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  1. Here's my tournament report! Raindog's Rampage 2019 Tournament Report Thanks to everyone who showed up, my opponents, and especially @Raindog and @Exile for running the thing!
  2. It's been a year already since the last Raindog's Rampage run by the eponymous @Raindog. I took double Karakuri JSA last time, this time I took FRRM with 4 Chasseurs and Mirage-5. What could go wrong? Raindog's Rampage 2019 Tournament Report
  3. December has rolled around, and it's time to balance work, family, and the holiday rush! Why not balance your combat groups as well!? Play a 13-15 order list, split the combat groups evenly (7-6, 7-7, 8-7), and write in to report@bromadacademy.com for a chance to win a blister or a Bromad Academy patch! Mission 016 - Balancing Act
  4. November's a busy month! Here are three deployment examples to tie up our month on deployment exercises. Mission 015 Report: Mise en Place
  5. Back from my trip to Denver, Colorado! Managed to sneak in a game between work obligations, ForCo versus O-12. Really enjoyed meeting the Denver meta folks! Cops and Robolts
  6. Took Foreign Company out for a spin, trying a split combat group list archetype (6-7 orders per group) against TAK. I dig it. Foreign Company Intervention
  7. Why take one AD troop when you could take three? Bakunin versus O-12, Capture and Protect. Delta Delta Everywhere
  8. Looking likely for me as well, so put me down for a tentative yes!
  9. November's mission: Deploy, play the first turn, take notes, and do it all again! Pair up with a newer player (or a pro if you're new) to help each other work through tough deployment decisions and see how they play out on the table! As always, write in to report@bromadacademy.com for a chance to win blisters and patches! Mission 015: Location Location Location
  10. Here's day 2! Huge thank you to the organizers for putting on the most chill tournament I've ever been to! Ragnarok 2019 - Day 2
  11. Drove up to Vancouver, BC for Ragnarok, 2019! Here's the first day of battle reports: Ragnarok 2019 - Day 1
  12. I have pretty limited experience against ALEPH, so @thediceabidewas all to happy to give me a game against his Steel Phalanx. Disappointed Daoying Mission: Hunting Party Forces: Yu Jing versus Steel Phalanx
  13. Our LGS bought a narrative tournament pack, the one with Victor Messer and the limited edition Guija, so we ran a tournament to share the wealth! The narrative tournament itself has some pretty crazy rules. Thankst o @PaladinX and @xammy for some great games! ITS Xenotech: Narrative Tournament Report
  14. Game two from the same game night as above. @thediceabide needed a game on Jiyuan Open Pit Intruder Ops Mission: Quadrant Control (Operations Hub) Forces: Corregidor versus Ikari
  15. Asteroid Blues Phase Two started for me with some... trouble? on ALEPH's node... ALEPH Core Crushing Mission: Looting and Sabotaging (The Passageways) Forces: Corregidor versus Ikari
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