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  1. Lash wasn't as powerful as you think in etc team events it ranked as a bad list because most people started meching up so u can't lash vechiles secoundly it was stoppable by psyche hoods etc . It was the only trick in the chaos book cast by a four wound dp who was easily dealt with . I think double lash is s bit much maybe nerf it to only be taken once ? list that where bent was the caravan car park for guard, paladin star ,login wing and the tag team champions of the world sanguinor and mephiston.
  2. chaos lesser daemons should be made scoring . Fifth chaos marines lacked a lot of the legion specific stuff they had in 3.5 where u would get free stuff for taking magic number units or special force org. Making thousand sons sorcerer cheaper with free spell would work . So In fifth marines and every other army got spells for free right? Chaos marines and daemons Had to pay for some reason why not remove the charge for them but allow only one or two to be taken ?
  3. 2nd edition was the game I watched my uncle play while he was at uni I was about 8/9 I remember it being a very small sized game looking back at the rule book it was definitely not for kids the rules where not clear and weapon loadout options where insane psycho Grenada’s , chemical weapons that could kill you if you didn’t where a helmet etc . Third was a good game but the army books where dull small pamphlets with few special abilities. When I started getting into the game it was with iron warriors in 4th using that 3.5 codex now that had loads of flavour that edition was ok but didn’t have
  4. No worries Your not coming across like that I’m British my feelings can’t be hurt lol. Maybe it’s just me looking back with rose tinted glasses just seems like 40k was a lot more balanced back then but I do I like eight and hopefully ninth will be improve on that but I will always love fifth . Would be interesting to have online 5th edition redux rulebook like the ninth age community for fantasy . The armies I do remember being very unique and cool where Dark angels deathwing since fifth they haven’t been remotely competitive since then maybe that’s why I want to play fifth aga
  5. How would you update the under powered codexes :- Tau- Eldar-DA towards the end of fifth where dropping to lower teir armies when the Necrons Grey Knights etc where just far beyond those. Would Adeptus Mechanicus be adapted for fifth?. Daemons and Chaos where also not very spicey at the end but I can remember the 6th edition Chaos marine codex coming out during fifth but not sure?.
  6. 5th edition was the best tournament 40k version in my opinion although I do like the new mission objective cards. would be happy to play fifth using this comp against anyone online if they want to play on either universal battle or table top simulator. nav
  7. I would love to play fifth edition again with a decent Comp would anyone be up for playing online using table top simulator or universal battle ?
  8. I would be well up for trying this out on universal battle or table top simulator if anyone wants a game I loved 5th edition I think it would have been amazing having fifth ed with the current card system for missions. Message me if you want a game online .
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