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  1. Location: Portland Hello, I have up for sale is the Necron half of the Indomitus set. Its NOS /w bases included. I'd like $75 for it, but I'm also open to trades. Trades: Chaos Start Collecting set Redemptor Dreadnoughts Land Raider 10 man Death Company(old school) squad Eradictators I live in Portland, and can meet at GG. Thanks for looking.
  2. Wahapedia is a great resource for rules. I'm pretty sure its got every thing you need. You can find the special Indomitus 9th edition rulebook on ebay for around $30.
  3. Hello, I have a Necron Indomitus set, and I'd like to trade it for a Chaos Shadowspear half. I live in Portland and can meet at GG. Thank you
  4. Yea, its a real bummer out here.
  5. Blood Angels main, and Im working on an Ad Mech army.
  6. Hi, I'm looking for 10 primaris assault intercessors to kitbash into Sanguinary Guard. Just checking on here before I check Ebay. I uploaded a picture of my Sanguinary Ancient as an example. I live in Portland, and can meet at GG Thursday, or Friday.
  7. I'd like the primaris half, and a rule book.
  8. Depending on the bit I may have some extras.
  9. I'm on the fence honestly.I don'y want another Imperium army, or Tau. I'd like to see what you have for trade, as I also like to kitbash and paint models aside from space marines.
  10. I'd be interested in trades. I need a squad or two of hell blasters for my Blood Angels, but I'm also considering starting a new army.
  11. It is still available. If I still have it by the time you need you're welcome to it.
  12. Hey guys, all my terrain is still on sprue. Some of it has been primed, but none of the detail has been lost. I was going to build a table last year, but I moved and don't have room for it anymore. I live in Portland, and can meet at Guardian Games. I'm willing to ship if you want to pay for it, and have Paypal. I will provide pictures upon request. Honoured Imperium- NOS, A couple of bits fell off sprue, but its complete. $20 Sector Mechanicus Sacristan Forgeshrine- Primed black, on sprue. $25 Sector Mechanicus Scaffolding- NOS, I forget which set this came from. Just the catwa
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