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  1. I’m in Portland and interested in several things, just sent a PM.
  2. I’d definitely be interested, especially if you’d sell it without the core book and then Jay can take it off your hands.
  3. Still looking for a core rulebook? I’ve been eyeing the catacombs set but don’t need the book.
  4. Nice! Those deceitful humans, making pacts with orcs over ill-gotten coin! Which dwarves models are you going with? Can’t wait to see some painted units!
  5. I need six of the crested heads that come with the lychguard/praetorians kit or the overlord or command barge kit. There’s a lot of variation on the crests and any combination of them would be great! Here’s a photo for reference: Have cash, paypal, other bits etc. Thanks!
  6. Just because they’re slightly cheaper at 40 per box instead of 36/30? I can see that about generic archers rules though. Well I’ll probably end up getting them eventually because I looked closer and realized there are actually two slings per sprue. I also like the halberds for counts-as-spearmen too, so I’ll probably end up with a bunch of extra bows if you or other folks need them. Though I’m getting the sense spare heads & arms are just a feature of rank & flank. I’ll have to make some carnage-strewn scatter terrain for my oathbreakers army.
  7. Damn, I thought of the Wargames Atlantic set immediately too - been periodically looking at the photos and the 3-box deal all afternoon. So far I’m resisting on the basis of there only being one sling per sprue because they included three bows which seems silly for hobbits.
  8. Oh this is awesome! I’ve always wanted an excuse to make a Hobbiton board! Anyone else smell a Scouring of the Shire campaign inspired by Return of the King?
  9. Looking for a bunch of the ramshackle or battered style shields for Oathmark. From googling it looks like Skaven, Orks & Beastmen all have multiple units that come with shields which would work. Other brands would totally work too. Attached arm or no arm doesn’t really matter. Happy to pay/trade/etc. Here’s some images of the style:
  10. Heh, I take it you’re playing goblins?
  11. Yeah, there’s a good few of us getting armies ready for when the club reopens. Monthly or even weekly games are looking like a real possibility. Which is great for the kingdom building and hero advancement rules! There’s a new supplemental book of scenarios & heroes stuff coming this summer as well!
  12. Jesus Christ the new Death Guard Combat Patrol box is a TERRIBLE value! 1/3 of the models in Dark Imperium for 87% the price. Basically same models increased to 265% the price but sold as a discount box . . .
  13. I know it's probably a long shot with all you Primaris Fanboy Personalities 😉 but I'm looking for a few old Tau Commander Upgrade Sprues (which came in metal or resin) or the Xv8 Tau Crisis Battlesuit Commander box that included the upgrade sprues with an old style Xv8 crisis suite as well. I've attached some photos of the various incarnations below courtesy of the interwebs. Have cash, paypal; or some indomitus necrons or primed death guard for trade if you prefer the barter system.
  14. Thanks, these are great! I liked some of the WHFB ones but of course those were nuked by AoS and now cost a kidney for even a relatively newish condition one. Your comment about the crews got me thinking - that’s a few extra torsos & legs to swap around too - just hide the hybrid ones in the middle of the ranks. They’re ghoulish cultists anyways!
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