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  1. I hate it when that happens.
  2. Mr. Burk, sir, I like the way you roll. New Norse Team "Test Four Delta" registered and ready to hit. As always, gentlemen, if you want to rock, text 510-828-8161. My schedule may be stochastic, but out here in Boring, we need a little excitement...ever since the Not So Boring Bar And Grill changed it's name to the Boring Bar. Yea, I know. Let's play some Blood Bowl!
  3. Lets play some Bloodbowl! Can the comish open up "friendlies"?
  4. Good point. For me, it's mixed. I am full time working from home, but watching three kids, 7-5-3. Significant other is a pharmacist and working extra. Frankly, this thing is rather mild for us. FYI, the actual DoD stepped in and declared DTNA a critical resource necessary for maintaining the nations supply chains, so, yea, we're not shutting down. DTNA CEO is committed. I can see other situations being more challenging. But I still want to play some Blood Bowl!
  5. Well said and very fair. Official apology issued.
  6. We're seriously waiting on the two worst teams playing for the Toilet Bowl Championship? Have they just checked out?
  7. Let's Play Some Bloodbowl!
  8. Let's Hey, why not start a new league and run two at the same time? I'd love to start as Norse. Other than that, I am way, way in for season three, here.
  9. I noticed Morg got your MVP. That would suck...
  10. Can we sim them a 0-0 tie?
  11. I second this! There is no reason we should not be playing two or three games a week!
  12. Let's Play Some BloodBowl!
  13. That would've never happened to Super Skink!
  14. Super Skink! In 11 games: 10 TDs, 1 INT, 1 Injury inflicted, 390 yards rushing and 2 (!) yards passing:
  15. Ok, no concessions, but how about a zero-zero draw? Let's play some Blood Bowl!
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