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  1. 🥴 Of course, I didn't look at the date in my excitement. I'm announcing for the Juniors Roller Derby double-header this Sunday. I'm booked solid from noon to 6pm. /headdesk Soon, though! Bounce house season'll be over and I'll have some room to rope off for geekery with y'all. Asap. 👨‍🚀
  2. What are the parameters for said single model? I mean, I can only assume one would want to field the more expensive, capable singles, right? I'm not sure I have any of those, TBH. 👶 Still, I'm quite interested in giving it a go!
  3. Hey all, I'm stuck workin' this afternoon, so I'll have to bow out. The weather's gettin' gray, though, so that's good! :)
  4. Who wants to come on down and school me & my Yu Jing cadets @ 3pm this Sunday? 🥳💀
  5. SO looking forward to fielding the gang again and learning how to die better. 😅🤙🏼
  6. @Sgt. Rock Look into Borderlands cel-shading techniques, and you're precious piggy'll be killin' it.
  7. Whichever's clever, and thanks! @PaladinX had posed a dropoff to Max @ GG, but if @Jay's plan works best for everyone, I'm all about it. Whether it's Mt Dew or something stronger, SOMEone's getting a gawdamn Thank You pint on my tab, dammit! 🧔
  8. If I but had a swine to give. That's a damn fine reason to need a pig, btw. Damn fine. 🤘🏼
  9. Hey, y'all, huge favor here: Eben's got a small case for me (no more forgetting the troops at home in the display!), but I'm unable to meet him for the hand-off tomorrow. (OoT) He'll be at Guardian @ noon, and I'd gladly buy a pint for the one who can transit said case from GG tomorrow to HQ for the Inifinity session on Sunday. Let me (or Eben?) know if this is something you're down with, thanks! 🖖
  10. Aw, now I want a piggy, too.
  11. Sounds like a plan! So will I! 🤘
  12. Well, like a noob, I forgot my minis. 😅 Silver lining: my son's begging to bust out the Hellboy boardgame, so it's a sign. 🤘🏼 Next week? I'll store the Yu Jing in the rig, just to be sure. (Got a laser line and everything, eesh)
  13. Well, you see, @Brother Glacius... When a Forum loves a Topic very very much, a certain button gets pushed and...
  14. OtterProper


    I'm still in Austin today, but next Sunday: fo sho.
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