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  1. Took Foreign Company out for a spin, trying a split combat group list archetype (6-7 orders per group) against TAK. I dig it. Foreign Company Intervention
  2. Why take one AD troop when you could take three? Bakunin versus O-12, Capture and Protect. Delta Delta Everywhere
  3. Looking likely for me as well, so put me down for a tentative yes!
  4. November's mission: Deploy, play the first turn, take notes, and do it all again! Pair up with a newer player (or a pro if you're new) to help each other work through tough deployment decisions and see how they play out on the table! As always, write in to report@bromadacademy.com for a chance to win blisters and patches! Mission 015: Location Location Location
  5. Here's day 2! Huge thank you to the organizers for putting on the most chill tournament I've ever been to! Ragnarok 2019 - Day 2
  6. Drove up to Vancouver, BC for Ragnarok, 2019! Here's the first day of battle reports: Ragnarok 2019 - Day 1
  7. I have pretty limited experience against ALEPH, so @thediceabidewas all to happy to give me a game against his Steel Phalanx. Disappointed Daoying Mission: Hunting Party Forces: Yu Jing versus Steel Phalanx
  8. Our LGS bought a narrative tournament pack, the one with Victor Messer and the limited edition Guija, so we ran a tournament to share the wealth! The narrative tournament itself has some pretty crazy rules. Thankst o @PaladinX and @xammy for some great games! ITS Xenotech: Narrative Tournament Report
  9. Game two from the same game night as above. @thediceabide needed a game on Jiyuan Open Pit Intruder Ops Mission: Quadrant Control (Operations Hub) Forces: Corregidor versus Ikari
  10. Asteroid Blues Phase Two started for me with some... trouble? on ALEPH's node... ALEPH Core Crushing Mission: Looting and Sabotaging (The Passageways) Forces: Corregidor versus Ikari
  11. Don't forget, we've got a call for reports open and a meme contest running till the end of October! See you on Novyy Bangkok! Mission 014: Asteroid Blues Mission 014 Update: Novyy Bangkok is Gorges
  12. Second batrep of the Asteroid Blues campaign! When Nature Calls Mission: Comms Center (Cosmika HQ) Forces: Nomads versus VIRD (300)
  13. First batrep of the Asteroid Blues Campaign. Beer Run Mission: Supplies (Main Strip) Forces: Nomads versus Ikari Company (300)
  14. Huge thanks to Erik (teelskire)'s "Knauf" paint job for helping me stun crit the Avatar at the top of 1 in this game of Countermeasures, Nomads versus Combined! I really like this new mission and want to get another game in ASAP! It does make batrep writing that much harder though, having to keep all the damn objectives straight... Have you rebooted it? Mission: Countermeasures Forces: Nomads versus Combined Army (300)
  15. Day 2 of the Humboldt Irregular! Supplies with special abilities and Unmasking where the HVT is an ODD, NBW close combat monster with THREE wounds! Humboldt Irregular - Day 2
  16. The Humbolt, California meta re-edited, re-mastered and re-released 5 ITS missions to include themes and homages from some of the best cult movie classics of the 80’s and 90’s. Here are my battle reports from Day 1 of the tournament. Frontline, Biotechvore, and Decapitation! Humboldt Irregular - Day 1
  17. You can thank the Humboldt, California crew for putting on a great tournament (batreps to come soon) and for making me late on my Bromad Academy suppression fire mission report! Congratulations to Chriss for taking home the blister this month! Thanks to everyone for writing in. Mission 013 Report: Sufficient Intensity
  18. Here's a blast from the past: a game of Seize the Antennas (ITS 8) with my JSA versus 's USARF (before the ITS 11 changes). Not the best mission but very straightforward and very fun! How Many Mines? Mission: Seize the Antennas Forces: JSA versus USARF (300) Quick game--we managed to crush two games in about 3 hours: a demo game of Infinity for me and a game of Warcry for him.
  19. Get hyped! Asteroid Blues is almost here, and Bromad Academy's next mission is being released early so you can prep! The mission is all about sharing our love of this game through the campaign! Check it out! Mission 014: Asteroid Blues
  20. Time for our mid-month update on the Suppressive Fire mission! Don't forget to write in with why (or why not) you use Suppressive Fire in your games for a chance to win a blister of your choice! MIssion 013 Update: Spray and Pray
  21. Took NCA to their first tournament. This one took awhile to write, and these games still don't sit well with me. Hopefully the writeup is helpful for others. Raucous August Tournament Report Game 1 - Bye Mission: Tic-Tac-Toe Game 2 - Welcome to PanO Mission: Rescue Forces: NCA versus NCA (300) Game 3 - Hyperpower Hubris Mission: Safe Area Forces: NCA versus Haqqislam (300)
  22. Rescue is such a punishing scenario. Haven't played JSA in awhile, so I decided to break them out for a practice game against some Haqqislam. Keisotsu Competence Mission: Rescue Forces: JSA versus Haqq (300)
  23. Sigh. I thought the day would never arrive, but thanks to Corvus Belli's business model and the arrival of ForCo as a NA2 faction... here's my first game of NCA. Mistakes were made! Journey Towards the Dark Side Mission: Rescue Forces: NeoTerran Capitaline Army versus Haqqislam (300) Thanks to @Zelaponeepus for being my PanO sherpa.
  24. Kicking off the near year of Bromad Academy mission with a focus on the why of things. We'll be looking at Suppressive Fire and why or why NOT you might want to use it. Is it always a good idea? Write in to report@bromadacademy.com with your thoughts on why or why NOT you should use it, and when! Mission 013: Going Loud
  25. Sadly, I'll have a ton of family in town so I'm going to have to sit this one out! Have a great time, everyone!
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