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  1. @peter.cosgrove Great. Nurgle. My fourth favorite team. Maybe the fifth favorite, but it's been a while since I've played orcs. Please text 510-828-8161 to schedule. I should be good after 3:00 and before 6:00 tomorrow, and again after 8:00. Same for Friday. Saturday might be kids football day. Sunday unknown. Nest week is mostly the same as tomorrow.
  2. Nominally it's a forum post but several people just give out their phone numbers to text.
  3. Speaking of elves....in the first edition AD&D, Gygax specifically exempted elves from the Raise Dead and Resurrection spells in the Player's Handbook. This is because elves have no soul and therefore are not technically "people". Orcs, golblins, gnolls, kobalds and even halflings are people. Elves are not people. In case you were curious.
  4. Wow. I am certainly punching up. Div 1: 2050 elves, 1720 and 1750 chaos. Bring it on!
  5. I was married for three years and three hundred and fifty eight days. Yes, I counted. I cannot see anything being worse than that. Four Weddings and a Funeral is kind of like five things of the same thing. And as an off shoot, when is the last time you seen a veteran whine about anything he volunteered for? Let us play some Blood Bowl!
  6. I work with the dude every day. One of my annual work goals is backing up his vacation. He got into Blood Bowl because of me. Our kids have played together. Bring it on! EDIT: I *demand* my team escalation so that I may play Elmdor. Polity and respectively to Ordo management, of course.
  7. I wouldn't mind moving so long as I can play against this guy: @CountElmdor - BB2 Team Name: Lucavi - BB2 name: Elmdor - Race: Chaos
  8. Finally some good level ups. Runner +1 STR and a doubles for a blodging Lineman. The other Runner picked up Blodge on a standard level-up. Cool.
  9. Off topic...No dwarves. All human. They are not allowed to play demi-humans until they've read The Hobbit, LotR and the Silmarillion.
  10. Fair enough. I'd rather have more people involved than a longer season. My kids were bugging me about when the next season starts. I'm trying to hook them while they're young. Off topic aside, my 8, 6 and 4 year olds rolled up their first 3.5 Ed characters last weekend. I'm so proud of them. Ranger (archer), fighter and rogue. I told the six year old his character could use two weapons when he could read and explain the rules for them....he went with the d12 axe, instead. I almost cried.
  11. Cool. We can always do a 17 team round robin. It'll be a slog, but more Blood Bowl is a good thing. With round robin, we might not even need playoffs.
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