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  1. I’ll be busy most of the day with the family, but later in the afternoon might work, about 4:30ish. I’ll let you know when I do
  2. blast, sorry I forgot to check the thread today. I’ll follow it for email updates. feel free to text, also 503-348-1317
  3. tomorrow around 4:30 might work. on the weekend, it’s hard to say.
  4. this one’s a twofer, some terrain I did to try my new airbrush out, and then some veterans to float around for assembling command and special weapons squads and such.
  5. tonight, Friday, or Saturday night at about 9 sound OK? take your pick, if so. @Burk
  6. Guard, White Scars, Talons of the Emperor, Red Corsairs are all seeing play around the house. I've also got plans and plastic for Grey Knights, Imperial Knights, and Harlequins, as well as a 30K Alpha Legion force, so a clean looking 40K Alpha Legion force in other words.
  7. most nights are OK, starting about 9:00 pm. Say tomorrow (Thurs)?
  8. I’m doing mine with black hair to set them apart from my Custodes’ red plumes.
  9. Concede? NEVER! ticket accepted
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