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  1. You did beat me 6-0, once....if I recall correctly.
  2. Three Chaos teams in my division? And Burk? Man, why do you hate me? (kidding)
  3. In, please. @Spielmannsfluch - BB2 Team Name: Boring Dino's of Eastwood - BB2 Name: Spielmannsfluch - Lizards
  4. I am still kind of shocked that after almost two seasons nobody has commented on the double double entendre of my team name.
  5. @CPTButchFlowers Sorry. I didn't realize we rolled the week. I am good whenever, but I prefer later in the day. Text 510-828-8161 for a quicker response.
  6. How about right now? Text 510-828-8161.
  7. Game done. Lizards had terrible luck. Let us move on.
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