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  1. Hey, I have a New In Box CCB and Immortals (Missing Shrink Wrap) that I won't end up needing. I'm open to cash or trade. I paid 32.50 for the immortals and 47.99 for the CCB. I'm not really trying to acquire anything specific with a trade, but terrain (Battle Matts), Primaris Marines, 40K/AOS Chaos, Daemonettes, MCP, Infinity and 3D Printing Services are all interesting things. Open to most fair offers.
  2. Last few pictures are prints Scott did for me. Great quality, great service. I'm excited to talk to Scott about the next project as soon as I catch up. I saw some awesome rocks above and want to get some redwood style trees for a less industrial terrain. It's awesome knowing that I can rely on Scott for quality printing.
  3. Bought the box for the Heavies and Flayed. I now have a bunch of extra stuff: – Double-sided game board measuring 22"" x 30"" representing two areas of a Necrons tomb complex – 48 pieces of Necrons-themed terrain, including 8 doors, 4 induction diodes, 8 single quantum nodes, 12 double quantum nodes, and 16 thermionic annuluses. – 112-page Kill Team: Pariah Nexus softback book, containing extensive background, rules for playing games of Kill Team in the ultra-close confines of indoor environments, and updated rules for using Space Marines and Necrons in Kill Team, including datasheets, tactics, and more – Two decks of 17 objective cards – Space Marines transfer sheet Happy to trade, happy to sell. Spikeybits guessed that everything else was valued at $90, so maybe $45 is a good price? Maybe? Let me know? LF: Sisters, Terrain, Demons, probably other stuff too.
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