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  1. Yeah would love to get to see the tournament pack and get some information that I can share out with the AZ guys who might be interested in coming up!
  2. Hahahahahaha. I mean I can fly and just meet you two down there I guess, dont want to interrupt nothing 😉 Only reason I would fly is so that I dont have to take as much time off work, but roadtrip could be fun. Im trying to hit all the major West Coast tournaments this year
  3. Cool @Andrewgeddon! Let me know, I am hoping to be able to make the trip as well. Would be a fun time!
  4. Hey is anyone considering going to Infernal Zoo this year down in Davis, CA? I was looking at flights from Seattle and I can go roundtrip for like $110, so I might be considering it. Just was curious to see if anyone else was thinking about it. Cheers!
  5. yeah that would be fine, just so we can get a general idea of the size of the tournament 🙂
  6. Hey do we have a sign up list for this tournament? Just so we can know who all is going and how many people? Just curious, trying to recruit more AZ people!
  7. Okay cool! Sounds good to me! Hope to get some games in with you guys in June or July once I am moved up there! Sounds like at least 1 AZ guy is gonna try to come up for this tournament
  8. Do we know approximately what time Round 1 will start on Saturday? Just curious to see if it would be worth driving down Saturday morning from Seattle, or if I should plan on staying Friday night. Thanks guys!
  9. Also do you guys get a block room rate for the hotel for the event? Im going to try to get some of the AZ guys to maybe come up
  10. Either WDG or Dread Elves! Depending on whether I can get my warriors painted in time or not after moving! If not I'll bring the DE back out and hope they do as well as they did in March to War
  11. I'll plan on being there! Hope we can have a good turnout!
  12. So far have 3 confirmed AZ guys. Myself, Chris Hines, Evan Boritas
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