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  1. So for a latecomer, should I just set OOB at 1250 to start?
  2. What are feelings on 1) joining this far into the league; and 2) games outside the clubhouse? I'm interested in joining, but in the spirit of Covid-caution for my toddler I'm kind of restricted to garage hammer at the moment.
  3. Name: Chris Armies: Imperial Fists (I also have the beginnings of Thousand Sons and Necrons, but not enough to play 40k with just yet; possibly Kill Team). Up for 40k or 30k. Availability: Weekend Evenings Location: Milwaukie Game Location: For the time being, I need to play in my garage. I have an unvaccinated toddler so I'm very careful about spending too much time indoors at other venues. I have a game table, terrain, and of course booze. Other Details: Vaccinated folks only at the moment please. I'm vaccinated, just have the kid to worry about. My wife and I are quite cautious but not to the point of being neurotic; just reasonable precautions. Preferred Contact: cmdurham@cmdurham.com; or message through the board.
  4. This is probably the closest stop that runs on weekends and is still about a 25 minute walk, so probably a heck of a trek for you with a limited weekend schedule. So probably not a great prospect. I'll get a taker or two I'm sure (and in no rush as I still have a dread to build), or I'll hang until immunization permits my re-entrance to the real world.
  5. they're supposed to be working on it. For now I just built a patrol detachment. The [big bad swear word] thing about it is that you can't edit some list details (list points, army name) after creating it.
  6. My situation is thus: for the near future I am pretty much homebound, half-vaxed, with free time confined to evenings after my kid is in bed. would love to get a Combat Patrol game in (would actually be my first game in 9th), but would have to be masked in my garage (live in Milwaukie; have table, terrain, and booze) on a weekend evening. Anyone interested, ping me.
  7. Reapers look doper. I'm gradually building out my Indomitus Necrons and decided to start with 10 flayers. Might build the second set with reapers for diversity. Any value to running mixed units? I believe that's possible with Warriors, right?
  8. Thanks. Still getting used to Administratum and still have a bunch to flesh out. Army is in Battlescribe now so need to port over wargear, but will work on it this week along with unit names and fluff.
  9. Ordo Novoprætorio -- "New Huscarls" of the Imperial Fists have joined the war
  10. Never mind. Figured it out. Coming out of the plague and not having played in a year this seems like a great way to wade back in. What’s the timeframe you expect this to run, or is it really open ended?
  11. @Lyraeus -- One thing I don't understand is why your supply limit is 1200 on your OOB. If the ratio is 1:20 with a 50PL limit, isn't that 1000 pts? I'm new to crusade so may be missing something
  12. It's a damn good week to be a Space Marines player.
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