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  1. Game done. Lizards had terrible luck. Let us move on.
  2. We just dropped into the green zone 1 an hour ago. Unpacked the laptop. Game is scheduled for 7 pm tonight.
  3. Ok, I finally got power back, but I'm also packed for evacuation. That includes the laptop. We'll see what happens tomorrow with the map.
  4. vMy power has been out since Tuesday morning. While I am on a generator, I am not ready to schedule my first game. Some parts of Boring were hit hard by wind. Text 510-828-8161 to schedule. I'm still working from home and with everything going on, well, I'll try to find the time.
  5. Sixteen teams is really good for a swiss draw tournament. Classic Euro format. Keeps everyone playing for status and rank for the entire season. And it's quick.
  6. Do you know what'd I give for AGL on a Skink?
  7. Emperors 412 454 posts Posted 22 hours ago Decided to dash all hopes and play gobbos. New team is named, What the devil!? Why not try Halflings?
  8. #1 - Submitted for All-Pro Consideration: Sauri, Philo Beddoe Level 4. Block, Mighty Blow, Dodge. 3 MVP, 2 TDs, 8 Cas, 12 KOs, 1 Kill, 1 Crowdsurf. #2 - Submitted for AL-Pro Consideration: Sauri: The Man With No Name. Lvl 4: Block, Mighty Blow, Frenzy. 3 MVP, 2 TDs, 8 Cas, 12 KOs, 1 Kill, 1 Crowdsurf. #3 - Submitted for AL-Pro Consideration: Skink: Preacher: LVL 5: Sure Hands, Sure Feet, Diving Tackle, Side Step. 1 MVP, 16 TDs, 6 YDs passing. 848 Yards Rushing. 23 injur
  9. I have a Sauri with Block, Mighty Blow, Frenzy. I think he might make an All Pro Team... Don't fear the lizards.
  10. Mr. Burk, sir, I have an idea. Now that we've been playing for a few seasons and some teams are getting some experienced players, we should put together an All-Pro team. One for offense and one for defense. Figure, maybe: Offense: Three linemen/big guy types. One or two receiving types. Two or three dedicated running/Thrower types. Then four more generic players developed with offensive characteristics. Defense: Again, three linemen/big guys. Four blitzers. And two what you could call "safety-types" and two more harassing, raid the back-field types. We can have
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