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  1. @Brother Glacius I don’t know what I don’t know in the old rules...but I’m up for a game! @TheBeninator yea! It’s super cheap by the standards of other games and so long as you aren’t playing Bretonians (like me, doh!) units paint up real fast! check out Pendraken or Polar Fox. I’m sure there’s tons of others out there.
  2. @Nick! @Lyraeus @shmitty @Exile Any of you wanna get in a DZC game this Sunday or Tuesday?
  3. Hey @Exile! Just trying to get a sense of who’s lurking out there 🙂 Sunday’s are usually good for me. I’ve got PHR and Scourge. @Nick! not really sure, but I saw they have beta rules up for free:
  4. No idea. I've been out of the loop on the DZC front for a while but I really LOVE the game. The 2.0 rules shouldn't change too much and I'm fairly solid on the current set. I've got 2 painted armies if you want a demo game 🙂 @Nick! @Lyraeus @shmitty how about DZC this upcoming Tuesday at gamenight?
  5. Hey there! when is a better time? Tuesday? Sunday? What armies do you play?
  6. Hey all! Just curious if anyone here plays DZC? Another member and I were thinking of getting a game or two in...and we both have multiple armies and can set up a couple tables with terrain... Any other players out there? Possible interest in a DZC night on a game night?
  7. I cant make it 😞 But could next tuesday....
  8. I'm in Portland and I think I'd be up for a game sometime 🙂 I'm not a "total newb" but I stopped playing before 2.0 dropped. So there's definitely some mechanics that are unfamiliar (like the split WS i'm seeing in the army books). I think I can muster a small list without too much trouble.
  9. It's SO SO SO much fun! You really get the sense of playing a real battle, as apposed to a big skirmish. I LOVE 28mm fantasy but warmaster really feels a lot more epic. Ebay has a lot of the old GW stuff but I got almost all of my army from 3rd party vendors like Pendraken. Can't recommend it enough! Balanced, fluffy, epic and fun!
  10. “Quantity has a quality of its own” -the emperor
  11. If at once you don' succeed try try try try try try try try try try try try again!
  12. Hey guys! I am/was a die hard warhammer fantasy player. I own several armies. I ran campaigns and tournaments back in my home town. I played 5th-8th editions of the GW game. After the End Times travesty I played some Kings of War and 9th Age. I really enjoyed early 9th Age editions. It was just a re-skinned 8th edition with a few nice fixes. But as the editions kept grinding on and updating I lost a little interest as the game moved away from the familiar and added new elements (new magic phase mechanics, etc.) I was poking around the forums here and am super happy to see a 9th age even
  13. I'd like to thank my brushes, my elbows, my wet palette and the noble Tetrarchs for Mordian 🙂 Thanks @Dark Trainer for running a great league!
  14. Just curious if there’s anyone on here with an old warmaster army? I have terrain and a Bretonian army if anyone ever wants to get a game 🙂
  15. Thanks for running the league! I had a blast getting this army together! For Mordian! For the Emperor!
  16. Not gonna make it out tomorrow 😞 But I'll be there next week for the tournament!
  17. I'm also planning to be there this Sunday for 40k. Looking for some games to make up for all my missed escalation league games... Anyone need make up games? tournament practice? just wanna play some 40k?
  18. Hey fellow 40k leaguers! I don't think I can make it out tonight, but would love to get a game or two in this weekend, maye Ordo Sunday or Guardian Saturday or Friday? I'm 3 games behind and would love to pick up as much ground as possible. Anyone else need make up games?
  19. Hey guys! i missed the last 2 weeks...and can’t be there this Tuesday 😊 but would love to get some make up games in this weekend. Anyone gonna be around for / up for that?
  20. ++ INQUISISTION REDACTION++ As for saving 20ish models. Absolutely! In ITC that means I can deny kills. I did this today in fact in a 2k game against @Jason. I denied several turns of his guard killing full squads of boyz with the Dok
  21. The Mordian forges are working around the clock for the next week or so...gotta stay on target....stay on target...
  22. Hmmm I didn’t get anything back on mine and I uploaded a while ago...maybe they just sent the second email because they made a mistake? I’m assuming if I don’t hear from them I’ll be good. I just copy/pasted from battlescribe.
  23. I think 1,500 is a good size game for ITC and the tournament. As a wargamer of course I want all my toys...but slightly smaller games are just as fun as the big ones, and they don't hurt your brain as much over the course of an entire tournament.
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