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  1. Sounds great, thanks! It'll have to be OFCC on Friday, that's the next event of any kind I'm attending.
  2. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a few specific new Blood Bowl & Warhammer Daemons items. I'm willing to pay cash. One sprue (six figures) of the BB2016 Doom Lords Chaos Team (will pay $15) One sprue (or ~5 figures) of Fantasy/40K Blue Horrors or Pink Horrors (will pay $15) four or five Fantasy/40k Tzaangor heads Single BB2016 Elven Union Lineman (preferably male with the shorter hair and no mask) Single BB2016 Dark Elf Lineman (preferably male) I'm also potentially interested in Blood Bowl Linemen singles from other teams if people have spares knocking around for cheap. I'm in no hurry and would be happy to make any trades on Friday at OFCC, otherwise we could talk about shipping. Thank you!
  3. Do you need rosters submitted in advance for Street Bowl?
  4. Guess I'm running Pro Elves. The painting will be, uh, perfunctory, though.
  5. Sign me up. Now I just need to try to paint my Sevens team in one month instead of two. For me, that's ambitious!
  6. Would it be an issue if I've never played Blitz Bowl?
  7. The Wardancer and Gutter Runner are immune to the effects of claw. Checkmate!
  8. Something like this? I made this a little while ago for certain mysterious purposes. Blood Bowl Players.ods Blood Bowl Players.xlsx
  9. I'm a very new player, so nobody will mind if I take the Wardancer, Gutter Runner, Werewolf, and Pro Elf Catcher and Blitzer, right?
  10. Is the timing of the Sevens tournament decided yet? Will that also be one-day?
  11. Sounds like fun. Ordo Bowl is probably too big of a commitment, but I'll keep an eye out for these tickets to go up.
  12. Having never done a Blood Bowl draft before... are all the minis are provided?
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