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  1. Hi all, I picked up a large lot of brand new Willy Miniatures teams at a discount, but need some to go. I'd be happy to sell them for $65 each. I'm not sure when I'll be around the Ordo Clubhouse next, but to ship a box would cost about $4 for most teams, or more like $8 for Necro or Khemri because they're metal rather than resin. (For reference, Willy generally retails them for 80 Euros each). Specifically I'm selling: Orcs Nurgle ("Lords of Corruption", Cthulhu-themed Big Guy) Khemri/Tomb Kings ("Mythology" team) Chaos Chaos Pact/Renegades (with Kickstarter-exclusive alternate mutated arms for the big guys) Necromantic Wood Elves
  2. Just received my order from @scottshoemaker today. The quality, price, and service were all better than I expected going in. I'm afraid that now that I know this is an option, I'm going to start buying more .stls...
  3. Tuesdays are looking impossible for me this Fall, up through early December. If at all possible though, I'll be on board for whatever season comes after Fall!
  4. Deathroller, nooooo! Stand up and be the star you were meant to be!
  5. So much Block in that championship match. Good luck everyone, wish I could be there!
  6. Kick an elf while they're down for me, in memory of my new Sneaky Git/Dirty Player piece that I never had a chance to use. Also if you win, I'm declaring myself champion by proxy
  7. My younger child has COVID (I'm untested), so I won't be participating in the playoffs. Obviously it's up to you how you want to handle it @jollyork, but I have zero problem with you going down the list to the next person. Insert Nurgle joke here
  8. @Jay Sounds good, thank you! I've read most of the rules so I'm not starting at zero, just very close to it. I'll most likely be there at 4, but if not then by 5 for sure.
  9. (Posted this in the wrong thread before.) I'd be appreciative of an Infinity demo game if someone's up to it!
  10. Actually belay that - I just realized I got the wront game night thread. I meant Tuesday 7/27, tomorrow!
  11. I'm interested in Infinity, although I haven't yet mustered my courage to assemble any models. Anyone willing to do a demo game with me?
  12. I was going to take another Pro Troll, but then I realized that doesn't jive with my strategy of never rolling any 1s to begin with. So: A2, Sneaky Git, #3 Meat & Gristle, +20k Backup: G1/G4 Sure Hands on #4 Sebum, +40k
  13. I would definitely be into a league using the random stadiums and random event tables.
  14. Guess I'll take P3 Leader on #1, Poxbreadth Gorge, +40,000
  15. Btw I was reminded that chosen primary skills are 20k not 10k. I'll make sure it's correct on the roster!
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