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  1. The one I fouled three or four times? Damn, you were lucky that game. That death allowed me to level up a Sauri who _finally_ rolled doubles, so I took Dodge. Blodgers are effing annoying. My level ups have been so very unlucky. My very first two I got doubles, and got Kick and Sure hands on two Skinks, who are still alive, but the rest...blah, [big bad swear word]y rolls. No abilities. Bah. Blood Bowl sucks sometimes, but it's still an awesome game and an awesome league. Thank you, Mr. Burk.
  2. Nobody should have an AGL 4 Blodger! Rule #32: Sometimes it's the little things: Boom! Dead! You're welcome, league...
  3. That's what made no sense. If you ignore *all* tackle zones, then why do you have to even roll to dodge?
  4. Seems more to it than that. But if you want, take a look at Turn 13 from our game. Skinks doing Skink stuff. Also, elves suck.
  5. I should go back and check that, because I remember the Skink running into the ball square and then not picking up the ball, for some reason. Before making seven dodge rolls...but that's not unusual for a Stunty player. I've made more than that, before. Anyway, maybe it was a misclick on my part? I might have to go back and review the game film, turn 13, if I recall. I was losing too many players and I just wanted to do a Skink version of a Hail Mary - that one had Dodge and Side Step, so I figured he had the best chance of getting in the endzone, ot at least annoying you enough to run out the clock... What was up with the snow? Who's idea was that? So, to anybody... I've read the description a hundred times, but how *exactly* does Stunty work? Do you make one Dodge roll and then ignore all Tackle zones for that character that turn? Or do you roll a Dodge roll each time and if you make it, you then don't have to roll a dodge roll? So it becomes like a bonus roll before the actual dodge roll? How does this work against Tackle? I've been playing Lizards for two or three years online and I still don't understand Stunty, which seems weird.
  6. So, I tied a team that beat me 4-1 last year. I beat a team that beat me 2-1 last year. And I tied another team that beat me 2-1. Lizards age well. But, the last game was *brutal!*
  7. I'll take a draw against one of the better players in the league...with a solid chance to score again at the end. I've probably had better games, but I don't remember when...
  8. Who's the AI in the Pro Division I?
  9. Something strange happens to notifications on this forum. I usually don't get notified or I am notified very late. I prefer the IM or direct text: 510-828-8161. That said, I am open tonight between 3 and 5:00. Then again after 7 or 8:00 when the kids are in bed. Tomorrow the same thing. Weekends are probably best at night, but as long as we avoid mealtimes, we should be good to go.
  10. Try fouling or Frenzy... Piling on. All three?
  11. Dear Gawd if I've known there were Halfings in that Div... At the same time, I like it! Some teams need the leg up. The necessary advantage to make up for their lack of natural talent. What have them? They are an obviously an inferior division and I am sure we will wipe the carpet with them! Let's Play Some BloodBowl!
  12. Does anyone ever buy stadium enhancements? I bought a Magician's Shop in an AI league and the AI never used it. I always thought the Magic Shop, Magical Dome and the Beer Stand were the best...
  13. The AI is very, very bad at Blood Bowl. If you want a "friendly", I think I have a Norse team I created but never played with...
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