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  1. It was the pressure that I was putting on the drill to start the hole that broke it. I had to push hard to keep the drill bit from wandering. After my new set of bits came (since I couldn't find just the one bit) I used a sewing needle to start the hole. They only went about 3mm at the deepest.
  2. I had to use a sewing pin to make a pilot hole for the drill, otherwise I was having to put too much pressure on the bit in order to keep it from wandering
  3. And here is part of the reason it took so long to drill the holes for the wire
  4. Here are the pallets with a model to compare size to a mini.
  5. I based them on the pallets from Terrain Tutor's tutorial, but I changed them slightly to better match the pallets that I see around town. I used a pin vice drill and some wire to add "nails" to one of them for the added realism, but that was a huge pain, so I probably won't do that to any others going forward. They are super easy to make if you don't add the nails, only taking about 15 minutes a pop.
  6. Is it possible to partake in only some of the missions? I ask, because I don't know for sure that I can agree to an every other week commitment, but I would still be interested in stopping by some game nights to play if that's allowed.
  7. I (Tau) played against my buddy (IG Tempestus Scions), and it was a ton of fun. We ran rescue with me being the rescuers. Unfortunately the game was called early on the count of us needing to get back home to our wives. That being said it was a blast, and I will definitely be playing more. Here is a picture from the game. The heroic stealth suit Shas'ui about to light up the Tempestus Scion medic
  8. Does this apply to Troops choice as well? Is it possible to have 4 space marine tactical squads, but not 5? I'm new to the group, so forgive me if this is a dumb question.
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