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  1. That’s awesome! Baths will be great after assimilating all the tribes!
  2. Yeah I’m not going for the GW massive jaw orc. But those Warlord ones don’t look too bad. I was looking at some historical and I could probably get away with throwing some of their heads on some Danesmen with axes or something. but I have enough painting on my plate I can be patient searching for the right unit!
  3. Ah bummer, looks like I’ll have to look elsewhere for some orc line breakers
  4. Have any of you guys seen the miniatures for the Song of Ice and Fire game? How is their scale? The price and level of detail look too good to be true!
  5. Shoes you have tightened! nipples you have taped! ere the gun fires! jooooooggggggg!
  6. Rohan on square bases!?! army coming together now that I got all my bases in the mail!
  7. Nice! Got in mind what figures your gonna use?
  8. Your dwarven treasure will be very useful for funding my armies, and your people willing subjects after a show of force!
  9. I finally got my kingdom built out. Ive been listening a lot to The Fall of Rome and love the Byzantine medieval aesthetic. I think that using the base models from the LotR starter set will be perfect to build around and already have ideas for filling out the rest of the army Kingdom Name- Nicomedia Current Ruler- Duke Frederick Alonzo de Constance-Lumishie Born of a union between the two great families from powerful southern kingdoms, Frederick strove to make a name for himself in the twisted and convoluted politics of the decedent south. Despite the powerful and ancient noble blood in his veins, he was not in line for succession and the mixed families of his house meant he was kept out of certain religious and political posts that could help him gain the influence needed to get him on the coveted throne. Realizing how troublesome he would become, the current emperor and senate sent him north to establish a territories and subjugate the kingdoms long outside their reach. He graciously accepted his new role, and knew that fastest way to sitting on the throne was with a loyal army at his back. Establishing a city named after the first Emperor, he conquered and allied with willing orc tribes to build kingdom that'll be his place of power before returning home and taking the throne he knows is his. Kingdom Design Human Capital Plains, Smithies Orc City, Dark Hills, Smithies Dungeons, Ancient Ruins, Barrens, Rough Hills My goal is to build a fast, hard hitting army of human knights and orc linebreakers. Light cav and wolves for getting to the back line and flank charges. I love the idea of orcs as more noble tribesmen, like Gauls. Also I love Cataphracts, so being able to combine the two makes me the happiest wargamer ever!
  10. Dope dude! Those will work great. I’ve never been to the club, is there space for it to be set up in a more peminate fashion?
  11. I’m new to it as well, I’d be fine with either, new or updated.
  12. I’m sure we can manage, plus it’s just rules for what units, so as long as we stick to that fixing the tiles around should be easy
  13. That’ll be cool to represent to land, really make the world come alive. But I can have my kingdom made before the start right?
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