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  1. Awesome Torg! My replacement fight stands sound be in a week or so. I'll message you and we can figure something out! Ish my plan is to 3d print my fleet. These models came into my hands for a steal but they are in rough shape. With the new Elegoo Saturn printer I'm trying to purchase, one could theoretically print a fleet overnight cheaper than 1 used model on eBay. We will see!
  2. Hey everyone! Hope your quarantine time is going well. I have aquired most of the items I need to play Battlefleet Gothic, well like 50%. Does anyone want to school me in a game or two? I am still learning how to play and am looking at acquiring a 3D printer to fill out the rest of my fleet soon. I currently have a Mars Class, 2 Dictator Class, and Chaos Cruiser. As far as other items, I don't have much. I need to print off all the cutouts, mines, torpedos, flighters, etc. I do have the original rulebook, all the updated versions, addons, rulebooks, etc. Still trying to learn how to play
  3. From my limited understanding since I haven't purchased a printer yet, the larger size you want can only be done on a mid-sized to larger resin printer, which generally start at $1200. Most mid-sized resin printers that can print 6 inches in the $3500 range and are low end commercial units. I recommend you call around to 3d printing places. Most around PDX are called "rapid prototyping" and can quote you. Bear in mind when I checked on local places for my business prototyping printing it was $90 per 6"x6"x4" part IIRC since they have minimum machine times and such.
  4. I picked up DAS clay and it is so soft and great to use. Thank you!
  5. Awesome thanks! Im headed to the store to get some better clay.
  6. What clay do you use? @apathy ales showed me this technique and I am having so many issues. Your bases look great!
  7. A few ideas here. First, you could use a 1/4" low fluke angle drill bit by hand. I currently do this for most of my magnet holes and it is fast and easy on plastic, but dont know about 3d printed plastics you are using if it would work at all. Second, It might be MUCH faster in the long run to learn how to use your software and make a hole for magnets before you print them. This would be my #1 choice. Third, there are many commercial places to buy what you are looking for. This one comes to mind: https://www.squadmarks.com/ I just check Thingverse and it looks like t
  8. Dang! I was there just before Christmas and it was the largest I have ever seen it! I picked up a few colors and a wash picking up an order from Mindtaker. But yes, other times I have seen almost nothing on the shelves.
  9. Of the few stores I have shopped at Guardian Games has the largest and best stocked selection. However, they usually have a few missing colors and other weird stock levels. The employees say that they only get restocks from Vallejo once a month? or something like that. Last summer there was some sort of run on Vallejo paints and no store could get certain color in for several months! I had to buy Citadel paints to cover. Also, since the new owners have taken over Guardian it seems like they have been better at keeping the paint in stock. Not sure what if anything has changed, but Guardian
  10. Here is the best one: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm9WFeqTgvRvyRoGD8jVFVA or some random Spotify playlist whatever I am in the mood for. Usually something with 80s hits to more modern hit. Easy background music that you can tune out when you need to.
  11. I only have experience with FLG mats, but I would love to see the double sided mats from Gamemat.eu sometime. FLG has several sales throughout the year and you can get one of their mats for $60 shipped. Last mat I ordered was a snow version, however they sent the wrong non-snow version and refunded me some cash, so in the end I got it for $45?ish shipped. Can't beat that!
  12. I just started airbrushing a few months ago. Everyone also recommended Iwata or Badger to me. I watched tons of videos and I found that the Iwata and Badgers were about the same, entry level to mid level, with the Iwata maybe getting a little better quality. Badger 105 is the go-to, and Badger has a newer Krome model. It is the same price, comes with 2 nozzles for future proofing. Built in the USA with factory tour videos sold me on the Badger. Got it on Amazon. So far the Krome is spraying great. A little bit of the Badger Lube on all the parts and it is pretty smooth and works well. No regre
  13. https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/warhammer_40000_space_marines_en.pdf Things that stand out to me:
  14. I am on Book 3 and can't listen to it fast enough! My first experience with 40k books and wow they are fun.
  15. I *might* have time to finish painting my army by next OFCC... We will see😂
  16. How did this go? I felt bad that I couldn't go. Next year hopefully!
  17. Question on the Canis Rex Knight, the Warden sprue has the top weapons, the claw, and the auto-cannon on it correct?
  18. Has anyone tried contrast over metallics yet? This one is over silver from https://twitter.com/Col_Festus
  19. https://www.retailgazette.co.uk/blog/2019/07/games-workshop-revenue-smashes-250m-best-year-yet/
  20. Hopefully soon I will be able to come to game nights again... The little one is getting bigger and I can venture farther from the house.
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