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  1. Hey I know this is suuuuuiper old but any chance you still have any of this stuff? Shot in the dark just stumbled across this and am starting an UM legion so it’d be super helpful. Thanks!
  2. @zcaust83well I’m going for a slow grow kinda thing if you’re still interested. Know where to get free pdf rules and such and have a couple recasters that do good stuff
  3. Is this the sector imperialism from the original kill team starter set?
  4. Title says it’s all, would love any primaris HQ’s and/or 5 or 10 infiltrators and possibly other shadowspear units. NOS preferred
  5. I have the following deathgaurd stuff I would like to trade for some primaris stuff, let me know what you got I’m open to most anything! Also need a 40k rule book and apace marine codex. Willing to throw in cash as well if you’ve got more stuff and also have some stormcast if you’re into AoS. Thanks! - 1 Death Guard Lord of Contagion - 5 Death Guard Plague Marines - 1 Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone- 10 Death Guard Poxwalkers
  6. Hello! I have a bunch of stormcast AoS stuff and a core rulebook I would love to trade for some primaris space marine stuff and a 40k core book if possible. Many of these are partly painted or primed ushabti bone as I was going for an ivory kind of color scheme. I have the following: 24 sequitors 10 evocators 9 castigators 10 liberators 3 prosecutors 1 lord arcanum on bird horse 2 Knight incantors 3 ballista with crew 1 relictor would trade very much in your favor if you have primaris marines, especially if you have a rulebook to trade as well. Let me know if interested and I’ll send pictures!
  7. Jwollheim


    I’m really interested in starting a HH imperial fists legion but was wondering if there are many other folks that play around here?
  8. Really interested in starting a HH army and trying to gauge how many others play/what the scenes like.
  9. I don’t get paid till Friday but would love to buy at least half. Send me a PM.
  10. I may be interested, mind sending pictures?
  11. Had some luck picking up the SCE half of soul wars, now looking to split tempest of souls or buy the SCE half of it to round out the partial units. Thanks!
  12. Had some luck picking up the SCE half of soul wars, now looking to split tempest of souls or buy the SCE half of it to round out the partial units. Would also consider another soul wars half I guess. Thanks!
  13. Awesome! I’m just getting back into the hobby after years away, look forward to seeing y’all and playing my first game in 10+ years!
  14. Title basically says it all, would love to split soul wars with someone, or even the smaller one, tempest of souls I think it’s called?
  15. Hey bilemaggot, I would maybe be interested, mine sending some pics?
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