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  1. It does stop these big dudes from being in patrol level games....unless they go solo..which will be awsome
  2. I can do some warcry and catch my game at 6 if you like
  3. I've been in deep deep withdrawal. 🤯
  4. Going with this list....it seems that it is not only the guard who are being tested.... ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Astra Militarum) [42 PL, -3CP, 698pts] ++ + Configuration + Regimental Doctrine: Astra Millitarum, Lord's Approval, Wilderness Survivors + Stratagems + Imperial Commander's Armoury [-1CP]: 1 additional Heirloom of Conquest + No Force Org Slot + Inquisitor Coteaz [4 PL, -1CP, 90pts]: 4) Mental Interrogation, Malleus - Power Through Knowledge, Stratagem: Inquisitorial Mandate + HQ + Company Commander [2 PL, 30pts]: C
  5. Stratagems effect units. 1 large squad benefits a lot more from a stratagem than many small ones.
  6. I can stay till 830 fir a short game. Ish, you will be facing the might of the imperial guard backed up by the inquisition!!! I.e. You will have lots of weak dudes for your immortal gods of battle to cut through
  7. I mean, their word kinda is law....they literally write the rulebook 😗
  8. I plan to show up. I'll be down for some 40k and or warcry
  9. I think they are just trying to get rid of giant single line snakes of men, now you double 2 column snakes, halving or .66 length lines. Giant blobs should be uneffected.
  10. Yeah. Be great to have a full playable army off a single box
  11. I think you are gonna be running late...several days late....the Tuesday thread got bumped higher than sunday
  12. I dunno, I dunno, you'll have 3 units, most of the preview patrols had 4. Since you don't need to squat on the objectives seems you'll have a decent shot.
  13. Looks like you can do your custodes combat patrol!
  14. I anticipate that terror troops type rolls will give -1 to combat attrition as opposed to leadership now.
  15. I'll hit you up next time I can make sunday. I have a warcry warband and a small slaves to darkness force.
  16. I collected a small aos force over covid, and I could use a tutorial game to figure out how this game works.
  17. I will be having a game of 40k with a new attendee who goes by "not an inquisitor". I may be able to get there a little early to help with cleaning and new procedures.
  18. Ah, nice, that 3 inch addition will make it feel much better
  19. How do the rules previewed differ from the current rules for targeting purposes?
  20. It says normal shooting attack, I assume this needs LOS
  21. Meh, most armies that relied on charging had ways to ignore overwatch. Maybe now they won't feel compelled to take those options and I'll get to use overwatch a little.
  22. They might do better ecenomically with people buying more smaller armies, and a lower bar to entry.
  23. Looks like 9th will drop around when we can open the club. I didn't expect that my game in March would be my last game of 8th...ironic that it was a tutorial game😑
  24. Don't forget all the air planes!
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