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  1. Took O-12 for their shakedown cruise in my first game of Code One! It's a good time. I'm LOVING the changes to Spotlight. Game One, Code One
  2. Just got my first game of Code One in at 15 points. Very reminiscent of N3 Recon+. I enjoyed it, and you can read about in the battle report below! She's the Law CB has knocked it out of the park in terms of making a great teaching tool!
  3. Yeah, once you see the ARO system, it's REALLY hard to go back to other game systems. Welcome aboard!
  4. @MexicanNinja Thursday nights there are folks looking for TTS games: https://www.cascadiainfinity.com/blog/2020/4/26/cascadia-infinity-on-tabletop-simulator Join the Cascadia Discord (invite in the link above) and you can ask someone for a game... ideally set one up beforehand, of course. There's enough experienced folks lurking on the discord that you could ask someone to ride shotgun for you during your TTS game and help you out. I'm playing a game that I've scheduled a week ago using my remote play setup (physical table/models + webcams) tonight, or I'd offer you a TTS game. Stick with 15 point games of Code One for awhile. Currently there's no baked-in support for a smaller map in Infinity's TTS module, you'd have to cordon off a smaller area or wait for the guys working on that to finish the smaller Code One maps. I'll be playing a 15 point game of Code One tonight around 7:30 PM Pacific on twitch.tv/bromadacademy, if you want to watch. Feel free to ask questions as well. I don't know if I'll be able to get to all of them but people on Twitch chat should be able to help if I'm busy with the game. The show that @Exile linked to is a talk show that Adam and I started. If you want the raw games, TTS or remote play setup, you can check here: https://www.mercrecon.net/tag/remote-game https://www.mercrecon.net/tag/tts https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_RWedyko4Sv9YLynB4QCVA Hope this helps.
  5. www.bromadacademy.com/start is a little out of date, since it was written before Code One, but it says basically everything I would tell you. Just substitute "Code One" every time I say "Recon+" in the article. I'll eventually get around to updating it...
  6. Took O-12 for their shakedown cruise in my first game of Code One! It's a good time. I'm LOVING the changes to Spotlight. Game One, Code One
  7. With the release of Code One, it's time for a Code One themed mission! If you can't get a game in, paint a Code One model. If you can (responsibly), write in and tell us about it! Mission 021 - Code One
  8. Thanks to all our participants in April's painting contest! We'll be reviewing the submissions and announcing the winner on Tuesday, May 5th, at 8:30pm US Pacific time @TheDiceAbide LIVE on Twitch! Mission 020 Report - Furious Paint
  9. WiseKensai

    Well, darn

    If there's interest in a Tabletop Simulator tournament, we could do that, and thanks for the kind words. Hope you and everyone else are well!
  10. Well, if you wanted to see me flounder around on Tabletop Simulator playing an unfamiliar faction, look no further! Garbage In, Garbage Out
  11. Added some house rules for civilians as area templates to add some additional complexity to a remote game of Infinity. Thanks to @Zelaponeepus for suffering through the crazy new rules and my first outing with Dahshat! Dah VIRD is the Word
  12. Broke out my JSA to see who would reign supreme against Dahshat! Another remote game on the mountain table. Brute Force Kusarigama
  13. Another remote game, Svalarheima versus White Banner, playing Rescue. We thought it'd be fun if the ice forces were rescuing people... then the narrative got a little silly. Good game though! Winter Rescue Banner Force
  14. More remote gaming, this time Yu Jing versus ForCo. Really this exercise has been more about remote gaming, table testing, with the added complication of limited insertion... I definitely feel like I've lost focus or my edge or something... ThanCo: Crits are our Standard
  15. Here's another report, also remote, against White_Lang. He's only a 10 minute drive away, but we're doing the quarantine thing! Not the most representative report for Svalarheima, but it's another data point. No Just Cause
  16. I had planned for this month to be about impetuous models, but I imagine getting games in is difficult for many of us now, so why not paint some impetuous models? Mission 020 - Furious Paint
  17. First remote game of physical infinity, complete! Thanks to Obadiah Hampton for being my guinea pig and a great sport! Sval versus White Banner in Frostbyte! T'ien Shan, The High Way
  18. This will be the last tournament report for awhile for hopefully obvious reasons. I hope everyone reading this is well! Martial March Tournament Report I plan on doing some remote gaming so hopefully I can keep these up.
  19. Yep! 🙂 More seriously though, I think the three I suggested are a good mix of: Relaxing list constraints Providing some interesting goals to accomplish Lots of good learning opportunities Really the issue is I'm just not a huge fan of the the killy missions, I personally find them kinda boring.
  20. Played a great game of Show of Force on a new configuration of my big Ariadna table. I'm pretty excited about it! PanO versus IA, check it out!DEPendable Zencha
  21. It's March! Time to get your split burst on! Send in your thoughts and experiences on splitting burst to report@bromadacademy.com for a chance to win a blister or Bromad Academy patch! Mission 019 - Split Burst
  22. The dance of the duos is over with the end of Feb! We had four respondents and two full battle reports! Check them out below: Mission 018 Report - Fireteam Duo
  23. It feels like a long time since I've put my Yu Jing on the table, and I wanted to play with some ISS stuff. I prepped a list for Supplies but ended up playing a CHA + Scarface list in Show of Force with SoF active... Gotta be prepared! Filed in Triplicate
  24. Bummer. I'm going to be out most of March, but Adam will be there.
  25. Quadrant Control, Highly Classified, Acquistion
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