 9th ed pts I can reduce my point total by 13% grey knights got a pretty even points increase.
  5. Sorry, I already made plans for tonight, I will definitely be there next tuesday with my warband.
  6. If 9th points are out by then let's go with those. I'm gonna use whatever is in battlescribe that afternoon.
  7. I have tried out a bit, want to go for a 750 points so we can nail down the terrain rules?
  8. I my grey knights are down for a wizard duel, how many points would you like?
  9. You don't see value in one of other 2 being able to contest a backfield objective by murderafieing something on charge?
  10. I'll be there, probably gonna throw down with grey knights...need to practice with chaplains and new psyker powers. I have the core rules printed up and a separate sheet with all the bullet points collected. I don't have terrain or missions printed out yet.
  11. I'll take a marine half as well now that I think about it.
  12. Reducing model backlog. Fairly sizable Yu Jing force. Lots of flexibility. I can meet at the club or guardian. $95 for the whole lot or make an offer for the whole or bits. 4x robots 1x big mech and pilot 7x shashi 2x ninja, 1 has missing arms 5x drop troops 2x engineers + 2 small bot 3x sniper looking dudes in cloaks 1x reporter 3x mercenary looking chaps 10x big dudes in power armor 1x suntzu 1x hey weapon platform 1x transforming cat bot, 1x of each form
  13. I'm down for some crusade at some point, maybe August or September as a start depending on rule availability.
  14. I ended up getting busy, can't make it today
  15. They have directly supported small games with dedicated missions, so probably better than previous editions. And by small I mean 500 pts.
  16. Don't rotate the turret
  17. Rotating the turret does still count as moving the tank
  18. You measure the difference between the start and end point, you ca. Spin the turret around 10x as long as the tip is within 10 inches of where it started before you moved.
  19. Godbound has very good rules for defining, running conflicts and having these conflicts ed evolve all quickly and easily in s way that players can interact with. This section of the rules is pretty system neutral too.
  20. I meant 9th edition 40k, sorry I don't have anywhere close to enough fantasy miniatures
  21. I should be there. Got 40k and the 9th edition rules all printed out.
  22. I noticed 2 things. 1. Engagement range is now .5 inch instead of 1 inch, this will dramatically reduce the number of models that can fight. 2. There is no mention of an increased engagement range for vehicles and monstrous creatures. Especially vertically, so I don't see a fix here for carnifexes unable to attack dudes hiding on high levels of ruins or within dense ones.
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