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  1. Hey guys, I’m looking for anyone selling Warhammer/AoS Ogre Maneaters. I’m looking for all the different poses/models except the Pirate one. Thanks!
  2. Without changing the list too much, maybe drop the chameleons down to 5 each and see if you can get another chaff unit of skinks. I like the Caiman blocks a lot, especially with protean
  3. Anyone want to play on Saturday the 22nd? I am looking to get a few games in, 2 or 3 if I have the time. Might see if Josh wants to come down with me. Can meet up at Dice Age or Guardian Games, doesnt really matter.
  4. Lol don’t get too excited, he isn’t that exciting in person lol jk jk 😂😂 glad to see you are coming Gage, hope we can get another game in!
  5. We are teammates now... We'll just see each other on the top tables in the later rounds. Then we shall have let the dice gods choose
  6. @valourunbound Chris Hines wants to challenge you round 1! Hoping to get a few others from AZ to come up also.
  7. Most likely... but DE could be fun to take as well, did alright with them last year.
  8. It is a really strong unit. It’s like playing DE without the altar. Too good not too take, regardless of how much they keep raising the points
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