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  1. I can be there with marvel crisis protocol and vanguard
  2. They need a slightly smaller frontage but yet they could work
  3. Now to find something similar for 9th age 😄
  4. I could use that stl file. the tricky part is I have my front ranks on a regiment base thats 20x80 mm cause command models are always in the front for other games so ill have to figure out how to make it work
  5. Fair enough. I guess I wish there where more races besides what they have. I want my dark elves 😉 I also kind of wish they did 20mm not 25mm
  6. I've been reading through the rules after ish let me borrow the book. I am willing to try but it does feel just a little generic.
  7. Was gonna be there tonight but I hurt my back so I cant show tonight
  8. I have a friend coming to my home tomorrow to learn a game of mordhiem and in planning to start a campaign soon
  9. Should I show up with my marvel stuff?
  10. Awe ok. No problem. I dont have nearly enough 40 stuff to play it.
  11. I would be interested in 9th age but I dont know how many points of dark elves I can field yet I'm still in the process of building it all
  12. Im always lookin to teach people vanguard 😄 Would also love to play Marvel crisis protocol. I also have a copy of The edge downfall i can bring
  13. I might be able to show up for this if anyone wants to play my skirmish games like vanguard or mcp. I would love to play 9th age but my army isnt ready
  14. I could show up for mordhiem vanguard or marvel crisis protocol is anyone wants to play or learn one of these games.
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