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  1. Awesome report man! There’s a good grudge happening between your two forces! Gorgeous little armies too! I have about half my Norse already, the others are on their way from excellent minis but being international shipping who knows when lol
  2. Kislev would be perfect, dwarves could easily be the Red Guard
  3. Warmaster is 10mm scale and you’ll have to keep the 20x40 bases, or stands, as you remove these stands when you take enough wounds. Pretty looking armies! Let’s get some army shots!
  4. That’s how I felt about the game, ranks for bonus are super important and chipping away one rank can mean a lost or won combat. broke combats cost me my orcs as well. Those stubborn goblins lol
  5. Hey dudes been super busy! Glad to see some more armies are joining the ranks! Can’t wait to see them across the table. I’ll be a bit more free later in the month for some gaming. has anyone added any of the new units from the other books to their armies? Like the chariots and vets?
  6. Those are pretty sweet! I dig how cohesive the whole army is. That’ll be an awesome army to grill on the table top! are they all Oathmark dwarves?
  7. I’m not gonna make it Thursday, too much life stuff coming up.
  8. Baring any unforeseen stuff, I should be good to play on Thursday!
  9. Wishful thinking for sure, but the idea of busting out the old classic molds for the Old World is too good. Since it’s several years out though it might lead to GW being more 3D printing based, which could lead to some awesome older models being made to order being very feasible
  10. Do they keep all their old molds? How does that process work? Can they fire up the machines to reprint the Brett knights of the realm boxes? Or is it way more complicated?
  11. @Tao Tsê-Mung and I had good game last night! Oathmark was pretty smooth to run and we didn’t spend a lot of time looking up random rules in the book, even though it was our first game. The +x number being bad for your roll vs -x number being good took a bit to work around but wasn’t overwelming. We also learned a good bit about list building. Champions vs captains, mages and their usefulness (lol), archers and infantry differences. Large units and ranks and how important they are for combat. failed activation tests are brutal! Both of us failed tests in critical situations which really changed the flow of battle. I liked it! One big thing I was thinking about was how getting the charge off isn’t the end all be all. Because both sides get to fight with all their die, dispute casualties, means you can still do damage if you get charged and any death will cause a moral test. For example, I got the charge off with my Orc Warriors into his unit of ogres and proceeded to get a good number of hits and knocked off an ogre. However he still got his full number of dice off and did damage as well. We both had to take a moral test and a poor roll by myself ended up with my orcs being disordered. He lost his last ogre to a fire ball and my guys got routed when they took some losses to archers. I think in the end it made me less nervous about getting the perfect charge. I think the little special rules per unit, like wild charge, courage, undead rules and others played a big roll in making units unique and keeping fights even. also terrain has a huge impact on the game and I want to go back a reread that section to better understand how it all works looking forward to playing more armies and with different troops from mine! It was a ton of fun! here are some pictures!
  12. @Tao Tsê-Mung I’ll be in around 530-6 for the game!
  13. Thanks! The command ability seems pretty awesome. I like that you can keep your battle lines together. The YouTube battle report series I watched didn’t seem to use that rule, but I think it’s pretty essential for the armies
  14. Quick question regarding rules, can you double move into combat? if you have a character in a unit either command special rule, you can activate their unit then on that’s same turn be able to activate a second? Am I interpreting that correctly? Has osprey games released an FAQ for Oathmark? Have you guys found any good rule references? cheers!
  15. I’ll be there for some Oathmark. ive never been before, I’ve signed up for the warlord tier but is there anything else I need to play at the club?
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