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  1. Thanks everyone for the great weekend and gaming! Especially @TheBeninator for running a super smooth event, had absolutely no problems or issues what so ever. Had 5 great games against 5 great opponents, and loved my 1st OFCC! Will definitely be back for more! Also forgot to mention it yesterday when we were talking about future tournaments, but there are a few upcoming tournaments in 2019 if anyone is interested - Infernal Zoo - October 5th-6th in Sacremento. Alex runs a great tournament, he came up to March to War last year and brought a big group of guys from Cali, so we should try to get a good sized group to go support his tournament. I know Andrew, Ben, and I are signed up, would love to see some more PNW people down there. Tides of War - November 9th-10th (Veteran's Day Weekend) in Phoenix. This is my home club's GT, it is a ton of fun. Hoping to have around 30 people this year. I know lots of people in Phoenix so if you are worried about rides from airports, places to stay, etc. reach out to me and I can get you hooked up. Pacific Rim - Dec 7-8 in San Francisco. Kenyon's running his Team Tournament again this year. 5 man teams, would love to get a PNW team to go down and compete! Team tournaments are always a fun and different way of playing 9th Age!
  2. Also I believe lists will not be released early
  3. I’m going down early on Thursday with my wife, making a mini vacation out of it πŸ˜• otherwise I would carpool.
  4. Gotcha. I live right around where you are and it took me 2 hours exactly on a Saturday morning to drive to Vancouver last time I went down, with a little brisk driving and no traffic. I would give it at least 2.5 hours to be safe. Traffic can be rough randomly.
  5. Joel Flint! What part of Tacoma are you in? Glad to have you signed up! Hope we can get a game in
  6. 🍺🍺🍺 πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯ lets do it man!
  7. Paint 4 feldraks! Will post some progress picks maybe tomorrow or Friday. The dwarves are looking awesome tho man!
  8. Well if you need me to run Warscore for you still, I can make it happen no problem πŸ˜‰ lol but yeah if it is too hard to swing for round 2, no worries. @Yarbicus and I will just both have to get 20s round 1
  9. Wish I had a first round grudge... beer anyone?
  10. Looking good man! This has been my latest project
  11. Are we still planning on meeting up this weekend?
  12. I am down to get in as many games as I can get! Whatever time you guys want to get started I can be there and we can see how many games we can fit in. And as for driving back at night or crashing there, I will see how I am feeling after playing. Might be easier to crash there if it gets too late.
  13. I would be down to come down that Saturday, the 6th. If i am honest, I would rather play singles games to get practice in for my SoCal GT and OFCC, but if everyone would rather do the 2v2 then i would be okay with it.
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