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  1. Hey Russell, I can play tomorrow at 6 or late tonight? Like 8:30 ? And anytime Thursday, Friday
  2. Let's do tomorrow or Thursday? Wednesday I have a date .
  3. So Whats a good time for you this week sir ? For some reason I'm not getting my email notifications for ORDO ....:/ but im free all week after 6 pm pacific time.
  4. That was supposed to be sent yesterday, my bad
  5. How goes it , um im free for a big chunk of the day tomorrow after 2pm ...then not again till Thursday,Friday after 6pm and Saturday/ Sunday all day
  6. Same !!! Great freaking game ... that defense first half being down players and that side step lol I was thinking for sure you were going to get that blockn2nd half to knock my guy down , but nuffle was on mind side with the dodge roll ,well played!!!! @WestRider
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