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  1. Hey, yeah we have games going mid day at Rainy day on Wednesday, and Jaron the shops 40k guy is a great person to connect you with some of us. They have a league in December and Warhammer Hillsboro always has events. Drop me a PM and we can meet for a game!
  2. If you ever need weapons for your project I have like 10 Terminator lords if you ever need it. They come with like every Chaos box so I have a few lol
  3. I have chaos to trade. What are you excited for in the new box? Any interest in knights?
  4. sweet bringing 2 people. Would 630 be to late for a 500 point game?
  5. I forgot a big one. I want the body to move at the waist. I have given up trying to figure out a way to get the leg to stomp, maybe on knight #2. My ultimate goal would be for it all to sync in some way. Like the knight turns, sound boxs makes an effect and smoke comes out, gun fires, lights flash, and the sound box plays the sounds of gunfire-bullets hitting plate- then screaming. I want it all to happen as one motion over like 5 to 10 seconds. Think Halloween or Christmas decorationcs. The Santa with "try me" and then it dances is a good example.
  6. Hey Ordo, I'm overwhelmed and need some help. Looking for some advice for building my Chaos Knight with added effects. I want to do the typical lights, smoke, and soundbox in the body. I also want to make the guns fire. I want to make my miniguns spin and give the cannon a recoil kick. I have never done this kind of thing, but I'm familiar with working on component level stuff. I have become obsessed with adding effects to my Chaos Knight. I have been stuck in the middle of building it for a month. I started with magnets. Then I had the idea of using legos. Then I found the power lego section...and a ton of thoughts hit me. I then researched using coreless dc motors from model plains. I'm comfortable soldering and working with components, so wiring my knight with motors and lights seemed the way to go for a while. Then it hit me, I can't be the only person who wants there, models, to move and do stuff. So I settled on the idea of finding a toy and ripping it apart. I knew someone had to have some experience. So I started trying to find people who had done this kind of thing online. There are so many projects blogs from people, it's kinda overwhelming. They also seem very amateur, and like there must be a better way. So I decided this week it was time to go get some help. I went to Tammys Hobbies and asked some folks there. The people are super friendly. I brought my half-built knight and told them what I wanted. I said I wanted to find a toy to part out for simplicity. The guy looked at me like I was dumb; he said: "you mean you want an RC tank"? I felt like a moron. An entire month of research and the most straightforward answer totally went over my head. Then I googled RC Tank parts.....and I'm back to the complicated amount of choices and ways to do it. RC tanks are its own world! There is so much, and people go deep! It seems like the way to go. So, can anyone help me or point me in the right direction? Do I have the right instructions now? Is there something I'm missing? Most of all, has anyone done something like this?
  7. Full Knight on Sprue. Selling for $89. Will throw the Canis Rex Upgrade in for $104. Includes Canis Rex Box, Knight decals and instructions either way. Can meet in West Portland or Guardian During the week.
  8. I'am sorry if this is already posted somewhere. I couldn't find a "purpose-a-box-split" thread. So wanted to start one here if possible. 1st Split Idea: Vehicle upgrade sprue I want to find a Tau, Eldar, and Guard players to split this with. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Vehicle-Upgrade-Frame-2017 It is the Vehicle upgrade sprue or sometimes called the Vehicle Commander sprue. It has a sets of bits for 5 races. I'm in it for the chaos bit and would like the space marine bit as well for 2/5 the cost of $12.50. So I would kick in $5. Each other person would kick in $2.50 for there Vehicle bits. I would like to do 3 so $7.50 each with me kicking in $15. Everyone gets there command bits for cheap and doesn't have to bother selling the other.. Let me know what you guys think?
  9. Lol I actually rage uninstalled just a week ago. It never lasts....
  10. apologies. added location. Can meet at West Portland Hobby Stores and Guardian Games.Send me a PM.
  11. Is there an Ordo Overwatch[pc] group?
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