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  1. I think my UK minis took about a month in the spring. Jason and I were brainstorming which armies would be naturally suited to the Tower scenario - I think that your Huscarls would have done very 👍!
  2. Hello! Jason and I played an exciting game of Warmaster Revolutions this past Saturday. 1,000 pts Araby vs. Bretonnia. We decided to do a random scenario per Paul Winter's tournament pack (https://www.blackgateminiatures.com/warmaster-revolutions-resources/) and rolled "Scenario 4: Battle for the Tower". Araby had the early lead with a move of light infantry and cavalry to the "tower" (the windmill, but the light infantry couldn't resist a furious counterattack led by mounted Squires and followed by a solid contingent of Men-At-Arms & Archers, who took over the objective, albeit contested by nearby Araby Knights. The casualties were terrible! With scenario points tied 3 vs. 3, the outcome of the whole battle came down to the Battle of the Hill, fought between a very tired Elephant against well-worn Pegasus Knights & Hero. With both the Elephant and Pegasus Knights succumbing to their wounds, both armies broke simultaneously, giving each +4 scenario points and ending the game on a draw!
  3. @Ish I think two games for one army is a great idea! The measurements for Warmaster are done on individual bases, and the bases can get into complicated arrrangements and irregular formations once they hit terrain and combat. It would be very good form to place your 20x20 squares onto thin 20x40 0.8mm bases with white glue before official games. What do others think?
  4. Hello! Happy to say I had great game of Warmaster with Jason from community. Bretonnians vs Araby. Open table at Cloud Cap Games, using Jason's terrain. Superfun!
  5. Hello All! I just found out about this club from the Warmaster (GM) Facebook page. I'm building an Araby army perhaps 15 years after playing the original ruleset at a GW store against my brother. I live in Tualatin but am generally mobile. Who's up for a game?
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