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  1. I'd be down to play. With hybrid learning and little league, my schedule is a bit impacted during the week, but I can occasionally arrange a weekday game depending on my wife's schedule. Weekends are usually free. Also, I have an outside table at my house (for when the weather is good) and should be getting an inside one, too, shortly. Feel free to DM me for my contact info or let me know how you'd like to get in touch. Re Covid: I've gotten both shots and will be two weeks out from my second dose on 5/13. I work from home. Wife is a doctor, but she's fully vaxxed.
  2. Finally, my 20-year letter writing campaign has yielded success!
  3. Here's a link to the Core Rules: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Lw4o3USx1R8sU7cQ.pdf. I don't think it's been updated with the errata. There's also a denser rulebook available now, with Detachments, missions, and whatnot. Yes. Necrons got a brand new Codex (so far, they're the only non-marine faction to have one). Apparently, the Silent King kicks all kinds of butt. And the model looks bad assed, like some Sci-Fi metal album cover stuff. I've only played one game of 9th. Before that, and excepting some fiddling around at the end of 8th edition,
  4. Yes. With certain exceptions. Dark Angels and Black Templars each have an index that (I think) replaces both their Codexes ("Codices"?) and their Psychic Awakening rules. Other factions have updated errata that include new weapons stats (flamer ranges, etc.,) and updates to reflect new rules (e.g., weapons that can target characters now say they ignore "Look Out Sir!"). They're on the Warhammer Community FAQs page.
  5. I like the theme a lot! Seems unique and fun. Some minor nitpicks: While patrol detachments only require two troop choices, they allow up to three. So, why not divide the one of the 10x intercessor squads into two 5x squads, rather than (I assume) using the Combat squads ability? That will give you an extra sergeant, with an extra attack and an extra astartes chainsword for the non-assault intercessors (assuming you go that route rather than split up the assault intercessors), for the same number of points. Since you went with the Whirlwind tactic, I assume you want to get them into
  6. Name: Patrick Armies: Toaster lovers (AdMech) Available: I'm married and have two kids, so availability is varied. But, generally, free on the weekends (all day) and Tuesdays (from noon-evening). Location: SE PDX, Hawthorne/Mt. Tabor Game Location: Wherever. Also, as long as lockdown/social distancing remains an issue, and temperature permitting, I have a covered patio and table large enough for 2,000 point games (technically it's only 43"). If we get to know each other, I'm even happy to let others use it for games I'm not playing. Preferred Contact Method: PM me
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