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  1. August is over, so you can give your lieutenants a break from being so aggressive! Congrats to Kevin for being selected by random.org and thanks to all of our participants! Mission 024 Report: Aggressive Lieutenants With N4 just around the corner, we're going to see a lot of changes! To get us in the mindset to learn new stuff, try out your favorite opponent's army in an ARMY SWAP! Mission 025: Army Swap Don't forget about the Bromad Academy painting contest! Painting Contest 003 - Lieutenants
  2. I don't actually play all that much electronically these days, but i can definitely help you set up a game. Are you on the discord server? https://www.cascadiainfinity.com/ I'm about to get slammed by work, so I won't have a huge amount of time in the near future, but I can help you get something sorted for you. @ me on the discord server, and we'll see what happens.
  3. Well, Rose City Raid isn't happening this year, but here are a bunch of lists that people would have taken! Mission 023 Report: Lists in Context Time to use your lieutenant without a safety net in August's mission! Write in to report@bromadacademy.com for a chance to win a blister or patch! Mission 024: Aggressive Lieutenants
  4. Had a good game of Countermeasures, OSS versus Bakunin using N3 + Code One rules. A and B Lead to C
  5. Well, Code One is for teaching, so I played a teaching game with one of our new locals, using TTS. Much easier to do that with newer folks than play my ridiculous remote gaming setup for social distancing. See the full writeup with analysis below! Do-Learn with Demons
  6. 2020 Quarter 3 Bromad Academy Painting Contest is live! Theme is Lieutenants. Happy Painting! Painting Contest 003 - Lieutenants With Rose City Raid 2020 canceled, Adam and I missed an opportunity to torture all the attendees with a punishing mission lineup and terrain heavy tables! We're bringing the pain to you now for July's Bromad Academy mission, so if you fancy a list building challenge, make lists that you would've taken to RCR and be entered to win prizes! See the link for details! Mission 023: Lists in Context
  7. Thanks to our respondents for June's Bromad Academy mission on Forward Observer bots! I'll let them speak for themselves, they had great responses! Mission 022 Report - Forward, Observer!
  8. Thanks to all of our painters who submitted an entry for the Code One Painting Contest! We'll be going over all the entries July 7th, 8:30PM US Pacific Time on The Dice Abide LIVE on Twitch! Until then, here are the entries! Painting Entries 002 - Code One
  9. Time to say goodbye to N3 with a playthrough of Campaign Paradiso... a full edition late! Join @TheDiceAbide and I on our journey through the narrative campaign! Campaign Paradiso: Prologue 01
  10. Had a great game with physical OSS models for the first time. I do some light discussion of pacing in the battle report as well. Ye Old Yadu
  11. May is over, and so is the Code One feedback mission (but NOT the painting contest, which will go on through the end of June). We had some really detailed feedback this month, so go have a look! Mission 021 Report - Code One June's Bromad Academy mission is to take a Forward Observer bot (aka the Specialist Operative bot in Code One). We'll be running the Code One painting contest through the end of June as well! Details in the link! Mission 022 - Forward, Observer!
  12. Whelp, got a game of Unmasking in with @thediceabide using my silly remote tabletop setup. He's started Bakunin! One of us! One of us! I Ran so Farzan
  13. Took O-12 for their shakedown cruise in my first game of Code One! It's a good time. I'm LOVING the changes to Spotlight. Game One, Code One
  14. Just got my first game of Code One in at 15 points. Very reminiscent of N3 Recon+. I enjoyed it, and you can read about in the battle report below! She's the Law CB has knocked it out of the park in terms of making a great teaching tool!
  15. Yeah, once you see the ARO system, it's REALLY hard to go back to other game systems. Welcome aboard!
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