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  3. Bakunin Overview and Purchase Guide
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  5. Check out all these AWESOME paint jobs that people sent in of their conversions! Painting Entries 007 - Conversions The next quarter's theme is DIORAMAS! Painting Contest 008 - Dioramas Happy painting!
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  9. Closing in on having put all the factions on the table... Steel Phalanx was the latest! Send in the Frowns
  10. Doing some more testing of the HGBTS v0.3 secondary objectives! Tim the Tank Man
  11. Whelp, I wasn't supposed to play at the Rose City Raid but our ringer was indisposed for Round 1! I borrowed some models and put some Not Hot Garbage on the table! What the Hector
  12. Thanks to all our August participants Mission 003 Report The Heavy Gear Force Compendium changes are here! Let's give them a go! Mission 004: Force Compendium Changes
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