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  1. I drive down every time from Vancouver too 🙂 and I might be able to make it this Saturday for some oathmark if the wife doesn't make plans without ne knowing
  2. Damunky


    Would i need to pick up the house esher book?
  3. Damunky


    So I have a small esher gang and have been wanting to play sometime. I was wondering if anyone was going to start up a campaign anytime in the near future
  4. sadly the wife is sick right now so I dont want to show up and bring sick to anyone so I have to stay away today
  5. you two got time for a game after cause I can also come with oathmark stuff
  6. So i know you posted this a while but are you still interested in playing the Fantasy battles? if you are I am totally down. and live in Hazel dell
  7. Interesting. It does sound like we need to break habits from other rank and flank games.
  8. I sadly cannot make it this week for oathmark 😞
  9. Im down for whatever works. Im just having a hell of a time deciding how I want to play and which models i want to use
  10. IF anyone used the Discord for ordo i got an other games channel added to talk about oathmark there
  11. I should be there for some oathmark arount 530or 6sih. I would love to try out 1000 points or maybe 1500
  12. Have you seen the artisan guild kobolds?
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