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  1. Go ahead and give up my spot if someone else needs it. I can wait another week or 2 for my drukhari to be ready
  2. I would love to game but i dont have a 40k army ready. I do have vanguard, godtear, and marvel crisis protocol ready to go it anyone wants to learn one of those games.
  3. Yeah I would like to try the game out. I've only played the mantic version
  4. Would you be willing to teach a total noob bloodbowl?
  5. I backed the kickstarter and have something like 9 warbands. I personally love it over most skirmish games i have played. I would be more than happy to teach the game!
  6. I would be down to play something like necromunda vanguard or maybe mordhiem those ones i have models for. I do have some tau but dont have a list ready and no clue on what im doing.
  7. I love the idea of some of those original armies
  8. Has anyone really looked into this or played this version of the game? I want to give it a try anyone interested?
  9. I do know that up in Vancouver fire and fury is letting people play I'm store
  10. Ive been looking at models and the new rules for the game and while I would love to build a Tau army and I have some already, I am thinking of getting into Space Marines or Chaos Marines. If i did marines I was thinking White Scars, Space wolves or Salamanders. If I did Chaos i would probably do Emperor's Children, Alpha legion, or Thousand Suns. Do people have any suggestions on what I should do? Also I plan to 3dprint most of the army
  11. I live in Vancouver and would be down to play 6th 7th or 8th. I'm more interested in 8th but I'm sure we could figure something out!
  12. I would be happy to play pretty much anywhere. I have a game room in my apartment but my table is not the right size. my schedule is pretty open im always done with work around 2pm. Im happy to play 8th or 9th just let me know how many points when and where to be. I might be a little short on points in 9th but im down to bring all my elves and see what we can figure out.
  13. Yes I know but I was wondering if some of them are a no go because of game balance reasons.
  14. That sounds great any warbands not allowed? I have a druchii one I think ready to go and a shadow warriors. If my 3d printer wasent down for repair I would print something else.
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