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  1. And I got into custodes right as necrons got their codex. I was literally at gw juggling between both a box of necrons and custodes. Though I think overall I’m happy with my choice
  2. I’d love to but my work schedule is Sunday-Tuesday.
  3. Other companies? For what? I thought gw was the only game in town for 40k
  4. Sure, though Im so new that I need a bit of help. Im reading the rule book and I have a pdf of my codex but I get the feeling some of this won't be concrete in my head until I actually play.
  5. Excited to get started! thanks! Yes I am finishing my allaris terminators right now. Then I have a box of versus preators I need to build. So in total ill have 3 allaris terminators (one as a captain), a squad of 5 guard (2 sword/shield, 2 spear, 1 vexilla), and 3 vertus preators.
  6. So I just got into the hobby and got a couple boxes of figures. Im officially invested in custodes and im looking for some advice. What are some things you wish you had known prior to building your first set? Also are people meeting for actual games as of late or is it still pretty spaced out? Just curious as I got into the hobby because the tabletop game is super neat to me. I have a box of custodes guard, a set of allarus terminators and im building a box of vertus preators. Plus a friend of mine gifted me Trajan Valoris so I expanded pretty quickly.
  7. Hello! From what I’ve read this is a group located in the Portland OR area? I’m a nurse who started working here and my wife and I just moved into town. Right before I moved I got my first box of figures and now I’m working on my first army of the emperors favorite:custodes. I look forward to meeting you all and hopefully build friendships around the hobby as I’ve been really enjoying it so far.
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