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  1. In relation to the Ordo membership drive. Is there a digital payment system in place? I’d love to renew my membership but probably can’t make it by the club any time soon.


    1. Weav


      Yes there is. In the Ordo store you can purchase the 2021 Championship dues. Here is a link:


      Thank you for your support!

  2. Hey Guys, Captain Seitz and Crew will not be able to make it as planned. A job posting at work opened up and I need to jump on it.
  3. Captain Seitz and his crew will be there Sunday! The Tyranids are siegeing a last stand of marines and Tau... would love to show up early? 2
  4. Captain Seitz and his harty crew will be Persuing the fabled turn 3 of 40k! Will any one be opening the doors early? We would love to set up at 2:30?
  5. My brother and I may be in tonight but probably can’t make it to 7pm. What time do things close down on Tuesdays?
  6. Captain Seitz and his Hearty 40k crew will be joining you lads in there perpetual quest to reach the mythical turn 3! we will have Jon, Wendell, my self and my Elder Mini Me. Also our old brother from another brother Caleb and his mini me Owen will be joining us. Caleb’s in from Vermont for the holidays.
  7. Captain Seitz (Elliott) and his crew will be there to continue our quest to reach turn 3 of a 40k game! Jon, Tyler, Big Elliot (Aka Clouse) and my mini me Anthony will be there along with special guests my brother in from NYC Wendell (aka Bill) and and a long long time friend Chris Onstott. It will be Chris first time playing 40k!!! I’m going to set him up with some Genestealers! is any one opening the doors early?
  8. Well crap sorry I missed this post. I don’t think we will make a GN till December 15th.
  9. What time do the doors open on Tuesday today?
  10. My buddy Jon and I will be in to play some 40k. We both have some vacation time and are gaming it up...
  11. My buddy Jon and I will be in to play some 40k. We both have some vacation time and are gaming it up...
  12. Planning to come play some 40k! My Son Anthony, Buddy Jon, his Son Tyler are playing about 1k each.
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