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  1. New Great game versus Adam's Steel Phalanx with my O-12 in the new Mindwipe mission! Comes down to the Razor edge! Hehehe. Scrambled Brains
  2. Here's the next one! SPACE KNIGHTS AND SPACE SAMURAI? Check out this game of JSA versus MO on a space station in an electrical storm (Biotechvore)! Unnecessary Sacrifices
  3. Not my finest work playing Ramah, but if you want to see Haqqislam do its thing, check this game out! Nahab Gonna Happen
  4. Well, it was finally time to put my "new" Combined on the table. Turns out that Sepsitor + Plasma is just a whole new level of face punching in the Armory. Thanks to @thediceabide for taking it like a champ! Melting Morats
  5. So long to October and thanks for all the N4 battle reports! Join us on Tuesday, Nov 3rd, 2020 at 8:30 PM Pacific on Late Night Wargames to see us announce the winner of October's mission! If you want to have a look at the battle reports, click the link below! Mission 026 Report: Get Your N4 On! Time to stick the landing with Airborne Deployment for the November Bromad Academy mission! Mission 027: Maximum Diplomacy
  6. It's all about the companies! Here's a game of Foreign Company versus Dahshat Company in Capture and Protect! For Dahshat's Sake!
  7. Had an interesting game of White Company versus @Zelaponeepus's quasi-Druze which ticked a ton of boxes--guided missiles, TAG close combat, possessed TAGs, super jump schenaigans, and more! Weird Company versus Scarface
  8. Game 2 of N4! Tunguska versus Pano in Unmasking. Interesting game, I never thought I'd scare PanO into not really getting into serious pew pew... Calling a Bluff
  9. For the month of October, get in a game of N4 and tell us what you think about some of the new mechanics! Mission 026: Get your N4 on! Also, if you can't get a game in, the 2020 Quarter 4 painting contest is live! The theme is any model with stealth! Painting Contest 004: Stealth!
  10. Thanks to all of our Army Swap mission respondents and to all of the talented painters who submitted their painted Lieutenants to the Bromad Academy 2020Q3 painting contest! Mission 025 Report: Army Swap Please share your wonderful painted models with the world! @TheDiceAbide and I will announce the winner of the painting contest on the Late Night Wargames show on 10/6/2020! Painting Contest Submissions 003: Lieutenants
  11. First game of N4, my Nomads versus @thediceabide's Shasvastii in Supplies! Lots of changes, lots of fun! I am very happy with where the game is now, especially where Nomads are at! N4 Brings the Rain
  12. August is over, so you can give your lieutenants a break from being so aggressive! Congrats to Kevin for being selected by random.org and thanks to all of our participants! Mission 024 Report: Aggressive Lieutenants With N4 just around the corner, we're going to see a lot of changes! To get us in the mindset to learn new stuff, try out your favorite opponent's army in an ARMY SWAP! Mission 025: Army Swap Don't forget about the Bromad Academy painting contest! Painting Contest 003 - Lieutenants
  13. I don't actually play all that much electronically these days, but i can definitely help you set up a game. Are you on the discord server? https://www.cascadiainfinity.com/ I'm about to get slammed by work, so I won't have a huge amount of time in the near future, but I can help you get something sorted for you. @ me on the discord server, and we'll see what happens.
  14. Well, Rose City Raid isn't happening this year, but here are a bunch of lists that people would have taken! Mission 023 Report: Lists in Context Time to use your lieutenant without a safety net in August's mission! Write in to report@bromadacademy.com for a chance to win a blister or patch! Mission 024: Aggressive Lieutenants
  15. Had a good game of Countermeasures, OSS versus Bakunin using N3 + Code One rules. A and B Lead to C
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