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  1. I will be there for more scuffed haqqislam action! @Jay Do the 3 HVT's all need to look the same?
  2. Not going to make it, feeling a bit ill. Maybe next week
  3. Asking $40 for the set including the case. Never been used, just didn't like them after receiving them. Hoping to sell these to get a different set. Total of 89 warsenal ($0.75/ea at warsenal) magnetic tokens + 4 acrylic command tokens. If you have questions, ask questions. Thanks 1x TO/Camo 1 1x TO/Camo 2 4x Camo (1,2,3,4) 2x NWI 2x Dogged 2x Isolated 1x Spearhead 1x Core leader 1x Lieutenant 1x Duo leader 1x Haris leader 4x Impetuous 10x Regular 10x Irregular 3x Mines 2x Disabled 6x Wound 6x Unconscious 4x Repeater 2x Immobilized-1 2x Immobilized-2 4x Suppression fire 2x Targeted 1x Tinbot A 4x Prone 6x Objective 6x Retreat 4x Acrylic Command tokens
  4. Will be there for infinity too!
  5. For those interested, miniature market is having an infinity sale on a bunch of rando models, a lot of older stuff. https://www.miniaturemarket.com/searchresults?q=infinity+sale&utm_source=bronto&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Shop+Infinity+Sale&utm_content=Up+to+50%+Off+Infinity:+Stop,+shop,+game!&utm_campaign=Infinity+Sale+March+2019&_bta_tid=316605864121392276845423339520157051338214165100136338924837143641591843939533980893034873841432457990
  6. I am way more excited about Ramah than I anticipated... Very much some Aleph stuff going on with added mimetism & NWI. Lots of potential viable fireteam options. Double Maggy madness. An antipode. And whatever the heck Monstruckers are. I am going to be sticking with Haqq & getting myself a Maggy (or two)
  7. This is so tempting but don't know if I will ever play tohaa. I love all of the models tho...
  8. Saito with guns feels weird. That S5 thooo
  9. I like how this sounds! Will be there How many army points for this mission?
  10. I will be there for infinity campaign. Scuffed haqqislam action is coming.
  11. Showing up for Infinity campaign. See ya Sunday
  12. I was super sick last weekend, ready for redo!
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