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  1. Spent from 4:00 to 11:30 in the emergency room for a kid who crashed the minibike. Five stitches and a chipped patella. Eight year olds act all loopy on morphine. It'll be a cool scar and neat story. I can do Wed at 8:00. Mayne 8:30 as I need to get them through the shower.
  2. Frack it, it's past nine. I am out of here. You have my times.
  3. Please point me to the rule set you're going to use.
  4. Only child, here... I'd just call that an opportunity to teach him how to play! We can always use more players. Since like most people, I prefer beer with my BloodBowl, and since I have to cart three kids to football on Sunday in the mid afternoon, I should probably play afterward instead of before. Saturday can work after noon. Sunday after 8:00 bedtime. Friday after dinner. Next week weekdays I am looking at Moon's Day after 3:00 and then again after 8:00 are good But Tyr's Day is gymnastics, Oden's Day is Girl Scouts, Thor's Day is Puppy School, so all those are late nig
  5. Text 510-828-8161 for a quicker response: Tonight can work a little later after the kids are in bed, say starting at 8:00 or 8:30. Friday can work after dinner, say 7:00 or 7:30. Saturday is uncertain. I hear there is a birthday I need to attend. But I can probably play in the afternoon or evening. Sunday I am probably good anytime after noon.
  6. Ok, now that the kids are fed and in bed I can reply. This was a crazy game. I should have lost a half dozen times, easy, and I noticed at lest two major mistakes on my end. Anyway, very good game. I've been meaning to trim my TV but I could never cut players who were performing. So, uh, in a roundabout way, thank you for killing my Krox and damaging the movement on my Diving Tackle Skink with a niggling injury. I also got to cut the Skink who was going to miss next game and replace them all with new players - a fresh solid group of 13 for the next game against the Titans with a
  7. Just got home this morning. I can play almost anytime this week. Text 510-828-8161 for a quicker response.
  8. Interesting. I saw a Steam code sold out on the GW online store.
  9. Did anyone get it? If so, what's it like?
  10. We are scheduled for 8:00 tonight.
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