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  1. @Tao Tsê-Mung I wouldn’t mind a game together. I have 2k points of custodes.
  2. I can do that. Just bring what you want today. I’ll try to make a 1k list but I’m also open to a full game
  3. I’ll be there with up to 2000 of custodes
  4. I’ll be there with 2000 points of custodes! Anyone want to play?
  5. Hi All, My Olympia friends notified me of this tourney. I havent entered in one before and I will be in Vegas at that time! Is anyone interested in joining a 5-man team? I have 2000 points of custodes. https://www.frontlinegaming.org/2021/05/07/las-vegas-team-tournament/?fbclid=IwAR1aH0Dn_4S0qZSuMPSNSAGjDFKLJ3-BOmjRcxqPr0XeoDwoXJX50wPsKBw
  6. Hey there, I’m a bit late to the party but I set a goal for myself and in less than a week I managed to get my whole army painted! At least with the base coat and some of the red accents! My goal for the rest of the month is to paint my telemon when it comes in with the same. If possible I’d like to get more fine details on at least my terminators. https://imgur.com/a/ki4Dml8 Except for three of them which were spray painted, the rest were grey of shame. I didn’t like the spray paint to I ended up hand painting the rest and adding more shading to the spray painted ones to make the colors match better.
  7. Ill be there with 13-1500 points of custodies or I wouldn’t mind a paint session with some help.
  8. Sounds good! It’s actually about 1520 points now with my new guard squad
  9. I will be there. I will be bringing 1350 points of custodes. It’s my second game and I’m a little slow.
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