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  1. If anyone is interested in tomb king stuff or any of the other stuff i mentioned above I can post pics.
  2. @Inquisitor66 Are you looking for trades or paypal or?? If you want to see anything else i can grab pics.
  3. Some example- i got many of each warrior type here: Also the double gun warriors i was using as immortal stand in's- yes its pretty janky. Like I said many in the box for each example. Also i got genestealers everywhere...: Warrior covered in green stuff... was going to turn into vines or whatnot... never happened. Also flayed ones: I got a couple wraths and load of scarabs. Also some printed bases if your interested: I got some other onsies around but not much big stuff (no monoliths or anything). LOTs of warriors though if you looking 50 plus of vario
  4. I am also looking for helbrutes, marines, poxwalkers, defilers and perhaps a few more termi's. I will look through my necron stuff but i got tons of warriors, lords, some flayed ones, and maybe a destroyer here or there. I even have some of the super old silly necron sculpts. Pictures to come.
  5. Here is a mix of the tyranid things I got- some are old some are new. Cool old metal ravener ( i got several of these) Plastic Raveners cause reasons Old lord/warrior (metal) thing... Old Lictor (metal) Nids- old and new, term and horm (an example of each but i got many...) I can send close ups if you want em.. Weapon bitz Thats some of the stuff- i got genestealers too and other such.
  6. Sorry about the slow update. I have been base coating and building for a while. Beyond what you see here is 5 more blightlords, 1 more plague burst and 2 more blight drones. I am looking to pick up a few more plague marines (I am 1 blight launcher away from three blight five mans) and perhaps some poxwalkers for pox lists. Painting is coming along slowly but surly. My wife bought me some new paints so i will be trying some different things as I go once i finish up my plague marine squads. Also the guitar marine will be likely be in my list as I am painting in the putrid choir theme.
  7. I need D-guard so if you got any of them old boxes....
  8. @Lyraeus That sounds awesome and i could start playing soon... I live out in the woods though and its hard to find an opponent.
  9. @Lyraeus Crusade list? I have not been keeping up with 9th 😞 Crafting everyday playing someday 🙂
  10. building and base coating..... haha i will post as i paint....
  11. I might want some D-shroud terminators/ lord of contagion. It looks like the HH models might be a better buy per model. I have 10 blightlord termi's which might be enough... but there is some plague companies that seem to emphasis them. This is how you get to 5000 points of a given army....
  12. Looking for pox walkers and plague marine to allow for flexibility in my army building. As i said the starter box would be great. I am willing to pay with paypal if the price is right.
  13. I got my army mostly done(got at least 2000 points). I am looking to fill out for different options. If you got death guard half of starter boxs or other d guard stuff your will to trade let me know. I can trade or have paypal if its reasonable.
  14. I looked up dot filter super interesting. I have not worked with oil paints- super interesting technique. Also some of your dudes are looking mightily Klingon-y.
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