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  1. I read a bunch of threads on yes or no. Basically it boils down to the wording in Weapon Beast, "..in your Shooting phase." The wording of the Core Rule says, "albeit one resolved in the enemy’s Charge phase" so it seems that Overwatch isnt in your next shooting phase. Which moves me to something else that fires twice to check the wording. It seems that here the rules specifically say, shoot in overwatch. Another shoot twice model that says in in the following shooting phase. After reading more into this I am leaning to the NO they cannot shoot twice camp. What other units fir
  2. Badass! I can't play this campaign, but in the future I should be all in.
  3. The rule book is very clear: I was taught and we play with double/max shots and shenanigans in overwatch and I have never heard of not doing that but I am new. For example my Deathwatch have Rapid Fire 2 bolters (4 shots half range), usually supported with a Watchmaster (re-roll all failed hit rolls), use special issue ammo (usually wounds on 2+) and re-roll wound rolls of 1 Tactics. A squad of 10 with 6 Storm Bolters is deadly to charge overwatch!
  4. I sold my entire sleeved lot in binders to pay for a few 40k start collecting boxes. I'll look around though if I forgot any.
  5. Are there any artists in the crowd that could help with a teams banner? Turns out graphic design is a few levels above super gluing plastic parts together...
  6. Sold! Selling my Castellan and Valiant knights new in box. Not going to use them now. I have them up on eBay, but will take them down if I sell them here. I am in Happy Valley and can meet at WOW or somewhere around here.
  7. I kinda want the Jokaeros. A Jokaero detachment might be funny?
  8. Cheapest legs are $1.45 each on ebay including shipping. For example this is one of the people I have bought from: https://www.ebay.com/itm/WARHAMMER-40K-BITS-SPACE-MARINE-TACTICAL-SQUAD-LEGS/352646418776?epid=2254426253&hash=item521b5d5158:g:4xMAAOSwsWVcu5Pt @pretre at Mindtaker.org has used models for $1-1.50ish and you get the entire model. He is local and really awesome about local pickup. For example: https://mindtaker.org/product/marines-x10/ A box set is $3.40 each shipped and you get more parts you can resell... Its a slippery slope. Buy local I say!
  9. I will be here, albeit 30 min late or so. Wife and I have a hospital tour so who knows exactly. Anyone want to table my Deathwatch/Guard OFCC test list? 1750 points?
  10. To write my Deathwatch lists I think all I need is the Deathwatch codex, index 1, chapter approved 17, chapter approved 18, the numerous FAQs and errats online thank goodness and all my other factions codexes or indexes. As a newbie this initial buy in is overshadowed by the free app Battlescribe. Someday I'll be cool and own them all about the time 9th comes around... Are you going to be at the clubhouse soon? I would like to play against your Temptesus force! I'm having fun painting my Guard screens so maybe after that I'll invest.
  11. Someone pointed me to Battlescribe to build lists. So far it has been a massive help to me getting back into the game.
  12. Just a question from a newbie, if you have 6 troops and 3 HQs in the first battalion, why not split it and make 2 battalions with an additional HQ choice? I love the Scion models and someday would like to build a Scion army similar to yours.
  13. The Deathwatch Storm Bolter Storm Shield Veteran squads with Special Issue Ammo (2+ wounds), and Mission Tactics (reroll wound rolls of 1 for particular battlefield types) tends to be a very shooty army. Stand Still and shoot 4 shots per 20pt model. You can do a Primarus squad too without the 3++ saves. Not the best army but very shooty.
  14. Thanks for the ideas everyone!
  15. Hey man thanks for the game! We should rematch soon. I don't think your list was to strong; rather my list and list-building skills needs work! The more I play the better I see what I need to focus on and your list was great at that. Thanks!
  16. I think one of my armies needs a Barf Warlord: http://shpws.me/Qrdh
  17. Ill try a dark one next. Thanks!
  18. Look what I found on Shapeways...
  19. Model try number 2! Its a bit better. Dry Brushing really helps! What else should I try?
  20. Hey everyone! Just got back into 40k recently after a 6 edition break. I am about to start painting my latest Imperial Guard I mean Astra Militarum. My Deathwatch was all black, so I wanted to try a white theme. What should I try/color/do differently? I am trying to keep it simple, quick to paint, and newbie friendly so no super details yet. I didn't highlight anything on this model except the gun. Oh gosh the mold lines are really bad in the photos after the wash! I need to clean this up. Thoughts to ponder: To much black wash? Highlights on hands/face? Does the blue lo
  21. It usually doesn't take long to table my army😂 I'm still learning the game so any help and pointers are greatly appreciated!
  22. I plan on being there. Does anyone want to play a 1750 point ish game? Trying get 50 or so more models basecoated before Sunday. I keep changing my mind on the color scheme for imperial guard screening units.
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