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  1. Here are some photos before washing. You can see the gloss never went away from wet to dry. And yes, that Helverin is in "RUN AWAY, RUN AWAY!!!" mode from @apathy aless damn Golden Bananas that exploded the other Helverins.
  2. I bought a can of Army Painter Gun Metal Primer from Guardian Games for $15 a few months back and I painted several Armigers with it. The painting part went the same as any can of quality primer paint: warmed up via hot water, shake for 1-2 min like I was twerking in a rap video, several thin coats, let dry in the garage at 70ish degrees. Results were normal for quality paint, thick coat, even coverage, except for it is a high gloss finish!! Oh gosh a gloss finish on a mini!? That be some Heresy right there... I have since watched many videos on the Army Painter system and I think the gloss is intentional so their next step, washing, works better. From my little understanding the wash flows better on a gloss surface than a dull surface. I washed and it looks good, and that cut out most of the gloss, just like their system videos tell you. I have since purchased an airbrush and am spraying everything with that. My next few knights have been primed with Vallejo grey, and I plan on spraying them with Vallejo Gunmetal (lead belcher) tonight or tomorrow if I can get a few min free. I know it isn't the same color but you may have the spray can if you want it. I suspect it is 3/4 full and ready to be used.
  3. *cough* *cough* I need a team. Just putting it out there for anyone...
  4. I don't think anyone cares what size as long as they are not modeling for advantage. I have old models on 25mm and new ones on 32mm, both are built with the bases that were supplied. I have been rebasing some of my 25mm stuff to the newer 32mm so they all look the same, but no one cares. My guys take a lascannon to the chest and all die regardless of what size base they rock. From GW Rule Book FAQ I found:
  5. My thoughts exactly on which army I want to paint next! AdMech 2020 is my slogan. I wanted to do an all Mechanized Space Marine army, but after 4 Rhinos I got tired of the looks and meh stats. These beach landers fit my idea of a "fun" army. We will see.
  6. "Sir, are you sure the deep strike coordinates are correct? That is a radioactive zone. We will surely perish before we shoot!" "...Perhaps perish, like a 50/50 chance at best." "..." "..."
  7. Dunerider 65pts+2+2+4=73 points 12 s4 d1 shots/turn hitting on a 3+ Disintegrator 85pts+2+2+2+25=116 points 6 s4 d1 shots, d6 s7 -2ap d3d, and 3 s8 -3ap 3d with the option of a 3d3 s6 -1ap 2d no line of sight swap. Thoughts?
  8. They seems pretty awesome without allies, but I am on the receiving end. But 2-3 of their models can cost as much as a Loyal 32 Detachment, so they should be pretty self reliant. I want to get into AdMech next, like next year or so. Love their looks but I read their playstyle is like Grey Knights, you have to love them.
  9. Custodes seem pretty durable. 2+ 3++-4++, 3-7 wounds, 5-6 toughness, -1 to hit banners. Last game I only removed a few models compared to 1/3rd of my army!
  10. I forgot to add the artist, Kurt Metz. I stole it from him and I didn't even give the common courtesy of an acknowledgement. He is an amazing artist that makes amazing 40k art. https://www.deviantart.com/kurtmetz/gallery/60058770/Game-boards-and-assets
  11. Team Imperial Krusaders is looking for a new player and a ringer. PM me or @apathy ales if you are interested. Benefits of Team Imperial Krusaders: We have no idea what we are doing Pizza Beer We have a Discord Channel to discuss both of the above items Cons: We have no idea what we are doing Art stolen from the most amazing Kurt Metz. https://www.deviantart.com/kurtmetz/gallery/60058770/Game-boards-and-assets
  12. @apathy ales and I are looking for a team, or for 2 people to join us. Does anyone have a spot or 2 availible?
  13. If @apathy ales and I cannot find team members we would like to join another team or 2 that is in need of people. Please post if your team needs player(s). We REALLY want to play a bunch of 40k!
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