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  1. Jesus Christ the new Death Guard Combat Patrol box is a TERRIBLE value! 1/3 of the models in Dark Imperium for 87% the price. Basically same models increased to 265% the price but sold as a discount box . . .
  2. I know it's probably a long shot with all you Primaris Fanboy Personalities 😉 but I'm looking for a few old Tau Commander Upgrade Sprues (which came in metal or resin) or the Xv8 Tau Crisis Battlesuit Commander box that included the upgrade sprues with an old style Xv8 crisis suite as well. I've attached some photos of the various incarnations below courtesy of the interwebs. Have cash, paypal; or some indomitus necrons or primed death guard for trade if you prefer the barter system.
  3. Thanks, these are great! I liked some of the WHFB ones but of course those were nuked by AoS and now cost a kidney for even a relatively newish condition one. Your comment about the crews got me thinking - that’s a few extra torsos & legs to swap around too - just hide the hybrid ones in the middle of the ranks. They’re ghoulish cultists anyways!
  4. Any thoughts on sourcing catapults/balliste kits? Found some functional mdf or wood kits online but they’d be pretty huge on the table for light seige engines - much bigger than 50mm wide.
  5. Yeah, I have a box of those skulls, and I like the wargames atlantic skeletons too! But this would still leave me with a bunch of extra arms. With every kit out there being limited by the number of torsos/legs in the box someone could make a killing selling full sprues of just classic styled chests & legs.
  6. Forgot to mention also a lot more battle scenarios!
  7. Oh yeah! Just got my Oathbreakers and definitely going to run some undeath! They’re somewhat split between two subfactions (elite & horde) kinda like orcs & goblins so it’s more like two new factions to play. Going to have at least two separate army ideas now once the damn pandemic is over. Just need to find more undead models to build so my army doesn’t just look like a Reapermini Kickstarter pledge. Anyone know where to get cheap skeleton ribcages and legs? The multipart kits all come with so many extra arms!
  8. There’s a lot of really cool stls being made out there by various folks but I don't have the space or funds to invest in a 3d printer. But it looks like there’s a few of you gents who are pretty experienced with them. So I’m curious if anyone’s interested in printing some stuff for a fee? And generally what it would cost to print them in resin for the better detail? The stuff I’m looking at is all dreadnought/battlesuit sized stuff and the files are all cleaned/supported/etc by the folks creating them. Not just random junk from thingyverse. Any thoughts would be great! With pric
  9. Might even be four since it sounded like @Peanut had a book on the way too!
  10. @Mulgrok Heya, just wanted to let you know that after seeing today’s daily cases jump up by a third over the previous record and the test positivity rate basically doubling I’m going to sit out the in person gaming for a while. Thanks for the great game our first match and I’ll definitely be up for a rematch hopefully in the near future!
  11. Well thank the gods we only need two of us to start playing! Also I found this awesome kingdom and army builder: https://github.com/danielloeblein/oathmark-army-builder Just download, unzip, and open the html with any browser - pretty impressive! I’ve totally started designing one kingdom with an idea for a second. FYI North Star Minis is doing their order 4 get a 5th squad free deal again through the 19th as well.
  12. I’m pretty excited about this (& the previous books too) anybody organizing a group of folks looking to play Oathmark yet? If not what needs to be done outside of of our respective armies to get some gaming started?
  13. I have basically the same Tau list I was running when we played a game previously, before 9th I think. Tau currently don’t play the missions well and even the most competitive Tau lists don’t match the new marines/necrons units. I’m hoping there will be something interesting in the FW codex to perhaps add some variety, but of course they haven’t previewed anything substantial before we’re supposed to preorder another book. So I’ll keep you posted, if the virus cases keep accelerating like this for the next two weeks I may not come out anyway.
  14. Am I missing something or is the new warcry box $40 more for less than the original just last year? Same number of warbands, roughly same board size and tokens cards etc. Not even half as much terrain as the ruins in the first box, both included hardcover core rule book. No monster figures in this one at all. $210 for this one instead of $170 last time - inflation wasn’t 25% last year . . .
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