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  1. Lol, yeah the campaign is on an indefinite hiatus. Dispatches from the field tell of some horrible pandemic in the camps. Apparently all the soldiers and townsfolk have been ordered to stay home. What's surprising is even the plague-ridden rat-men seem to be taking the issue seriously. I hope everyone is managing to stay healthy, and I look forward to picking things back up when we're on the other side.
  2. The turn-coat High Elves suffered an ignominious defeat in Scenario 2 at the hands of Arch Lector Albrecht Schmitt. The day started off poorly for the glittering host when a mortar shell landed in the middle of Aearondil's Retinue. The unit passed their panic test, but in their depleted state were unable to withstand the demigryph's charge the following turn. The elven grey watchers bravely flanked the Templars of Taal and managed to slay several of the knights, but their slender blades were no match for the knights' heavy plate and they were cut down to the man. By turn five things were looking dire for the elves, but the Empire men had yet to destroy either of the objectives. Only the flame wardens remained, but they had the slimmest chance to prevent the humans from destroying the supplies. All they had to do was prevent the Templars of Taal and pegasus-mounted marshal from reaching the supplies. They successfully broke the marshal, but couldn't muster the strength to defeat the cavalry. When the flame wardens fled from the field of battle, the remaining cavalry and pegasus-mounted marshal waltzed onto the supplies and won the day for the forces of Order.
  3. Still waiting on one match to be played, but so far the results have favored the forces of order. At this point it's Order 9 - Chaos 2 (not counting BPs for hobbying), which means that a Chaos massacre still won't be enough to change the outcome of the scenario. I'll have a narrative blurb out soon to segue into the next scenario.
  4. Good memory! I got the report from OreoGolem and added both of your new warlord traits to the spreadsheet on the website. Go good guys!
  5. When in doubt throw peasants at the problem! In other news, I added a “Campaign Schedule” to the webpage. Kickoff is Sunday 1/26 at noon!
  6. We're hoping to start around noon. If you decide not to go with Ish's ill-advised plan for an early dismissal, you can always work something out with your opponent. There's probably some clever way to let people pick their opponents for each round based on schedule, but in the interest of simplicity, I'll just make the match-ups and let everyone sort out when they play. It's fine if people want to switch who they're playing, but it would be nice if we could avoid repeats so everyone can have a chance to play against different armies/opponents.
  7. We're still shooting to start on January 18, although I need to get final confirmation from @TheBeninator that we'll have access to WoW since it's a Saturday. Ideally everyone can make it to play at WoW that day, but if anyone can't, then it they will have two weeks to fight their opponent before we move on to the next scenario. I'll send an email to the group when we know for certain about WoW. Edit: Start date is still TBD. Right now the highest probability dates are 1/19 and 2/2
  8. I'd rather not make exceptions to the Warlord point cap. Starting off with lower tier heroes is a central part of the campaign theme, as are the retinue and warlord experience table. He's an impressive model though, and I pity the fool who has to face him in the later stages of the campaign.
  9. I'm not exactly sure how we'll do this, but I'm really keen on the concept. Limiting the number of points that can be spent on a warlord in the earlier scenarios seems like the best method since there isn't a keyword that I'm aware of to differentiate the highest tier character options (e.g. high princes) from lower tier characters (e.g. commanders). Would a 500 point cap be about right?
  10. That’s a typo. Thanks for pointing it out before it caused any problems mid-campaign. It’s been corrected to 1D6 Unit recycling is definitely here to stay because it’s a central part of the meat grinder scenario. Only characters lose their magic/special items. There is no ban on wizard masters at present. Should there be?
  11. I wasn't inclined to ban Greater Daemons outright, but I see your point that a Courtesan of Cibsresh could break the scenario. Should we drop it to 500? As for the Manifestations, I think they should be treated like other Special Items. I read over the army book and the manifestations seem a lot more like magic items than normal weapons. That said, I don't want to hurt DL worse than other armies. Any ideas for a middle path between removing them all together and leaving them in with all the buffs?
  12. ^Great idea! I'll get that on there. As for the Warlord, it says "A Warlord must be accompanied in each battle by their personal retinue; a unit of veteran soldiers whose abilities will also increase over time." Does this still sound like a good fix? "Master in the Rafters: at point values <3k, a daemon player may declare a greater daemon to be the 'Master in the Rafters' even if it is not and could not be in the army at that point level. With this choice declared a single Herald of Chaos in this army can gain access to manifestations related to that Sin if it is the general as though the army had a General of that Sin."
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