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  1. Some Infinity Academy articles for new players, check 'em out below! Building a List Example Game
  2. HeadChime and I have launched Infinity the Academy, which we intend to be a one stop shop for people to learn the game. Feel free to link people to it, and we're definitely open for feedback! Infinity the Academy
  3. Itching for a game and bragging rights? Look no further than the new Spring 2021 PWN the PNW Infinity TTS league! SIGN UP HERE! Details Entry Fee: It’s free! Skill Level: This is a fun league, for players of all skill levels. Round Length: 2 weeks/round League Length: 4 rounds (8 weeks), Feb 7th to April 4th Points, Lists, and Maps: 300 points, no ITS specials, you may tailor your list to each mission, and choose whatever map you like (although we will suggest one).
  4. Thanks to all our respondents for January's Bromad Academy mission! As always, we’ll be announcing the winner on the next Late Night Wargames! Mission 029 Report - New Year, New Leaf Well, it's the second month, so let's think about the second turn! Come up with a solid plan for Turn 2 in a game, and execute on it! Mission 030: Turn Two Planning
  5. Having a fun time with Spiral in Unmasking. Kiiutan Boarding Klaxon
  6. More Power Pack studying. I went first this time. Tough fight. Check it out! Quagmire of Kaplan
  7. Happy New Year from Bromad Academy! Thank you to our respondents from the Kauyon Deployment mission! Mission 028 Report: Kauyon Deployment For January 2021, it's a New Year, so let's turn over a New Leaf! Try some profiles we haven't tried before! Mission 029: New Year, New Leaf!
  8. Thank you to all our respondents for the Stealth painting competition! Feel free to share your beautiful work on social media, and we'll announce winners on the next Late Night Wargames! Painting Contest 004 Entries - Stealth! 2021 Quarter 1 theme: paint a TAG model! Painting Contest 005 - TAG, You're It!
  9. Well, a very silly game of Frontline: Yu Jing versus IA. Have a look! Mistaken Identity
  10. What happens when you take max AVA impersonators in Tohaa? QUACKERY! Quackery of Kiiutan
  11. Got a practice game in for Clint (pseudonymmster) of Supremacy. His Haqq versus my White Company. Nokk 'em Out!
  12. Had a fun game of Mindwipe, Tohaa versus Invincible Army, while on vacation, versus the indefatigable Tim (Chainsaw). Check it out below! A Game of Inches
  13. Another game with Tohaa, this time versus Svalarheima in Unmasking! Silent but Deadly Do you guys want images here in the thread? Trying it out.
  14. Had to redeem myself and my artichokes after forgetting about mirrorball last game, so I threw down in a game of Firefight against @TheDiceAbide 's Combined. Three the Crits
  15. Had an interesting game of Tohaa versus Combined in Countermeasures with lots of Pheroware usage... just not all the right ones at the right times... A Neapolitan of Farts
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