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  1. So recently, I waded through the entire Kal Jerico trilogy, found myself intrigued by the Cawdor, and then found a Goonhammer article that makes them sound like fanatics that might just be right up my alley. That isn't the question really. The question is: what would be the best gang to learn about the game with? Growing up in a rather religious family I think I could run them well but would they be a good gang for a complete noob? Thoughts?
  2. And that's damn unfortunate! 😊 I called the GW store out in Portland and the guy got offended that it wasn't the current meta. Fine, cool, dandy - I get sales as I've done them, but Nuffle is not meta. Never was. I'd be very interested in playing a season with you guys. And thanks for having me. Nice to meet you.
  3. I think the main question I have is where do most people play in this area? I'm kind of hoping to find a pick up game and possibly a D&D campaign, but I'm also wondering where to find a good selection of miniatures. I've been in the area for a couple of years now but no idea of the where or what as I've been mostly a working stiff.
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    Hello there, First post here from an old gamer who is getting back into gaming for the first time in many of years. I have played a game or two with the TriCities group over at Adventures Underground, but that has been years ago. I'm trying to find a group of people that might be interested in showing an old dog new tricks. I know that GW is looking at releasing Blood Bowl Season 2 and I am thinking of picking it up as it'd be only the second tabletop related thing I've picked up in almost a decade, outside of Go. I'd like to go Skaven, but I'm open to trying out any team really beca
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