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  1. Thanks to CB and their support for Late Night Wargames, @thediceabide got a review copy of the Military Orders Action pack! We just had to put it on the table: Paracommando SAS
  2. Here's the next Intermediate topic for Infinity the Academy: Camouflage! Introduction to Camouflage!
  3. Footslogging in the 62nd Century
  4. Thanks to all our respondents this month! Stay tuned to Late Night Wargames to see who won! Mission 032 Report: Over Infiltration May's Bromad Academy mission is all about Coordinated Orders! Mission 033: Coordinated Orders
  5. Caprice versus a Mammoth! Shot from the Rock
  6. @Zagdag's back with another Monday Heavy Gear article! The perennial underdogs bring guts, glory, and a swarm of veterans to the table: Force Spotlight: Western Frontier Protectorate
  7. Had a great game of Starmada versus Tohaa! Tian Gou shenanigans ensue! Crushers Gonna Crush
  8. Monday means more Heavy Gear content, this time a PAK versus BT battle report! Wily Coyote
  9. Author Posted March 18 Whelp, 150TV games take quite awhile! Thanks to @fraynk for a great game! The Hovercar That Could Got another 150 TV game of Heavy Gear: Blitz! in! Really enjoying mixing Caprice in with my CEF. Chipped Scimitar
  10. Test Game: Kayuna versus Sail uote
  11. Hi everyone, just wanted to drop a few links to some content that's being hosted on www.lumberingsprocket.com. Some of is written by me, but most of it has been written by @Zagdag! If you notice anything amiss or you'd like to suggest additions/changes, please let myself or Zagdag know! We'll be trying to post new content every Monday. Getting Started with Heavy Gear: Blitz! Understanding Profile Variants Northern Forces: The United Mercantile Federation Permission to Buzz the Tower: Air Support in HG
  12. We've got some beautiful tags to share from the first quarter of 2021 Bromad Academy painting contest! We'll announce winners next Tuesday on Late Night Wargames! Painting Entries 005 – TAG, You’re It! Next quarter is Heavy Infantry! Painting Contest 006 – Heavy Infantry
  13. Wow! Thank you to all eleven respondents that wrote in for March's Bromad Academy mission! Mission 031 Report: AVA's the Angle If you're looking for more inspiration for your lists and games, have a look at April's mission! Mission 032: Over-Infiltration
  14. Had a fun game of Armory with a new faction! Putting my "new" Acon on the table for the first time. Blue on Blue
  15. Freddie has done it again! Check out this absolutely amazing article he wrote on Hacking! Intermediate - Intro to Hacking
  16. Sometimes, you just get pinned down in Infinity. What then? The Case for CAS
  17. Well, I guess I'm doing these in addition to all my Infinity ones now... This is like my 4th game EVER of HGB, so the tactical discussion is pretty sparse. I'll keep improving the discussion as I get better at the game. Grels are Good Here's another one, in which I shoot down a Grizzly before it does anything important. That felt pretty good. Grizzly Down Well, the MHT-95 is a beast! Sanding Down Talons CEF is finally starting to click for me. Hovertanks ar
  18. Been playing a lot of Heavy Gear lately, so it was time to go back to my roots: FILTHY hacking shenanigans with Nomads. To the Last Moran
  19. Thanks to Feb's respondents! Mission 030 Report: Turn Two Planning It's time for March's mission on taking high AVA units in Sectorials and not relying as much on links! Mission 031: AVA's the Angle
  20. Some Infinity Academy articles for new players, check 'em out below! Building a List Example Game
  21. HeadChime and I have launched Infinity the Academy, which we intend to be a one stop shop for people to learn the game. Feel free to link people to it, and we're definitely open for feedback! Infinity the Academy
  22. Itching for a game and bragging rights? Look no further than the new Spring 2021 PWN the PNW Infinity TTS league! SIGN UP HERE! Details Entry Fee: It’s free! Skill Level: This is a fun league, for players of all skill levels. Round Length: 2 weeks/round League Length: 4 rounds (8 weeks), Feb 7th to April 4th Points, Lists, and Maps: 300 points, no ITS specials, you may tailor your list to each mission, and choose whatever map you like (although we will suggest one).
  23. Thanks to all our respondents for January's Bromad Academy mission! As always, we’ll be announcing the winner on the next Late Night Wargames! Mission 029 Report - New Year, New Leaf Well, it's the second month, so let's think about the second turn! Come up with a solid plan for Turn 2 in a game, and execute on it! Mission 030: Turn Two Planning
  24. Having a fun time with Spiral in Unmasking. Kiiutan Boarding Klaxon
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