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  1. Thanks everyone for a great day. Wish I could be back on the cobblestones in August but I'm taking my dwarfs to Nova Scotia for their summer vacation... One thing I think is overpowered on Streetbowl is fouling. In regular play, you get sent off on >1/6 fouls. If I fouled with a dwarf, the chance he'd be out was only 50% (crowd are mad enough to throw a rock) * 10 / 36 (armour break) * 10/36 (injury or KO) which is less than 4%. Even if the crowd automatically threw a rock at every fouler, fouling would still only risk losing your player 8% of the time, and as the bashier teams are usually the higher AV ones too, it makes it even harder for an agility team to compete at Streetbowl. On the other hand, serves those arrogant elves right! If they don't want to get fouled, they shouldn't fall over... Thoughts on Blitz Bowl: it's *so* different to regular Blood Bowl. It wasn't until the end of the first game that I fully understood you shouldn't be chasing touchdowns when there's usually more benefit in picking up challenge cards. I don't know if the solution is just to stress this more in the pregame tutorial, or something else - make everyone play a half hour game first / first to 10 points and not have it count to standings? Some of the plays on the back of the challenge cards feel a bit unbalanced (eg the 4th play card, on elves running the ball across the pitch) but I think that's me being salty when it didn't go my way Other than that, I'm not sure what you could do to Blitz Bowl that didn't overcomplicate it and make it too close to Blood Bowl again.
  2. Anything else to bring apart from dice and team? I'm travelling light so debating if I need the almanac or if just a flimsy bit of paper with my team on it will do.
  3. I'm bringing my dwarfs for the Street Bowl. Debating bringing my Skaven for Blitz Bowl or just going Dwarf all the way...
  4. Hi, I'm down in Portland next weekend for the Blitz/Street Bowl tournament, and wondering if anyone's up for a game of Gaslands. All my paint and modelling gear is in a shipping container somewhere in Seattle at the moment, so I only have a shiny school bus, a bulldozer and a few performance cars to play with right now, but always keen for some automotive shenanigans
  5. Cool - put me down for Blitz and Streetbowl please!
  6. Hi, I'm tempted to make it down from Seattle for this. Are dwarfs legit for Blitz Bowl?
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