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  1. My first Intercessors for my Ultima Founding chapter, Sons of Omegon.
  2. @peter.cosgrove When's good? Just about any evening at 9:00ish should work, for me.
  3. @Bosco would tomorrow (Monday) night at about 9:00 work? If so, then let's rock!
  4. I’m running the marines from my Betrayal at Calth box as a counts as Red Corsairs force. I wanted to add a Sorcerer, and happened to have a spare Ahriman, too, so:
  5. Rolling up my own original Primaris-only Space Marine Chapter. Here’s a test model. I used a crappy Chinese recast I ended up with...
  6. I can finally call my to-this-point pure Custodes force, Talons of the Emperor! Sisters of Silence Prosecutor Squad
  7. alright, I'll be online at 9, then.
  8. howabout tonight? say 9:00ish? Tomorrow might not work, but any evening after should be OK, I think.
  9. hey @Maxwell Christian what times/days are best for you? I prefer after 9:00 most nights if possible.
  10. I’ll be busy most of the day with the family, but later in the afternoon might work, about 4:30ish. I’ll let you know when I do
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